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  1. Yall better put some respect on Kaz Matsui's name, and his anal fissures
  2. Ok, didn't know we were actually caring about message board posts on 4loko. Actually, it was 9 years ago!
  3. Mez2


    I haven't been to the woodlands lately without telling you I haven't been to the woodlands lately. Now what?
  4. And I hope it's not a reaction move, but watch Crane see this and say, fuck it, watch this shit.... Signs, Judge, mez2, Brantley, Nimoo and Bassit. I'm dunking lol
  5. Lotta money spent to finish 19 games back of us
  6. Mez2


    No, too many white people
  7. I have 2 OG 4Lokos in my fridge right now, "gifted" to me by erhine like 4 years ago before the original recipe became illegal, or frowned upon. I'm awaiting the perfect opportunity to crack them open. Narrator: there is no perfect time. Mez: fuck around and find out, Narrator.
  8. If it flies, floats or fucks you're better of renting
  9. Good thing you shop in bulk then
  10. Should've said it was for your rucas
  11. There is nothing about putt that says Neutrogena
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