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  1. Pickle ball sucks and looks stupid on TV. I’ll fight someone over it.
  2. Nick was unreal in the third. Really good play. I can’t stand his act but his serve and volley is legit.
  3. 3 months in to California now. No ragrets at all. I’m really digging the overall lack of political excitement in my small town. The biggest issues around here are people driving too fast and hitting baby seagulls, unleashed dogs raising hell, and the prices are too damn high. I member when I first got to Austin and it had a real laid back friendly vibe. Don’t know where we lost it but everyone I still talk to there is just so beaten down by the heat, the politics, and the traffic, I can’t fathom doing that ever again. I have a soft spot for the hill country and will miss town lake, Hamilton Pool, and Enchanted Rock but frankly Big Sur blows every other place I’ve been in the world out of the water for natural jaw dropping beauty.
  4. I find it pretty funny to come gripe about that on a site with as many abhorrent behaviors (which I embrace). There are tons of jokes about death so some politician in Indiana who I’ve never heard about didn’t make a shit.
  5. That’s just because no one wants to work anymore because of all that sweet COVId cash!
  6. God I hope he builds another airport. ABIA is a shithole now. I’d rather fly to almost any other airport and I have precheck and clear.
  7. The usual insight you come to expect. Stock market = economy. And even better, an index of 30 dinosaur stocks. Weird that there isn’t an update since it’s risen 10 percent from there. And anyone who uses the DOW index as anything but a stupid headline should probably stay away from anything economic related.
  8. Took profits on EOSE ahead of earnings and am awaiting a good reentry point. Really debating what to do with AMYZF . It’s pretty much flat for me and I don’t see any catalysts. I made a little on the original run up but my basis now is around 48 cents. Lastly, holding IBRX. I plan to buy wherever it’s under 4. I have been out of ALPP and HMBL for a while and won’t go back. I don’t think either will survive long term.
  9. The current sequence of economic good news is exploding brains. It’s kind of funny because you would think good news is good but we’re seeing broken people here.
  10. Curious about your source on alumni affiliation. When I graduated in the 90 s I would have solidly agreed but since the last six or seven years I’ve seen a big swing the other way, myself and close friends included.
  11. There are no loans in a family in my experience. All that does is cause resentment when it isn’t repaid. They’re asking for a loan because it doesn’t sound as bad as straight up gimme money. Your call, for some people it’s pocket change and for others it’s groceries for several months. The main issue I have with it is if it becomes a recurring gift. At that point you’ve acquired a new dependent.
  12. Hey it beats the alternative. Seriously, sorry you’re going through that but hang in there. Are you having to do shots to regrow blood cells after chemo?
  13. 44 unforced errors? Holy shit.
  14. They can move faster than that, though, right? It’s just the worst case date?
  15. In EOSE and sold my 4U. I’ve increased my IBRX based on their submittal to the FDA.
  16. It’s definitely piss. I am very curious about the housing market landing. I think it’s gentle in a few markets but there are some due for a rougher ride.
  17. Except if those apartments can’t cover the cost of investment and taxes at market rates…
  18. We’re still in the never caught it at my house. I’ve been exposed to it a bunch so masks and vac plus booster seemed to do it for me. I naturally like to keep away from crowded places so that helped too. At this point if I catch it I’m not going to be upset (hopefully) but I love not being sick for so long.
  19. Any thoughts on what a 75 basis point hike does today? As pointed out before, demand destruction may work to curb inflation eventually but it could get ugly with close to full employment. I am not sure that we don’t wind up with a double dip (the current recession being the first) due to over correction. The other aspect to this is the dollar strengthening means US exporters are going to feel some serious pain and of course our trade deficit will widen.
  20. It’s the sign of really not paying attention to what you’re doing. Let’s just say we should be glad I’m not a surgeon.
  21. The best part of memories is talking about them…
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