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  1. 15 degrees in East Dallas. My 10 year old pup practically refused to come in last night and was right back at it this morning. At least he’s loving this weather.
  2. Another view. My brother works downtown and sent me this pic shortly after.
  3. Gore beat GWB in the popular vote, so I think the last R president by popular vote would have been Bush Sr.
  4. But at least he doesn’t kiss the players.
  5. My Great Uncle, Murray Byrd. He was a radio operator and gunner on the E-Rat-Icator, a B-17 of the 452nd bomb group that completed over 100 missions and returned. It was the only B-17 from that group to survive the war. He was accepted at Auburn on a football scholarship but, as he told it, the entire team and coach enlisted the day he arrived. The bomber was scrapped some years after the war. We didn’t go for those store bought haircuts back in the day.
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