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  1. My oldest niece is getting married this summer in Castellammare di Stabia (near Pompei). Any recommendations for that area?
  2. On my way to Vegas….to watch my daughter play in a soccer tournament. Hook ‘em!
  3. I’m heading to Vegas this afternoon. Hoping to place some bets and watch a few tournament games between my daughter’s soccer games.
  4. Thanks for running this pool! Texas, UConn, Duke, Creighton, Kentucky, San Diego State, Utah State, Drake
  5. Steve Miller Band at the Greek Theater (Berkeley) in September Springsteen in December (San Francisco) My first time for both
  6. I’m hoping to get tickets for the SF show in December
  7. One of the bros was in Narcos
  8. Better to put the glass shards outside of the room in which you’re sleeping
  9. Nothing will happen as a result of this.
  10. Don’t they realize the street value of that balloon?
  11. Yes, they missed the foul. Has any other great player thrown a tantrum like that?
  12. Lebron is a tantrum-throwing bitch
  13. Confirmed one of the founding members of the band grew up next door to my friend’s family and is a year older than his twin girls. Unless you like the Kansas City Chiefs, avoid The Tavern when they are playing. Other than that, it was great being back to a bar I went to so often between 96 and 03 that I’d get invited to the employee Christmas party.
  14. I was at The Tavern with some friends this afternoon and one of the guys started talking about the band his neighbor’s daughter was in (pretty sure he said neighbor…we had put away more than a few at that point). When he said the name of the band was Die Spitz, I thought it sounded familiar. Do you know a dude named Jason C?
  15. https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/afd-extinguishes-large-deck-fire-at-downtown-austin-business
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