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  1. At what time did you wake up to drink beer?
  2. aggy was the top team in Texas? By what metrics? Most wins against FCS competition?
  3. I think we can all agree that Bowlsby is a fuckin' clown who never added much, if any, value to the Big 12.
  4. Does aggy still co-brand everything SEC or is that not happening any longer since UT and OU are joining?
  5. Why is Yormark "butthurt"? It's nothing personal, just business from his perspective.
  6. What leverage does ESPN have against FOX? Encouraging SEC and ACC teams not to schedule B1G and Big 12 teams OOC in the future?
  7. Most everyone would rather be in the SEC now rather than later, but fuck it. The money doesn't work for FOX, the Big 12, or UT. Yeah, it's frustrating that aggy, CU, Corn, and Mizzou were able to break free easier and earlier. It'd be nice to win a Big 12 title or 2 on our way out the door, something UT hasn't done since 2009. It'd be even better to beat OU in the Big 12 Championship to do it.
  8. Both are good at sports that don't pay the bills. Throw in academic snobbery and it breeds discontent among the Pac rank-and-file. Neither should be in lead roles.
  9. Two 9-team Big 18 divisions, west & east, isn't the dumbest idea I've seen now that USC and UCLA are in the B1G.
  10. Right now, they've got nobody to talk to except B1G university presidents. I didn't realize Warren was only in the B1G chair for 3 years. What did he accomplish other than "canceling" the 2020 football season and money-whipping USC and UCLA? CBS speculation includes TV executives from FOX and ESPN.
  11. But, maybe OSU will be able to sniff around Willowridge and Bay City for another Thurman Thomas and Hart Lee Dykes. Good luck with that.
  12. Wow, the Big 12 and Yormark fucked OSU like a tied up goat. Only game in TX is Cougar High? Craptastic
  13. aggy FW branch will be something, but "transformative" probably ain't it. Who writes this crap with a straight face, anyway? Incidentally, wasn't Cowtown's red-light district closer to the Stockyards? Ft. Worth historians, help me out.
  14. Now where can we find an example of this?
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