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  1. It's too bad UCLA will be forced to share their windfall with Berkeley unless Cal is added to the B1G as well.
  2. The extra A&M stand for nothing...yet another turdition.
  3. From the inside, you can't explain it.
  4. Everybody looks good in no pads against air, but gimme Ewers and his mullet.
  5. Sooo.....Brett Favre Jr. or Patrick Mahomes little brother?
  6. aggy leaves no ambiguity with their NIL collective's name. Very creative Whoop!
  7. Rutgers prez must've had a photo of Delany humping a farm animal.
  8. Rutgers football. It's a B1G deal in NJ!
  9. Week 4 if the Horns choke against a highly motivated UTSA
  10. @TKthunder2 spelled it out well. I expect AZ and CO to join the Big 12. Boise St is a ready and willing partner if the other PACs balk. But, if we've gotta rank these by desirability; 1. OR 2. WA 3. Utah 4. CO 5. ASU 6. AZ 7. Tree 8. Cal FWIW, I don't think either Tree or Cal will ever condescend to join the Big 12. Fuck 'em both
  11. Weekly high-scoring shootouts with the prospect of Big 12 officials fucking us with phantom calls to swing game outcomes late? That'll make us even surlier. Count me in.
  12. Why the hell are they commuting in an AISD yellow dog?
  13. Bowtie Loftin still craves the spotlight, huh? Taking credit for something aggy has wanted for a generation, if not longer. Fuck that guy.
  14. You can get away with that shit in high school, not FBS ball. FML
  15. * delusional Right, @TrashMaster G?
  16. I don't know if we have Fiestas in DFW. Maybe there's one on the north side of Ft. Worth?
  17. HEB Plus has them pressed and packaged in-store at a few locations, so they're pretty damn good. Kroger sells 10 and 20-packs, too, near their bakery.
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