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  1. Yesterday is 100% on goaltending. With average goaltending, the Avs win that one 5-3 or 6-3.
  2. The goalie can definitely cost them games. How do you score 6 on Winnipeg and lose?
  3. Maybe, but he had a good weekend. Chance at points spoiled by Stroll, so I get it.
  4. I liked Piastri's response to Stroll. Something about how everyone saw the backup, but only Stroll hit someone.
  5. Nevermind. They're getting swept. Giorgiev is awful right now.
  6. I hate his game so fucking much. And the leg kick. That's supposed to be an offensive foul these days.
  7. Only the 3rd time in NBA history that a team has won a playoff game shooting 6 FTs or less. Totally normal reffing.
  8. @UpperWestside tell me again why the FT differential makes sense. Nuggets outscored the Lakers in the paint 64-48. Lakers were +13 on FT differential (19-6).
  9. The refs do what they can, for sure.
  10. Nuggets haven't shot a FT in the second half. Totally normal.
  11. That Edwards guy is pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  12. Maybe it's a north Denver thing. I'm out south. We can't smell Greeley here.
  13. I've lived in Denver my entire life. Have never heard that one.
  14. Cody Williams was really coming into his own right before he got hurt and was never right for the rest of the season. He's going to be a good one but does need to work on his 3.
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