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  1. Lol @ the market. Seatgeek CEO on suicide watch.
  2. Miami "earned" this win as legitimately as they bought their team with John Ruiz's dirty money.
  3. Hero ball works when you get to go to the free throw line 25 times.
  4. I hope Grampy is that confident. Gonna get shit on if true.
  5. Three year contracts are non starters for recruiting purposes afaik. Do college coaches ever sign 3 year contracts? Neither coaches nor ADs want them. 5 years minimum is the norm. A three year contract invites a tidal wave of justified negative recruitment.
  6. The "typical Rick Barnes" jokes ring hollow for me this year considering he lost his star PG. Also, Florida Atlantic has won 34 games this year. Up to #17 in Kenpom. They're not some fluke cinderella. They're a legit squad.
  7. I haven't heard or read anything except message board gossip posted by you. Where else would I hear about these things? Did I miss a TMZ story or something? What are you on about with this "long public history?" If it's public, there must be something you can point me to.
  8. Serious question: do you know what coercive control is? I'm guessing you don't, because if you did, you would never make a such an ignorant sweeping statement like this. I had never heard the term until like 6-7 years ago. I'm far from an expert but I've listened to experts talk about it. Educate yourself on coercive control. You may not know or understand some of your own friends as well as you think you do. That goes for Chris Beard's closest friends and confidantes as well. They may not know the reality of the situation or understand him as well as they think they do. For example: if your friend told you his girlfriend got drunk and embarassed him at a party, the reality could be that he's an abusive, controlling narcissist who flips out if his girlfriend has more than two drinks. And if you don't know how to spot the signs of coercive control, you may have no idea what is really going on behind closed doors. I cringed at the NYC rumors you and others posted, because if there's any "truth" to said rumors, I'd be skeptical as hell of them if they originated with Beard or his camp. The only facts we know are what's in the police report. And we know (I think?) that Trew called the police. Why do you think the vast majority of DV victims call police? Because they're scared. Not because they're a vindictive harpy looking to ruin their partner's life. She may have lived in fear of Chris Beard. She may have not. You don't know. I don't know. She called police. It's possible whtever he did that night scared the shit out of her.
  9. If Beard believed he could re-sell himself to the Tech fanbase, he may actually check some boxes on the psychopathy checklist. That's fucking pathological.
  10. Just found this thread and wanted to shout my support and join in the share. I can relate to your struggle. Sounds like we had really similar childhoods. We're pretty close in age, I'm about four years younger. I was the "husky good athlete" growing up as well. Have been super self concious about my weight since probably 4th or 5th grade? Remember the "husky section" at department stores? I want to meet the child abusing sadist(s) who thought that was a good marketing idea. Hey assholes - NOBODY fell for that euphemism. Stopped playing everything except basketball around 7th/8th grade, became less active, and January of my senior year of HS I had a primary care checkup and weighed in at 330 pounds at 6'3." Doctor prescribed me some appetite suppresants that didn't supress shit and told me to chew more gum. I was also diagnosed with hypogonadism (literally low T, lol) which I'm guessing contributed to my weight gain? My dad told me about someone at his work who lost weight on this diet called "Atkins" so I tried this newfangled low carb thing and after two weeks I saw real results. I was also on testosterone therapy which I'm guessing helped with the weight melting off. I was losing like 5 pounds a week which made it easy to be super disciplined and militant about diet. Didn't even have a bite of cake on my birthday that March. My friends still joke about me eating salsa with a spoon at our favorite Tex Mex spot. It also helped being 18 - I could fill up on as much meat and dairy as I wanted, never counted calories, and still kept losing. That summer before my freshman year of college I had no part time job and nothing but time, so I'd get on my mom's exercise bike for 30min every morning and watch "Win Ben Stein's Money," then hit the Y in the afternoon to do some weights and run on the indoor track (I still remember 13 laps =1 mile). The day I made it a mile straight without talking a walking break was a big milestone. Nine-ish months later, in September of my freshman year at UT, I was down to 230. Lowest I ever got was like 190 which sounds insane now. I've been carb concious and pretty good about diet and exercise ever since, but I still have my struggles and the highest my weight has crept up is the 240's. I'm around that right now and trying to get back down to around 220. Side note: in my early 20's I got off testosterone therapy and my levels returned to normal. Always been a chicken/egg mystery to me: with the weight gain/lowT/weight loss/normal T and what caused what.
  11. That post conveys a tone and tenor that is eerily similar to the "Keep Charlie Strong" crowd at the very end.
  12. Wow the breathing thing is real. I really wasn’t sure till I searched it. If only it was captured on video for the one shining moment montage. Fuck that would have been perfect.
  13. There's no way he was leading breathing exercises instead of coaching, was he? I think you're joking...right?
  14. Think I'll get the hoodie.
  15. We haven't been to the sweet 16 in fifteen years and we get all the luck? lol Evolution of the thread from PSU being up 58-55 to the final buzzer must be good.
  16. Just carried us to the sweet 16. Legend status
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