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  1. Curious how much of a cut that the agent gets out of the 200k. And how much does that really matter vs NIL payouts and taxes.
  2. Wait…. A big space eater with the nay a bullrush? That is a typical PK nose. If he’s enough of a freak you take him and hope either him or Collins works out and run them off , a la Billingsley if they don’t.
  3. So Karic got told that he was not going to be in the mix for RT next year. Would love to have kept him, but go do well as a starting tackle at a G5 next year bud.
  4. If this is the level of guy that is leaving that is going to “cause discussion” I am going to be ecstatic. So we have a WR with no knees and an EDGE that looks to be already buried on the depth chart (and is a severe position of need for an impact player in the portal) so far. Next they are going to say we are loosing several of the buried OL and a couple jags in the secondary…
  5. Good luck kid. Too many knee injuries and missed your development window.
  6. Oh… so let’s get annoyed that Marion is interested in at least interviewing as a G5 HC or most likely the new Oregon OC… You mean we are supposed to get upset if our top young position coaches want to move up?
  7. This is big for SFA just from a infrastructure and insurance standpoint. I know several faculty there and their secondary benefits (and in truth faculty salaries) lag behind similar schools of size and stature.
  8. If his paid-for lease makes him a lambo lover for life, I am betting the markup on a top-tier lambo sale will more than offset the write off on a lower-level lambo lease. Combine that it the advertising and prestige implications and you do this deal 100 out of 100 times for a legit talent like Bijan.
  9. I’m sorta pissed that nobody has asked point blank in the press conferences about the massive disparity in holding calls and PI calls for and against the horns in B12 play… This is why need to get surly press passes. Come one @immamac and @RGBIII, there has got to be somebody that we could get in there….
  10. Damn…. No way that Jimbo can say that was his choice… And yet, of all the guys there Dickey was one of the line teachers vs recruiters in O…
  11. Fickle had Campbell as proof that you are better to move to a blue blood now then to wait till next year because those jobs might be around next year and all it takes is one meh season and you aren’t at the front of the line. Probably doesn’t hurt that Fickle knows he is still probably going to have a worse record in the B12 next year than the AAC. His team is good, but the talent and depth isn’t there for 8 conference games.
  12. Mods on the Cinci board thinks this is legit and likely happening. Sorta surprised, but more from the fact that they moved on from the home grown fan favorite ( right after the other big Midwest job got filled in Neb) than thinking Wisc could make a real offer.
  13. So we will now get to hear all offseason that if the refs didn’t screw them in the Bama game they would have gotten to play and kick the shit out of the sips in a bowl game. We were lucky that they got screwed over because a weak B12 team could withstand their team of destiny.
  14. Right after they got bowl eligible they put a job on their HR website that included the terms that the applications were not protected from FOIA requests and had a very short timeline. Not sure what happened between then and now, but all signals were Leonard and now Fickle is a possibility. Either Leonard couldn’t come to terms, Wisky realized the probably need someone outside of the family to revitalize the AD or Fickle reached out on his own and Wisky was like wtf, we thought you were out of our league, let’s see what happens.
  15. Holgo getting the drop right before heading to the B12… How am I not shocked.
  16. wasn’t Leonard pretty much assumed to have that job once they became bowl eligible. Could easily see Fickle to Wisc and then Leonard to Cinci?
  17. I am going to laugh when fat boy makes it into the NFL as a blocking TE with kickass hands
  18. Kansas was totally not ready for that misdirection toss and the dream is probably dead because of it
  19. So if they beat LSU does that mean no new OC?
  20. Waiting for aggy to beat down LSU and then LSU beat Georgia in the title game..
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