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  1. It's like you guys forgot Shaka Smart teams peak in early December.
  2. When I was a kid I thought it was Haulin' Oats
  3. Just catching up on this thread and the hirings and I'm fucking dying at the continuing similarities. I remember when I had to convince myself Strong and Herman's C-level staffs deserved the benefit of the doubt.
  4. First edible mascot. Pop-Tarts off to a very strong start imo.
  5. Wetzel of Yahoo Sports went over some of this: Dan Wetzel article
  6. Worth it for the angry Danny Kanell tweets.
  7. Found that yesterday but it doesn't look like the same hoodie to me. The bevo looks smaller and the shade of orange looks a little darker. Also the retail $55 price tag is lower than what I see on the Texas shop ($65).
  8. Was just coming here to post my thought: that was fucking SAVAGE. I had to leave for a dumb ass party during the second half, so I didn't get to see the trophy presentation live.
  9. Aynone know if these are still available anywhere? Noticed them on the sideline during ISU game. Sold out at the team shop and Fanatics. =/
  10. That was the worst body language I've ever seen from QB. What a gigantic fucking pouty quitting pussy.
  11. Why does this clown college even have a football program?
  12. Guys, its still a one score game. Committee just called down and clarified that Bo Nix's completion percentage counts as 3 points.
  13. And the committee simps are lapping it up. Like how they couldn't shut the fuck up about Oregon beating Utah
  14. Hopefully more good players decommit from this rudderless limp dick program.
  15. Gi Joe psa reference? Can't rep this enough
  16. What flag will bail out the pussies this time?
  17. Napier going full Tom Herman. Lusting for a 1 point win.
  18. Always miss the practice kick.
  19. How old is that Ryan Day graphic? It's clean shaven and 50 pounds ago
  20. No matter how many times chickenshit prevent defenses backfire spectacularly, chickenshit coaches will keep calling them.
  21. Even the ref crew doesn't want to see these frauds in the playoff.
  22. Ryan Day can go take out his frustration on Lou Holtz somewhere
  23. The last few years of the Jimbo era reminded me of late stage Mack. The comparison feels even more apt after reading that Athletic article.
  24. TCU transitioned from playing in their Superbowl to quitting on the season pretty damn quickly.
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