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  1. You missed the 2nd Half of UCLA vs aggy? It was glorious!
  2. I had serious doubts after his 13-12 start, but it looks like Sark has us on track to wreck shop in the SEC. Gotta give the man his due. 🤘
  3. I'm hoping for a OU vs Boise St type game where Liberty wins with last-minute trickeration. Does Bo Nix even play in this glorified scrimmage?
  4. The Seminoles who play will be motivated bc they feel disrespected and have something to prove. Good point though. We didn't get left out of anything, so FSU's mindset may be different than ours.
  5. The same way UT was motivated to beat UGA in the Sugar Bowl back in 2019. C'mon, man
  6. Goddam, aggy have to be the most obtuse rubes on the planet. Their SOS was a joke this season and they still accomplished jack shit. What a maroon. Please, sweet baby Jesus by all that is holy, let aggy play KU in the Houston Bowl this year.
  7. OMG.....this shit again? But, to your point, I'm not touching this game. FSU should be really motivated, but how many of their players are NFL-eligible who decide to sit it out?
  8. I'm ecstatic that Sark proved me dead wrong this season. The 'Horns overcame a lot to win the Big 12 title, including his game management at times. But, we're in a great place and should continue to be for a while. Hook 'Em
  9. My first thought, "Who the fuck is Boo Corrigan?" Ah...the CFB Playoff Committee chair. How many dicks will he suck to get FSU in the playoff today?
  10. I'm really gonna miss J-Whitt. What a team player.
  11. Yeah, this GIF is hilarious! Who is the last guy we smacked down? It's not Yormark
  12. We'd get U-Dub as the #3 seed, right? I'm okay with a Bama rematch for the National Championship. Playing Michigan first as the #4 will be ideal, though.
  13. Mike Gundy is Big 12 "Coach of the Year"? Fuck this league and its beat writers.
  14. The dumb sonofabitch couldn't even get Sark's name right on the podium. "Steve Carsisian"
  15. God, what it must be like to be aggy. Those MF'ers would struggle to win the American and Sun Belt. Fuck aggy
  16. No answers for J-Whitt. Keep feeding him.
  17. How does Ewers NOT see the Mike standing in the middle of the field there? Awful pass. Maybe his worst all season.
  18. Good call. Sumbitch floats just about every pass.
  19. We had a badass DL that year, too, with Dronett, Jeter, Patton, and Giles. That was a fun season until the Cotton Bowl.
  20. You two sumbitches must be really short
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