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  1. HornPhD

    The Wire

    None of us noticed
  2. Exactly. This is why he wasn’t charged: “does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  3. “does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  4. HornPhD

    The Wire

    This America, man
  5. HornPhD

    The Wire

    These two really highlight the dick-ensian aspect of the newspaper industry
  6. What did you use to weigh down the body so it didn’t resurface until now?
  7. My wife has a difficult time keeping track of multiple characters, as well
  8. Greg Giraldo. Great bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIOa4RtQA2M
  9. My wife and Gus’ mom are great friends. He’s received a ton of offers.
  10. They have him in the Collections department
  11. There’s already a 19,000 seat arena in downtown Buffalo
  12. “This ruling only applies to the current case before the court.”
  13. I’m sure we’d get some Surly cameos
  14. Njoku, Lamb, Pacheco, Butker, and the Bills D led me to my 4th championship in five years (in my primary league). And I still have Chandler yet to play.
  15. How did the hospital get the name, Nadine? Did Linda give it up to save her ass?
  16. My roster for the championship game: Allen Lamb D. Smith Pollard Chandler Njoku For my flex and superflex spots, I’m waiting for updates on Pacheco and Lawrence. If neither is available, I have Gabe Davis and Spears. Not ideal. Looking to pick up Doubs, Pickens, or Osborn. Butker and the Bills D are in the remaining spots.
  17. Made it the finals in one league. Lost Pacheco, Hockenson, and Lawrence (most likely). Have Chandler and Njoku to cover the first two. Need Gabe Davis and Spears to step up.
  18. At my wife’s sister’s place. Her boyfriend is a MAGA; however, they like watching football and have a nice whiskey collection. Could be worse.
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