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  1. So it sounds like Israel is finally going to setting up the infrastructure to begin flooding the tunnels under Gaza. From a military perspective, I completely understand and agree with the concept. By flooding the tunnels it removes both the ability of Hamas to move unseen and to hide and rest unfettered. This will force Hamas to either pull out or fight in the open, both are to Israel’s benefit. What I am concerned with is the tunnel networks are as extensive as some believe, there is the possibility of loss of infrastructure on such a scale that mere bombing will place in comparison. Worse, we will also see, depending on drainage, the potential for both water contamination and waterborne diseases spread that will be on an extreme scale. That being said, this is probably an approach that should have been taken earlier and will have a major impact as it rapidly accelerates the timeline by removing Hamas ability to hit and run and recoup by a large margin.
  2. So let me get this straight.. tOSU, OU, and USC are all already portal shopping QBs... Murphy is about to get PAID
  3. Committing in a week huh? LSU or Syracuse? My guess swamp kitty
  4. Well then technically if you want to be pissed at anyone, be pissed at aggy since they are the idiots that leaked the Texas/OU SEC move to try and torpedo it before the CFP expansion vote...
  5. Looks like the option was Liberty vs Tech or Texas vs. Okie State... Not sure what is better, but I got to admit would have loved to see TT vs A&M for all the lulz
  6. The SEC couldnt hid A&M from the B12 forever.. Was hoping OU KU or KSU, but now A&M has to blow out OSU or it helps crash their Texas didn't play anyone but Bama and OU argument..
  7. Time keeps ticking by and yet no mention on the Texas or Liberty Bowls... how hard is the SEC working to keep A&M away from Kansas, OSU, and KSU?
  8. Noticed that only OU from the B12 made a bowl so far, but Missouri, Ole Miss, Tenn and UGA are already out of the SEC pool. This is going to make the bowls we are all most interested in, the Texas and Liberty bowls, that much more likely we finally get to see the A&M vs the old Big 12 matchup we are all been waiting for... Still have OSU, Kansas, KSU, and TT out there waiting in the weeds for A&M
  9. You dont think that was on Sarks mind when he had Ewers go right back out there or said Ewers Xrays came back negative... just in case to help avoid that injury perception, especially after losing Brooks...
  10. Curious how much of that is really tied to the fact that Ewers and Sanders are getting healthier and so it makes sense to run the double slants and crosser while still having legit threats outside. The biggest thing about all of this is that it gives the team 3 weeks to get healthy. Banks, Sanders, Worthy, Ewers, Catalan, Watts, and many more could really use some time to just heal. Facing this team in January is going to be a much different task than what was out there in late Oct early Nov.
  11. Oh... by the way when discussing the philosophical shift from Sark in the last few games, I hope everyone has noticed the sudden emergence of a lot more slants, crosses, and drag routes targeting the center of the field.
  12. I got a feeling he had 2 press releases written last night..
  13. Damn... getting called out for "we" on national TV.... Also trying hard to kill the SEC is the reason SEC got in.... WOW
  14. So the Big 12 is going to get paid some more on the way out... Its like leaving Jeter leaving a tip on the way out on a one night stand..
  15. Fuck... does this mean I got to root for Michigan over Bama?
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