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  1. Because they are in different locations. My house is 10 min from Winter Park. The resort gets a lot more snow than we do at the house. Yes, you are the only one. It takes me one run before I'm back into the groove.
  2. It's still happening. Bus from Texas showed up in Denver today.
  3. He's not the most athletic guy out there, obviously, but he's not some dad bod guy. He's a solid 285-290 and does not get pushed around by anyone in the league. Early in his career, he was not solid.
  4. Look back at my posts before the season started. I expected 4-5 wins and yes, it was a success vs. 2022. But now they've got to go out and win 6+ next year.
  5. Oh, you can count on that this week for sure. That's one of the best skits they have right now.
  6. We briefly considered this for our current remodel but since 99% of the time it will only be the wife and I, we decided against it. If you have a house full of kids and/or do a lot of entertaining, it's a no-brainer.
  7. I'm not sure if these make their way into the van life arena anytime soon. You'd need an insane amount of power to be able to be off grid for a week or two like you can do in a Sprinter right now.
  8. I don't feel sorry for anyone who is still working there after seeing what he's done since he bought it.
  9. It's really going to shock you to know all 3 of them voted to let him stay. Self preservation at work there.
  10. I'm keeping my 2021 forever. Son loves his 2002 as well.
  11. What a fucking tool. How the Repubs turtled and did not impeach him, I'll never understand.
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