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  1. About two months ago, I found out through a buddy of mine that one of our local bars has pro and college football betting cards. A person can bet one game or a parlay (with point spreads). So, now I have a new addition to my weekly routine. It’s kind of cool to walk in on payout day and pick up an envelope with a bunch of cash in it.
  2. Just traded Brian Robinson Jr. and Trey McBride for Pollard. I have Hockenson, Pacheco, Mattison, and Stevenson (and other sleeper backups at RB and TE).
  3. It’s going to get a bit confusing when someone asks, “What’s the handicap?”
  4. And K-State adjusted their defense. Should have run a different play out of that formation.
  5. I love how the caption for this pic was about fundraising for the international bipolar foundation.
  6. The holiday season seems to start earlier each year
  7. JFC. Defend and support are synonymous.
  8. Guy in our league did pretty well this week. He also had the SF defense. And Breece Hall on the bench.
  9. C’mon D! Let’s get a turnover!
  10. The wife and I are watching at a bar in Oakland (they let us in before the bar opens). Our daughter has a soccer game that starts at noon (pacific). We’ll catch the 2nd half of her game.
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