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  1. Guys I think I figured out the power issue.
  2. As serious as Dr. Drunkenstein fake ass cancer.
  3. Timely bump. SF is about 2.5 hours away for me so we’re planning to visit some more, and having these recommendations is great.
  4. Performed a vasectomy on it, so to speak…
  5. Yes, generally it’s platted into individual lots because it increases the flexibility of the owner to change course and start selling the lots fee simple.
  6. Build for rent is a specific market class much like mobile home developments. Arguing against them is an argument against the current economic system. Property tax and interest rates are the fault here, along with capital looking for return. Railing against the people building to meet demand seems counterproductive. Instead work on ways to facilitate home ownership through tax incentives and lower entry costs (by reducing regulatory burden, increasing supply by decreasing time for entitlement of projects, and facilitating utility availability for raw land). Unfortunately none of those are sexy for politicians.
  7. All of the above. And we may or may not be in a recession but it sure feels like JPow has kicked me in the balls.
  8. No offense but it takes two to make an idiotic argument. You could just put him on ignore.
  9. Cole Wehrle is a hell of a designer. Root is very clever and I ordered Pax Pamir and Oath based on that experience and recommendation.
  10. Hefeweizen

    Tennis Thread

    Re tennis elbow- your string setup is the biggest key. Natural gut will be most forgiving but is pricey and won’t last. A good string shop will be able to help you and is worth the money. Unless you have a friend with a stinging machine and lots of extra time. For rackets, my experience is that Babolat are the worst for elbow pain, and Prince or ProKennex the best. Which is a shame since I always loved Babolat’s offerings.
  11. Didn’t seem to make the wolf any more dangerous. I’d go back to full mullet and jorts a la Andre. Yeah tits should beat Djoker but probably won’t.
  12. Hang on are we cheering for inflation today or no? Need my scorecard to keep track of the victory conditions.
  13. Wouldn’t say anyone has “missed” him. Really unpleasant guy.
  14. It’s insane how that little Japanese lady generates power. At least little Schwartzito has some muscle and core strength. She looks like she weighs about 100 pounds.
  15. I just don’t trust Sabalenka under pressure. Ryba 4 and 3. Lets go Karen!
  16. We’re walking at the beach, which is mostly gone thanks to the asshole atmospheric river. Yeah the droughts over but what about my personal inconvenience ! Chocolate is not impressed.
  17. I can’t understand a word of that salad. I am starting to see how olds felt about the internet when it came around.
  18. @Baboontyme sorry to hear about what happened. RIP Louise, she looks like a sweet dog. Phenobarbital is the devil as a medication for seizures. We finally got chocolate off it completely and switched to Keppra which has resulted in going back to normal weight, fewer seizures (one grand Mal during the weaning), and a much happier dog. Phenobarbital has the added bonus of harming liver and kidney and the central nervous system. Our new vet said she won’t prescribe it unless nothing else will work. Keppra is tough because the animal needs three doses a day but it’s amazing to see the difference.
  19. I don’t think so. My 16 yo son has both a regular fidelity account and a Utma account with stock in them.
  20. Yup. He looked completely at a loss on how to close it out when Ruud was throwing softballs at him.
  21. Holy shit the level of incompetence is mind boggling. He really should reduce staff to a few Qanon followers to see how it goes. That way he doesn’t have to worry about their loyalty.
  22. They are definitely full of something. JPow got the Rona so here we go!
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