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  1. Can't be worse than Nova Scotia. They sky would turn black with the swarms
  2. I started negotiations with my employers about working from Minnesota for 3 months a year. This shit will be unsustainable.
  3. Someone just installed ChatGPT. What was the input? Batshit crazy physicist with thesaurus?
  4. So the polar bear was the ghost of Holden. That's why Navarro covered Danvers eye when she told her "He sees you." Or some shit.
  5. I am a sucker for any and all movies about dogs no matter how terrible.
  6. Like a toddler when the adults laugh at something they say.
  7. Grapevine is awful. Does any town really need 10 bistros/wineries on the same fucking street?
  8. People who fuck with animals deserve the worst.
  9. This season makes The Walking Dead appear shakespearian in comparison.
  10. A show about the rise of the janitorial mafia is exactly what we deserve for sticking this shitshow out. Do they run the whole town behind the scenes? Was Danvers in their pockets all along? That's the only logical reason for her not turning them in for mass murder. So the homicidal scientists just got what was coming. Blood for blood.
  11. Went to an air show at the Georgetown airport which had several planes of the confederate airforce including a b-17. They let me climb all through it. At the age of 12 it felt incredibly cramped. No one over 5'4 could be in the thing I don't think.
  12. This shit is pissing me off. People are stupid. Rinse repeat.
  13. True, but one Abrams can destroy 10+ russian shit boxes while it's parking.
  14. Purely incredible. I'd put ep 5 up against the D Day scene in Saving Private Ryan as quite possibly the greatest depiction of combat on film.
  15. I wasn't until I read shaggy and Surly for the past 20 years.
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