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  1. And I'd like to add that this is a perfect example of the CR circle jerk. I've participated in threads here for quite some time, piling on Trumps stupidity, maga idiot gops fascism Texas idiot leadership, yet I dont think Biden is great and several of your start attacking me ... Get over yourselves
  2. Up thread Obviously, I'm voting for him, but IMO, he's still one of the most mediocre Dem president's in recent history. I will say it's not entirely his fault as he is in an extremely difficult position, so just manning the boat, making sure it stays afloat will suffice but he's lacked leadership but thay seems to be the Dems trademark as of late
  3. so ignorant racist rednecks with shitty food, why am I not surprised
  4. Texas flipping blue? LOL been hearing that for 20 years
  5. You just described half the population of this country
  6. Smax

    The Supremes

    Sounds like Alito needs to get a handle on his trad wife.
  7. I can agree with that, his communication to the people of this country does leave alot to be desired
  8. I'm not sure I agree with this. He's certainly not a bad president, but good is pushing it, IMO. He's a placeholder trying not to rock this sinking ship any more then it already is.
  9. There is something wrong with the Dem party. They are lazy complacent and are losing their base, Biden sucks, sure he's a better alternative to Cheeto but he's not energizing anyone, I'll vote for him but not because I believe he's a good candidate, he just better then alternative. Sad state of affairs in this country
  10. Smax

    The Supremes

    Odd how he doesn't believe that when it comes to women of this county and their reproductive systems
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/29/europe/ukraine-war-us-tanks-intl/index.html Abraham's not doing so hot without without proper support As for that drone factory in Africa, send in a spec ops team ..
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