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  1. She’s a cunt. And I hate myself after fucking that cunt.
  2. Whenever I play basketball and make a bad pass (which is rare), I always use the line from this clip https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QfclWJgx2DQ
  3. My wife and I bought our BottleRock tickets the other day. Also picked up Steel Panther tix for their show at The Fillmore in January.
  4. Fun Lovin’ Criminals last night. They sounded pretty good. About 40 people in the audience. IMG_0138.MOV
  5. HornPhD


    The Milk River crosses the border at the dropped pin
  6. Wordle 515 6/6 Daily Quordle 296 quordle.com
  7. Nice. I was fully expecting to see this response…
  8. Only the 2nd time I completed Quordle in six attempts Daily Quordle 270 quordle.com
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