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  1. I'd love to see the Venn Diagram of people who think putting down this protest is fine and also think Jan 6 was overblown and the Capital Police overreacted.
  2. Did that guy kneel during the anthem? I have to decide if I should care about unjust detainments based on if he did that or not.
  3. Greg should wheel his gimp ass over with a Bible to hold up next to Gregory Gym so he can be the same limp dick dictator that his master is.
  4. I'm talking about the two that are in the very topic this was posted in. The left behind ones. The FSU/Georgia Tech game was announced last year.
  5. I'll restate what I've said before regarding Abbott. The tree should've finished the job.
  6. Ah yes, the two noted programs with Irish heritage...
  7. I would sell Diaz and Mo and start over. Diaz wants to go to Barcelona. Let him. Nunez is the iffy one. Maybe the new manager can get something out of him.
  8. Noted goal scorers Tsimikas and Gomez being brought on.
  9. Mo needs to be sold to the Saudis. I love him but his time has passed. Get as much as they can for him and find the next goal scorer for the new manager.
  10. Oh, I was wrong. Worse than Crystal Palace. Well lads, at least you got Klopp a Carabao Cup in his final season as manager. Szobo got a nice look at that go in.
  11. Mo might be the worst player out there today.
  12. This has Crystal Palace redux written all over it.
  13. You'd think the roles were reversed and Liverpool was the near the bottom club.
  14. LiVARpool! But again, why can't the cheesedick lineman get that?
  15. Caught some of the game on my drive home last night. They were talking about Wyatt possibly having the most outside of the zone pitches called strikes in MLB. He's obviously struggling but this isn't helping.
  16. I was honestly surprised that Toranaga didn't send the shinobi because he knew Mariko would not allow herself to be taken alive. I'm still a tad confused why Ishido thought that was a wise move other than he didn't want his authority challenged. I enjoyed the finale but the heart of the show was really absent with her death.
  17. He gave Putin the keys to the White House the entire time he was in office.
  18. Maybe that's one rare example then. Then again, you got a lot of Jan 6 realtors up that way.
  19. Unless you know more about this than I do. https://www.cbsnews.com/texas/news/allen-high-school-star-qb-withdraws-racist-attack/
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