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  1. The scene with the Predator fighting the grizzly was absolute fucking bad ass film making. From concept to execution.
  2. Really enjoyed it. May be my 2nd favorite predator flick. Comanche Nation should be proud.
  3. Great show. Hauser was nails and I loved how they wrapped it up.
  4. After watching it again for the first time in 20 years I must say this is a shameless navy recruitment vehicle. Don't care. Still kicks ass.
  5. This thread inspired me to pirate a copy. I'm about 15 minutes in when I realize the guy playing the XO also played the Cuban general in Red Dawn.
  6. The classic Italian from little deli. Every Italian cured meat, pickled peppers , mayo, fresh provolone,, and olive oil on locally baked sub bun.
  7. This movie is what got me interested in alt history and I never looked back. Probably my favorite genre of sci fi.
  8. Dey terk err jerbs!! Hurr duurr replacin white God fearing good folk.... ms13.. derp
  9. Now that's funny. I don't care who you are.
  10. Idris Elba would be an amazing bond. Unless he's too old now.
  11. Agreed. His voice reminds me of the old perv from family guy.
  12. Namor better have the little wings/fins on his ankles or I'm out.
  13. Non of us are questioning the earth's capacity. We are questioning humanity's. Mother Earth is about to give us the fucking boot if we don't get our shit together soon.
  14. I should be the next Bond, or @Brisketexan. We would bring back cargo shorts and fishing hats, while paddling about in high tech kayaks. Our main mission to avoid having a heart attack before 60.
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