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  1. REK last night at The Fillmore
  2. If it takes this long to decide, the call should stand
  3. Damn Jameson. Should have been Duncan, Curry, Kobe.
  4. It’s a toss-up. I lean toward Kobe as he won 2 championships without Shaq.
  5. Kobe. My team would have other big men who were more athletic and could make free throws.
  6. Going to the Robert Earl Keen show tomorrow at The Fillmore in SF.
  7. Jordan Bird, Magic Russell LeBron Kareem Hakeem Curry (especially after this Finals) Kobe Duncan
  8. A few points: The league was much different in the 80s. Almost every good team had multiple HOFers. Neither Bird nor Magic left their team in search of a championship they could call their own. The 86 team was Bird’s 3rd championship with the Celtics. In the 1981 Finals, Bird (in his 2nd year) averaged 15, 15, 7, and 2; and should have been the MVP (over Maxwell). KD is a great player; however, he’s no Bird.
  9. As a former athlete, I can tell you Jim Jordan was the guy who unknowingly washed his hair with piss-infused shampoo
  10. HornPhD


    I hear ya; however, I created a spreadsheet that compares a la carte admissions vs. a 3 or 4 day pass and it’s pretty even. Mostly due to the London Pass being offered at a discounted price until June 30. Supposedly, the London Pass can also be used to skip lines for some venues.
  11. HornPhD


    Anyone use the London Pass or Explorer Pass during their visit? Any issues with either? We have four full days to explore London (not including a day reserved for trip to Stonehenge and Windsor Castle) with two days that are more structured and two days that are more open. I’ve drafted an itinerary for us (4 adults/4 kids, 11-16) to see some of the main sites (e.g., Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey), as well as places to eat and a few “hidden gems” by general neighborhood. I’m still playing around with the itinerary and would welcome “must-sees” to consider. Our evenings are mostly free at the moment as we’ll check out our neighborhood for dinner spots. We may see a performance of King Lear one night. After dinner, my wife, her sister, and I will check out local pubs and some bars/clubs I’m interested in checking out (e.g., Trisha’s, Discount Suit Company).
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