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  1. Anwar and Ketch discuss Jordan Addison at 1:09:50. They cover Addison getting screwed and him reaching out to Texas. Anwar says he should sit out the season.
  2. You can watch SF based ABC station using Puffer. It is a Stanford project to improve streaming quality. Give that a shot.
  3. We looked at rescues and found them to be a pain as well. Looked on petfinder and found a litter of lab mixes recently dropped off at Montgomery County Animal Shelter. $40 later we had our pup.
  4. Chip: There has been no official word, but the team sources I've spoken with said wheels are in motion for Keithron Lee to be removed from school.
  5. Saban quote from the time: “If a guy doesn’t get admitted to a school he’s signed to go to, then he gets an opportunity to go someplace else,” Saban said. “He can get a release, or he can choose to try to get eligible over time, but not be able to enroll in school. As I understand it, he was unable to get into school for academic reasons because of their institutional policies, not because of NCAA rules. He could get into school at most other institutions, so he had opportunities to go other places. He didn’t want to sit out and try to take other classes so he could go to the school he signed at.
  6. Try St. Hope at offeringhope.org. Use the chat box to request an appointment, they called us 36 hours later. It seems like they still have availability.
  7. Y’all remember Jenny Cudd from Midland? She wants to go to Mexico for a team building event.
  8. Was able to finally get an appointment 5 mins ago via the link below at Smart Financial Centre In Sugar Land. Give it a try Houston area folks https://www.memorialhermann.org/smart-financial-centre-event
  9. Seems to more speculation than anything: PAT FORDE, THE college football writer deservedly known among Washington State fans as a classless boor, is riding out his career these days with a publication no one under the age of 45 has ever read. Nonetheless, you have to give props where due and the old hack actually fired up a couple of notable insights last night following news of Larry Scott’s June departure as Pac-12 commissioner. First, Forde noted, the Pac-12 had many problems before Scott arrived in 2009. Under previous commissioner Tom Hansen the conference was a “mom and pop” operation and Scott ushered it into the modern age …. before, of course, imploding matters with a media rights deal that proved laughable, perpetually awful officiating, lavish expenditures, a bungled covid-19 response and on and on. Second, given Scott’s many missteps and the fact he had no college administrative experience when he arrived in the Conference of Champions from the Women's Tennis Association, Forde believes the conference’s presidents will want to hire a successor from within the college arena. He offered up a number of interesting candidates. Ohio State AD Gene Smith (Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports) One is current Ohio State and former Arizona State AD Gene Smith, whose record and reputation are both outstanding. For Cougar fans, his hiring might cause some stomach pains because there’s little doubt Pat Chun — a Buckeye alum and former long-time staffer — would be high on Ohio State's target list. Smith is 61 and makes about $1.5 million a year (that's $4 million less than Scott). Capping a career with a big salary boost in a situation where’s there’s nowhere to go but up while reporting to bosses who obviously are Job-like in their patience would be a hell of a deal. Another name of particular intrigue that Forde floated is Alabama AD Greg Byrne. He’s only 49 and may want to pin a few more Nick Saban national titles on the wall and see how high the blossoming basketball team can climb, but he’s a West Coast guy. He was the AD at Arizona for seven years and worked in the athletic departments of Oregon and Oregon State after graduating from Arizona State. He’s also making around $1.5 million a year. Forde also tossed out the names of Stanford AD Bernard Muir, Fox Sports exec Mark Silverman, and WCC commissioner Gloria Nevarez. You can read more about them at SI.com. HERE’S ANOTHER NAME TO THROWinto the mix: current Texas AD Chris Del Conte. He’s got a résumé a mile long — including a master’s degree from Washington State and a stint as WSU’s assistant AD for external operations in the late 1990s — and he too is a West Coast guy. He’s been Texas’ AD since 2017 and was athletic director at TCU and Rice before that. He also spent six years as an assistant AD at Arizona under Jim Livengood. His record of achievement at every stop has earned him nationwide accolades. He’s steeped in facilities, fundraising, marketing and broadcast rights. Moreover, he’s known to blend a workmanlike attitude with the polish of a Madison Avenue CEO. He’s making $2 million a year and is signed through 2027 with pay raises coming. But Texas is a pressure cooker extraordinaire — as illustrated by the fact Steve Sarkisian is now its fourth head football coach since 2013 — and Del Conte is 52. Why put up with 10 years of heartburn in Austin with unreasonably demanding fans when you can be a hero back on the home turf? THE BOTTOM LINE ON SMITH, Byrne and Del Conte is this: they're all at the blue blood mountain top. They know exactly what it takes to contend at the highest levels in the modern world of college athletics. They're among the "haves," where facilities, media rights and sponsorships are the best of the best. They, in short, represent exactly what the Pac-12 wishes it could be. Whether one or more would have interest in being Pac-12 commissioner is anybody's guess. But the profiles they cut are the kind the Pac-12 needs. The hunt for Scott's successor -- of which WSU president Kirk Schulz will be on the forefront as a member of the Pac-12's three-person executive committee -- figures to be one intriguing storyline. The stakes are incredibly high. Get this hire wrong and the Pac-12's quest to catch up with the Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC (conferences that, in a separate race, are trying to gain on the SEC) will be lost if not forever then for a very, very long time. Let the sprint begin
  10. FCB247 <spoiler> Steve Sarkisian has been on a lot of Zoom calls over the past week: with the media, lettermen, boosters and on Wednesday night with parents of current players, as Horns247 first reported prior to Wednesday's Zoom meeting. You tend to get the unfiltered version of things when a coach is talking to Mom or Dad or both, because no one is going to hold a coach accountable like a parent. You knew one of the parents was going to ask Sarkisian about his alcohol dependency issues that caused him to get fired at USC in 2015. Sarkisian didn’t blink. “He talked openly about it, about how he’s had to own it and can now provide life experience to his players about how not to make the same mistakes,” one source who observed the call told Horns247. “A lot of parents struggled to read Coach Herman and what he was really all about, because so much of what he said sounded programmed. But I thought Sarkisian was matter-of-fact while also being transparent. It was refreshing. “I’ll just say it: Sarkisian was way more direct and polished in his message to the parents than Herman, who just never really let you see his human side - only his ‘coach’ side.” By the way, we continue to hear Tom Herman plans to spend time with his family and is in no hurry to get back into coaching for the 2021 season. His $15 million buyout will be paid out monthly over the remaining three years left on his contract (and will be offset by income earned in any new job), according to Herman’s contract. We’ll get this out of the way right away - Sarkisian acknowledged he has one more on-field coaching position to fill (we’ve heard it will be a linebackers coach) - but Sarkisian didn’t give out any names. Sarkisian did list all of his other coaches, and it read just the like the list we’ve been giving you: Offensive coordinator/offensive line - Kyle Flood Quarterbacks - A.J. Milwee Tight ends/special teams coordinator - Jeff Banks Running backs - Stan Drayton Receivers - Andre Coleman Speaking of Coleman, Sarkisian said in his Zoom call Wednesday night he had twice before tried to hire Andre Coleman as a receivers coach with the Atlanta Falcons and at Alabama. But on both occasions, Sarkisian said, he was “blocked by the head coach.” “So it’s great happenstance that (Coleman) is already here at Texas,” Sarkisian said. When Sarkisian talked about the defensive staff, he listed Pete Kwiatkowski as defensive coordinator and Bo Davis as defensive line coach. But he listed Terry Joseph as “secondary coach” and Blake Gideon as “safeties coach,” so that caused a little head-scratching. Make sure you read our man Mike Roach’s breakdown of Pete Kwiatkowski’s defense posted Wednesday. Sarkisian told players’ parents the Texas defense, “to the naked eye, will look like last year’s defense.” The reason Sarkisian can say that is he hired a defensive coordinator in Kwiatkowski who basically runs a four-man front with two interior tackles as well as two, stand-up defensive ends and a nickel or dime package behind it. Kwiatkowski typically has two, sideline-to-sideline linebackers on the field along with two corners, two safeties and a nickel back. But Kwiatkowski has had packages in the past in which he put seven defensive backs behind his four-man line. Kwiatkowski’s defense stresses speed and athleticism across the board. He likes interchangeable tackles and ends, so he can more easily disguise tendencies and make it more difficult for the offense to make reads pre-snap. Kwiatkowski likes interchangeable, cross-trained players in his secondary, too, so the offense can’t easily isolate conflict defenders in their RPO plays. For two weeks, I’ve heard that Texas’ players on offense have been excited about Sarkisian while the defensive players have been on edge with uncertainty - largely because they didn’t know who would be their coordinator. Sarkisian saying the Texas defense will resemble last year’s defense “to the naked eye” is helping players feel better about the direction of things, sources said. “There’s been a lot of concern from the players on defense that they might be going back to a three-man front with a nose tackle and two ends in the 4i, and I can tell you, the portal probably would’ve filled up with defensive linemen, if that was the case,” one source close to the situation said. “But learning that the new DC (Kwiatkowski) uses two interior tackles and two stand-up defensive ends and allows that front four to get up field and get after the quarterback put a lot of angst to rest.” When it comes to strength and conditioning, Sarkisian said things will be done differently than in the past. Instead of focusing on how much weight players can lift/squat, the focus in strength training will be more about controlled weight and the speed of reps and how many reps. I reported in the Morning Brew Wednesday that players were somewhat stunned by the upbeat, enthusiastic tone of strength coach Torre Becton in the players’ first workouts this week. “In the past, everyone on the strength staff seemed to take on the personality of (Tom) Herman in workouts,” a source told Horns247. “And just like Herman could be cutting and always ready to call you out, so was the strength staff. Players liked and respected (strength coach) Yancy (McKnight), for the most part. But some of Yancy’s assistants seemed like they were trying to provoke you as much as push you. “What we’ve had this week - the workouts have actually been fun, at times. We’re not used to that, that’s for sure. I’m sure this is warm-up, and all the intense stuff is coming.” OK, one of the recurring themes of Sarkisian’s Zoom calls with UT’s lettermen as well as boosters is how Sarkisian is going to have to re-shape how many scholarships each position group is getting. For instance, Sarkisian can’t believe Texas has 15 scholarship receivers and seven scholarship tight ends. Sarkisian would prefer eight to 10 scholarship receivers and about five scholarship tight ends. That doesn’t mean Sark is about to run off players in each of those position groups. But he has been putting in overtime to determine where Texas needs help with February’s signing day fast approaching </spoiler>
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