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  1. He was interviewing for bigger jobs after his first season. Doesn't seem like that was ever his motivation. He wants to prove he can win at the P5 level.
  2. Edward Waters is the new Bishop Sycamore.
  3. It wasn’t quite losing to Stoops by 40, but you have to think losing to Dabo by 20 titillated Mack’s humiliation fetish.
  4. They don’t call him Six Win Sonny for nothing. This has been the flukiest run of luck since Ed Orgereon.
  5. KSU inexplicably started Martinez. Howard would have carved us up.
  6. Dumb Lalas story: a friend who was obnoxiously drunk at an airport bar mis-recognized Alexi Lalas and blurted out, “Jim Courier!” Lalas said nothing, gave him an annoyed dirty look, and walked away.
  7. At least we can watch Not Texas in the Big 12 championship.
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