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  1. Flat, but probably a couple hundred feet.
  2. I have a cleanout on the side of the house. A bucket will be gross, but do-able.
  3. Maybe, I dunno. I've got a terrible cold and can't think straight right now.
  4. I think the midterms had a lot more to do with Roe and growing anti-Trump sentiment. I don't know a single Trump voter who was turned off by the J6 commission because they didn't watch it. Maybe your experience is different. Never said I expected more from the commission. They did a great job.
  5. This will be primarily for weekends. I just need a shower and a TV and a comfortable bed. How is cooking in one of those? And resale is a big part of what is pushing me in this direction.
  6. You haven't priced out mountain real estate recently, have you?
  7. Compared to anyone else offering him a job? Absolutely.
  8. CU has decent facilities. Otherwise, this post is accurate.
  9. Send these fuckers to ADX Florence for the rest of their lives to hang with El Chapo and the Unabomber. Fucking (literal) traitors.
  10. Didn't even think about sewer cleanout. Unfortunately our septic tank is on a part of the property that is inaccessible to an RV. Furk. Might have to just go the summer-only route and find somewhere nearby I can dump the sewer.
  11. I dunno. I stopped in at 2 different Rolex boutiques in Scotland just to see what they had in stock. One of them had exactly zero watches for sale. They had display models that were apparently not for sale. The other one had 2 31mm Datejusts for sale. That's it. Moonwatch is a great watch and you've run into one of the most important things in buying a watch - find something that speaks to you.
  12. Meh. Almost all of the testimony the J6 Commission aired was from Republicans, many of whom were in Trumps inner circle. It did not matter one bit. People see what they want to see.
  13. Anyone have experience with Airstreams? We are going to remodel our mountain house starting next summer and I'm not going to stay away from the mountains for 12-14 months, so I'm looking at alternatives during construction. One option is to rent a house, but long term rentals are hard to find and this will cost 3-5k/month. The other option is to buy an Airstream and park it in the driveway (we have a U-shaped drive, so there will be access for workers and materials) and then sell it when construction is finished. Can you get one warm enough to use in the winter, or is that a no-go? We get really cold winters (think 20-40 below zero), so I'm thinking that the trailer probably isn't an option for winter, but interested in feedback. I could also do a hybrid Airstream/house rental if I have to.
  14. My thoughts exactly as she was spewing that nonsense.
  15. My family has been instructed that if it is important, call twice back to back and I'll pick up the second one. But it better be fucking important.
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