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  1. I'm sure Maxwell has some slimy sales guys. I called the GM before I went and asked him to give me their best sales guy who would not try to upsell, bait/switch, or any other tactic. They had the best price and it went smoothly. Their service department has been very good. I get free oil changes/tire rotation. Those were the days. $12,000 under sticker for a Platinum F150 and free oil changes/tire rotations. Just before covid.
  2. Whenever I trade in, I always ask for a new set of KO2s as part of the deal. I pay for it one way or the other. Maxwell Ford is where I buy/trade in.
  3. Gladeite

    Tennis Thread

    When you have had enough injuries, check out pickle ball. It came to me after shoulder surgery that had a lot of pins and rope to put everything back together. Before that, many years on the USTA circuit. Replaced knee, both hips replaced, neck fusion, hernia repair, lost toenails, etc... Besides the extra metal in my body, I have shelves of USTA balls, plates and glassware which is nice. Now have joined groups of former college tennis players who have fully transitioned to pb. Fast paced, easy to cover the court, all tennis skills transfer over and courts everywhere. Both of the new pro divisions are full of former Division 1 college players and tennis professionals who could not get out of the minor leagues. There are a couple of top 10 pros who are now at the end of their tennis and being drafted to pb teams. Apologies for the brief interruption of tennis talk.
  4. Reminds me of my teenage days. When seatbelt laws were first enacted, got stopped in rural East Texas. Wadded the ticket up and threw it out the window after the stop. Fast forward several years, now out of college and driving a new Vette. In same rural East Texas, but this time parking with the local doc's daughter. In the tricky stage of the evening, removing pantyhose and maneuvering in a Vette. Lights come on behind us. Sheriffs department runs my DL and comes back with a warrant. Take me into custody, have girl drive my car to her parents and her parents come bail me out. Fun times.
  5. I build a few specs around in the upper end neighborhoods. I have one started right now that is $650/ft with no interest carry, selling costs or profit. Lumber prices are dropping but concrete is being sucked up by Samsung. Labor costs are coming down on framing, electric and plumbing.
  6. Gladeite

    Eyesight poll

    PRK in 1997. Have to wear readers now for anything up close. Front sight is hard to find so transitioning to RMR for carry. Last test was a few years ago resulted in 20/15. it has been that for many years. I suspect it has tapered off since the last test and now is 20/20 to 20/30. This thread reminds me to schedule an exam.
  7. Gladeite

    Getting old sucks

    Had my first kidney stone episode on Christmas Day. Knew it was there from a previous scan, but didn't think too much about it. Woke up with a ridiculous pain on right side and could only dribble out a little pee. Started chugging water, lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice and generally laying on the floor in pain. Wife is not so pleased to be interrupted on Christmas morning and starts getting ready to make an ER run. I could feel the pain move from the back to front, then down towards the exit. Kept chugging acidic juices and it passed thru. I felt great after it passed.
  8. Go to 1911addicts.com and classified ads section. A lot of custom 1911 pistols there. I have a few and they are great. I regularly carry LW Commanders in 9mm and .45 and have a government size that shoots one hole groups at 10 yards. All built for me with the features I feel are most important. It can be a great rabbit hole to go down.
  9. My neighbor has a new green RS6. He let me drive it. It is a badass car.
  10. Gladeite


    Now up to 70 - 100 Mbps. Everything is working well.
  11. Gladeite


    For me, it has been a questionable decision. We had Centurylink DSL. We were getting consistent 10+ Mbps download speeds. We were able to run all devices, stream unlimited shows, never a problem. Maybe should have considered staying. All of my neighbors have cancelled Centurylink so usage is way down which may have resulted in having great(for rural Colorado) service. Also, fiber had been run all the way to our Centurylink trunk. All of my neighbors now have Starlink which may be causing download speeds to decrease. A positive is that we only have to pay for Starlink when we are here. Months that we are not in Colorado, we can suspend service. The price works out about the same as Centurylink.
  12. Gladeite


    We got ours in Colorado last week. Max is about 30 mbps download. We are having some buffering issues. Overall, disappointed with it. Called our installer and his response was: lots of new service that is taking up bandwidth, so until new satellites are up, expect slower speeds. With limited internet choices here, everyone is getting Starlink. Every house around us has it.
  13. If you can get your hands on the Remington Ultra Bonded, I highly recommend them. They work perfectly. I have killed a lot of zebras, wildebeest and gemsbok with them while culling in Africa. They penetrate, expand and hold together. I am an avid reloader but I buy every box of Ultra Bonded 30/06 that I find. The Sierra GameKing will also work magic on elk. I have culled cows with that bullet and guided a few hunters who have had success with that bullet. It is a quality product. I load the ProHunter(same thing without the boat tail) 180 grain at 2850 fps. It is my standard load while guiding.
  14. Picking Pagosa Springs as a STR location could prove to be challenging. There is a concentrated effort to eliminate/restrict STRs. One large, popular neighborhood south of 160 just adopted a no STR policy. This was a HOA vote and it passed by a large margin. A large neighborhood north of 160 has an amendment out for vote right now. It is expected to pass and will eliminate STR. If you are in the town limits, voters approved $150/month per bedroom tax for all STR, regardless of occupancy. There is a lawsuit to stop this fee, but you get the idea.
  15. I have had a lot of surgeries. Multiple knee, hips replaced, 3/4 disc replacement, etc... Rotator cuff was by far the worst. Hurt the most and longest recovery. 2 years out last month. Can play golf, tennis(75% serve) and anything I want to do. It is nowhere near as strong as it used to be. No pain but maybe 50% strength.
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