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  1. Lucky for us, Bama, USC, and Penn St kids like money, cars, and girls more than glow-in-the-dark uniforms.
  2. Woof The only uniforms worse than black for black's sake are grey or "anthracite".
  3. Hell, all 4 could beat last year's shit-show Longhorns. Maybe they still can. FML
  4. aggy ain't paying Foster to throw no discus or shot put. That don't pay the bills.
  5. Yeah, and appropriate whenever aggy whines about UT, OU, LSU, Bama, et al, getting preferential treatment from the SEC office. Some things never change.
  6. It's too bad UCLA will be forced to share their windfall with Berkeley unless Cal is added to the B1G as well.
  7. The extra A&M stand for nothing...yet another turdition.
  8. From the inside, you can't explain it.
  9. Everybody looks good in no pads against air, but gimme Ewers and his mullet.
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