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  1. Derail a train full of families and kids. Old owners? Some dipshit who hates fun? Some homeless guy who hates people? Some teen idiots who were bored?
  2. I believe that's called the Lincoln Riley. It's working out well for him and USC.
  3. 70 yr old man drowns in Lake Travis. Surprise, he was using a hand held propulsion device at the time. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/travis-county/sheriffs-office-pulls-body-from-lake-travis-cove/ AUSTIN (KXAN) — A body “matching the description” of a swimmer who went missing Saturday afternoon was found Sunday evening after a search by multiple agencies, according to a press release from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. TCSO described the swimmer in its release as a 70-year-old man using a handheld propulsion device and who was not wearing a life vest at the time. A 911 caller told authorities around 2:40 p.m. Saturday that the man hadn’t resurfaced after going underwater in a cove near Arkansas Bend County Park.
  4. That was a soft ass goal. That was all sucky keeper.
  5. LOL. Balo, I fucking LOVE you. Forget everything I said!!!
  6. Altidore is a better option right now that Balo. The dude is fucking atrocious.
  7. Which college should he chose? Mfer, he's wearing the fucking shorts.
  8. This odd drill, putting approach has helped me. Practice rolling balls on the green towards the hole. Stand just like you would if you were putting but instead roll balls towards the hole. When you do that you are going by feel and instinct rather than thinking about the stroke, form, hand position, follow through and all that other bullshit. Now do the same thing, but hitting the ball with a putter. That's my putting thought. Roll the ball towards the hole. It's helped with line and pace. My problem putting and golf swing is I sometimes get too focused on the the mechanics and forget to just hit the damn ball.
  9. AISD $41M budget deficit. Anyone see a problem? Time to bitch about Recapture and what the state does with the money. https://communityimpact.com/austin/south-central-austin/education/2024/06/20/a-potential-tax-increase-41m-deficit-and-no-staff-pay-raises-what-you-need-to-know-about-austin-isds-budget/ A potential tax increase, $41M deficit and no staff pay raises: What you need to know about Austin ISD's budget Education Austin, the labor union for Austin ISD employees, rallied at the district administrative building April 25 before a board meeting, advocating for issues including pay raises. The Fiscal Year 2024-25 budget does not include funding for higher pay. (Elle Bent/Community Impact) Austin ISD officials approved a Fiscal Year 2024-25 operating budget of $953.99 million and took on a deficit of $41.25 million June 20—with the assumption that voters will approve a tax rate increase in November. Breaking it down The district generated $1.69 in revenue from local tax dollars for the upcoming fiscal year. After the district loses $821.06 million to recapture—when the state takes local property tax dollars from a district to redistribute to other public school districts—AISD is operating at $953.99 million with a deficit of $78.2 million. However, if vacancy savings and a tax rate increase occur, the deficit is reduced to $41.25 million; without these, the $78 million deficit will be the largest in the district’s history. The new budget was drafted under the following assumptions that impact funding: An enrollment of 73,100 students and an average daily attendance of 64,100 students A property value growth of 6% A proposed tax rate of $0.9287 per $100 of property value, pending voter approval Officials made about $29 million in cuts to central office positions, overtime costs and more throughout this spring for FY 2024-25 in order to avoid a deficit as large as $89 million. Additionally, a hiring freeze for vacant central office positions began June 1. The board also adopted a food service fund at $47.42 million and a debt service fund of $241.25 million June 20.
  10. Good interview with Reggie about Willie Mays, his experience (racism) playing in Birmingham, AL, and the people who helped him through it. Fuck you if you think this belongs in CR or that it's political. It's only political if you are a racist piece of shit.
  11. I'll be spending July in Golden, CO area. Any course recommendations within 1.5 hours drive of Golden?
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13547977/Texas-cyclists-mowed-airport.html What is the worse crime? Running over the dudes playing in the street or the cargo shorts?
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