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  1. I mean, for most fat people, he isn’t wrong. Ok, not sure about most but a whole lot fat people wouldn’t be fat if they did what he does.
  2. Hahaha no. Think more in line with little Caesar’s but they have various flavored crust options. Well, I guess little Caesar’s might be considered upscale compared to a piece of pizza that has been sitting under a lamp in a gas station in bumfuck Texas.
  3. Correct. Now imagine the thread a year from now titled “so I printed my own money”. Now THAT thread would have been entertaining.
  4. Depends on the color of your slacks today. Security is on speed dial.
  5. This isn’t the thread about black on black crime. So to the religious folks that have participated, particularly the ones that say they are religious conservative, do you think gay marriage should be legal and protected?
  6. Patricio Swayze


    That can’t be the first time you said that to yourself.
  7. Goddamnit y’all. This thread should have been two posts. The OP and one other posting “yes”. Y’all failed.
  8. I don’t think you are going back far enough. There are many civilizations that existed before Christianity or outside of the abrahamic religions. This is what I mean by human decency. Religion didn’t provide these morals or concepts. Just because some christian beliefs appear to be reflected in early laws in this country doesn’t mean their origins are christian. It’s correlation in my opinion. Regardless, even if we just take your statement at face value, the 1st amendment lays it out for us that there needs to be separation.
  9. I do think to a degree that origins (reasons) of religion and proof of god are valid in the discussion. After all, if there was empirical proof of the Christian god and that the Bible is his word and law, then the vast majority of folks would be perfectly fine with human laws mirroring those beliefs. Without that proof, one is basing laws on faith…and we know what happens then.
  10. There is already an abortion (of a) thread, so I don’t think we need to go real into depth here. However, you abstaining might be the most sensible thing I have heard a right wing/religious person say. To me that means you have come to understand that you and your beliefs shouldn’t interfere with the rights of others, but you don’t feel like you can be complicit.
  11. I just say “damn, that abyss is deep. Maybe one day we will be able to explore and study it.” I see the limits of science as the limits of man, which time and time again we have overcome. Will we always be able to further science and truly know the explanation or origin of everything in the universe. Extremely unlikely. Does that mean there is a God? No. But just because we don’t know something doesn’t mean I need to bridge that gap with faith. That doesn’t make sense to me. How can it?
  12. You might be, but I honestly don’t think your view of those laws is really being viewed specifically from your Christian beliefs, but instead from common human decency. Most people posses this with or without religion. Maybe in your mind your beliefs support your view of these injustices, and that’s fine, but I bet you would likely feel the same without the religious lens.
  13. Two of my all time favorite movies, Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now. Both have many scenes that would fit in this thread. for Taxi Driver, this is a famous one. I think Scorcese said that he did this dolly shot of Travis on the phone because it felt so pathetic that you couldn’t watch. Apocalypse Now…well, this is the climax scene but a lot going on visually. I know folks love to hate on The Doors, but The End was the perfect song for the movie and Coppola used it perfectly. Visually, I loved Willard emerging from the water. It’s obviously edited in reverse, but still striking. However, for some reason the shot a few seconds later of him squatting and then standing with the blade in the rain while lightning gives the viewer glimpses of him before the assassination of Kurtz always felt powerful to me. Finally, the quick cuts of Kurtz being killed with the sacrifice of the ox is hardcore, especially since it was a real ox.
  14. Damn. Although I can’t recall the last time I visited that site.
  15. In heavy rotation as of late... And god damn...when this hits the solo and outro, I almost break whatever it is in front of me headbanging along. My coworkers must enjoy the show, or whoever is driving next to me.
  16. I am guessing Jack Nicklaus got banned again?
  17. Nobody has to prove god is real to me. I don’t care what religion, mythology or fairytales people choose to believe in. However, if people and politicians insist on pushing laws with a religious origins and framework, you sure as fuck better bring empirical evidence to the table. Religion has no place in our government and laws.
  18. Satchel, are you one that believes that the Bible is the word of God and it is all to be taken literally? Just curious. I know gsoda feels that way.
  19. But lying is so out of character for this monumental citizen, father and protector of children.
  20. Only need to get workswithseed to drop in and say gays are commies then ask us to pay for his wedding.
  21. You are not wrong. The media has also been weaponized. Maybe it always was.
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