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  1. Not sure fully but I believe those 3 were only over Hawaii. Probably test runs. Edit: appears I was wrong. One went over Florida and Texas during the Trump years. Courtesy of none other than the Trump News Network https://www.foxnews.com/politics/chinese-spy-balloon-crashed-off-coast-of-hawaii-4-months-ago
  2. And we have Everton next week. Oh my aching balls.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12801936/liverpool-how-jurgen-klopps-reds-have-been-hurt-on-the-pitch-by-a-brain-drain-off-it#
  4. Gakpo's walking to the bench thinking what the hell did I get myself into here?
  5. I thought Brighton was going to be the low point of our season. Little did I know....
  6. The lack of production is depressing. I'm not shocked that our defense is terrible without Konate and VvD. But to get nothing up front and not even really be a threat is more worrisome. Klopp doesn't seem to know how to get anything out of the existing parts any longer. We haven't score an EPL goal since Brentford on 1/2. 3 matches without any goals and in none of those games did it feel like we were threatening.
  7. OU has a home and home with Michigan in 25/26
  8. Fox seems a little short sighted here. They can get the OOC games with Ohio State and Michigan that we have coming up and they said no.
  9. I think most on here have seen for a time that this is all about Fox wanting their money. I don't blame them at all. But take what you can and move on.
  10. So it's now in ESPN and Fox's hands. Get it done and get us the f out of here. Everyone's ready to move on.
  11. Michigan comes to Austin in 2024. I wonder if that was required by Fox as a game they get for us to leave. I could see ABC wanting that game if they got first choice.
  12. And the wanted for questioning in the death of the casino owner's son thing.
  13. Joel Klatt always talks about Texas OU as a game Fox wants to do, only behind tOSU/Michigan. I believe ABC gets first choice this year so that means they'll get tOSU/Michigan.
  14. So the guy who allegedly stole the monkeys was arrested near the Dallas World Aquarium where he was testing the mesh enclosures there.
  15. Well upside to this is we don't have to agree to play Tech or anyone else from the Big 12 after this.
  16. mdmost


    I think you misunderstood me. We went to the end point for us which was before the offroad path just after you see the backside of Haleakala State Park. We didn't do the full loop since we didn't want to risk the rental car. We then turned back and headed back the way we came, hitting the places we had passed already on the way back. That way we weren't stuck behind other people going in order. So we started at Paia and drove straight through to Waimoku Falls. Got out there and walked to the falls. Got back in the car and headed back towards Paia. This was back in the days before navigation on phones. We did it via a CD and a map. But we got in everything we wanted to see. The Seven Sacred Pools, the black sand beach, the red sand beach, and the Ke’anae Peninsula. I think this is the guide we used as this looks very familiar. I mapped out our journey the night before when we were having dinner at Mama's Fish House. If the Haliimaile General Store is still around, I highly recommend it. You can get the guide on your phone now. https://ther2h.com/#intro-1
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