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  1. smuggs


    This is superb.
  2. Topo Chico (Coca Cola) lowered the PFAS from 9.76 to 3.9 a year after that first CR test. I can't find any test results since 2021 though. Hopefully they have continued the downward trend. https://www.consumerreports.org/water-quality/topo-chico-cuts-pfas-levels-by-more-than-half-a4286812129/
  3. Bring back the SUPERBAR. You fuckfaces.
  4. One of my first music memories is riding around Houston with my mom running errands in the family van, listening to "Hard Egg Tonight" by the Eagles.
  5. Stunning color selections there. 2 shades of gray, 2 shades of white, black, blue and baby shit. Fucking Toyota, man.
  6. LA Fitness is no picnic. The trick is - kick someone's ass the first day. Or become someone's bitch.
  7. The new Landcruiser 58 trim will start at ~ 57.5K: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a46868011/2024-toyota-land-cruiser-price/
  8. I was hoping for something a little more tantalizing from SORA-generated pornography but I'll try my best to work with this.
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