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  1. I rocked Earl style, Pony turf shoes back in the day with the school-colored chevron. Luv Ya Blue!
  2. Yes, aggy delusion needs to be banished to the midwest, rust-belt, American equivalent to Siberia along with Corn. Perfect
  3. Wow, that is craptastic!
  4. Not all dumbass, southern rednecks are hillbillies, sir.
  5. His homoerotic fantasies about being face-slapped with two dicks
  6. The "casual fan" doesn't know that UH, BYU, UCF, and UC are even in the Big12 this year. And will probably still think ASU and UA are in the Pac whatever. But, point taken. May as well wait for the ACC to go belly up.
  7. Yormark knows how to promote the hell out of basketball from his days in Brooklyn. Football, not so much.
  8. I thought the Big12 had copyrighted Big14, 16, 18, etc. Now would be the time for a re-branding. But, I don't think the current logo is any worse than others.
  9. Narrator in December 2024, "They didn't make noise.....or sounds."
  10. It's almost like you've forgotten what it was like in the Border Conference back in the day.
  11. Now try to imagine how insufferable aggy would be with any CFB success whatsoever. Even an SEC division title is out of their reach.
  12. Where did Lovejoy's old coach go? They have a really good program. NM - old HC, Chris Ross, now the OC at SFA. Nice upgrade for a HS corch. Good for him.
  13. * interim Athletic Director, which is even funnier Hell, aggy can name Reveille their AD and it wouldn't matter. Bjork was just a puppet and frontman, anyway. That's probably why he bailed, just like his predecessors.
  14. I'll enjoy the recruiting "advantage" aggy will gain by selling Rust Belt affiliation to recruits vs UT in the SEC. Worked out great for Corn. Do it, aggy
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