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  1. keep fucking that chicken LOL
  2. First off and I'm sure I'm not alone here but Texas isn't the South so who fucking cares what Southern Living has to say Second, going through the photos, most of the crap from the Carolinas looks absolutely disgusting, the sandwiches on smooshed buns with some sort pork on them and the ground what I am assuming is pork on rice with a gravy? That's not fucking BBQ
  3. This is what is commonly referred to as, a mic drop
  4. Stumbled across this and man what a time warp. I was young, 8 but I remember this as my older siblings were really excited which meant I was too. The play list is interesting, some names that stood the test of time and some who most have forgotten or never even heard of 1:14 “Video Killed The Radio Star” - The Buggles 5:43 “You Better Run” - Pat Benetar 12:03 “She Won’t Dance With Me” - Rod Stewart 14:31 “You Better You Bet” - The Who 20:16 “Little Susies’s On The Up” - PH.D. 23:18 “Brass In Pocket” - Pretenders 26:27 “Time Heals” - Todd Rundgren 29:48 “Take-It-On The Run - REO Speedwagon 31:37 “Rockin Paradise” - Styx 37:21 “When Things Go Wrong” - Robin Lane & The Chartbusters 43:36 “History Never Repeats” - Split Ends 46:39 “Hold On Loosely” - 38 Special 51:44 “Sailing” - Rod Stewart 58:52 “Iron Maiden” - Iron Maiden 1:03:29 “Keep On Loving You” - REO Speedwagon 1:08:09 “Bluer Than Blue” - Michael Johnson 1:10:59 “Message of Love” - Pretenders 1:14:20 “Mr. Briefcase” - Lee Ritenour 1:17:58 “Double Life” - The Cars 1:21:58 “In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins 1:29:02 “Looking For Clues” - Robert Palmer 1:32:59 “Too Late” - Shoes 1:35:58 “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” - Stevie Nicks 1:39:53 “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” - Rod Stewart 1:40:19 “Surface Tension” - Rupert Hine 1:43:50 “One Step Closer” - Split Enz 1:46:36 “Baker Street” - Gerry Rafferty 1:53:49 “I’m Gonna Follow You” Pat Benetar 1:58:04 “Savannah Nights” - Tom Johnston 2:04:13 “Lucille” - Rockestra 2:07:12 “The Best of Times” - STYX 2:11:39 “Vengeance” - Carly Simon 2:14:44 “Angel of The Morning” - Juice Newton
  5. Hmmm Texas, November, Presidents (ex) bold move
  6. and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky facts
  7. It would be one thing if you brought a coherent argument with data to support your points but you don't. You posts memes and gotcha headlines, you're nothing but a worthless troll who brings ZERO to this forum. Welcome to my ignore list
  8. Smax

    Tex Mex

    lol after spending 3 months in Austin earlier this year, then driving down to Houston for a month to spend time with the family. Houston tacos and texmex is superior to anything in Austin and its not even close
  9. Too easy, how many Dems are calling for him to step down? Ill hang up and listen
  10. your party has a congress person who lied ABOUT everything to win an election, he catfished his district and your party does nothing about it because losing a seat is more important then doing what is right your party has a congress person who goes out in public has her fake tits fondled and rubs her dates cock in front a large group of people and your party does nothing about it, family values my ass The head of you party is under 90+ felony indictments, is a pathological liar, is completely disconnected from reality, tried to overthrow the US government and your party supports him So fuck you from us "lefties" if we don't take a word or point or "owning" the libs seriously, GET YOUR FUCKING HOUSE IN ORDER before you start flinging poo
  11. I say this with all due respect, but Americans are fucking dumb. That's not to say we don't have some highly intelligent people in this country but as whole, we are morons and its getting worse as time goes by
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