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  1. It drives me crazy when the disparity happens. The easiest way for me to express it was at a certain point, it appeared to me that every single trip down the court for Miami would result in a foul on us, and even though we drove the ball to the hoop, it didn't matter. We were not going to get a call. All we needed was one or two calls! Is there a playbook for that situation? RT was obviously on the bench for last year's parade to the free throw line vs. Purdue. I'm guessing CB did not get a T last year? Does there come a point where the coach decides to get his protest so much to at the very least earn a T? I've watched enough bball to know that sometimes getting a T helps, mostly because it stops the momentum for the team that is getting all of the calls. Was last year's game like this year's? One sided only in the 2nd half or both halves?
  2. wow, I am not a betting man, but if I were I would take the over on this. I've got them being shocked back to reality with a paltry 16. I will be watching. Never been a UConn fan before and probably never will again, but for this one time, Go Huskies.
  3. 20 + years from now, I wonder how this game will be remembered? Will it be the B12 officials dump all over Texas game, or will it be the perfect game for the first time in 31 years game?(Christian Laetner, 1992) It is so hard to imagine now, but I am hopeful we can remember this as the perfect game for Miller, and even with that the score was tied with 1:02 to go. It literally took a perfect game to beat us. I also predict no one will remember the 'Canes past this game because I expect them to hit about 38% of their shots in the next game and get beat by about 22. I also predict they will shoot about half the free throws they shot tonight. I give them 16 attempts.
  4. I just came back from 2 hours of pickle ball. I told a friend about the game, etc. and that I needed to vent some frustration. He asked after the 2 hours if I got it out of my system. "I can do about two more hours tomorrow" was my answer. I hit some of the hardest balls ever, and nailed one no-look hit. Beat a young man who has really improved, he is in his late 20s. I still feel like we're never going to get the Big 12 out of our system. Groover and Valentine, so those are the two names. I'm sure Valentine has retired by now. Looking forward to Groover retiring.
  5. and I was correct! Christian Laetner 1992, in the game in which he hit the buzzer beater he was perfect. I am impressed I remembered that!
  6. we're never getting away from the Big 12 b.s. are we? Is that really true, that 2 of these refs were big 12 guys? Great postseason run by the horns. No matter how many times it happens, I never expect refs to determine the outcome of a game. Especially during the postseason. It happened twice today, earlier game and ours.
  7. how many of us would have taken a 4 point lead this late into an E8 game? all of us...but wow..it doesn't look good.
  8. I'm half way dead...the under 8 TO cannot get here soon enough.
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