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  1. Well, me obviously. Spell it however you want. I'm not correcting anyone on here.
  2. Yeah, not just any kind of experience. He was the head coach of the national team for China for a few years. He had Yao Ming's blessing. Also the Ukrainian National Team. Some NBA experience. He's got a varied resume for sure. Of course, we haven't brought anyone in with international experience yet, but that's a really tough journey that can take a while to develop, so I haven't exactly been upset about it or anything. I've always loved having him on the bench.
  3. Myanmar. I can't remember the last time I used Burma unless it's a historical reference. The folks in control want it called a certain way, that's what I call it. That's the whole point with Istanbul. Like the song says, it's nobody's business but the Turks as far as I'm concerned.
  4. There's a lot of prejudice towards the Turks. It's somewhat racist to call them the Mexicans of Europe, but they are such a substantial part of the poorest areas in many European countries. Particularly France and Germany. I remember in the 80s having so many conversations with Europeans who loved to point out to me how racist the US is, and I'm like, you realize you live in a completely homogenous country? You don't have a real idea what it's like to have vastly different cultures within your borders and the various power dynamics and natural tensions that come to exist because of it. And the ones you do are oftentimes huge flash points. Well, now different parts of Europe are getting a taste of it, and they're alleged tolerance for other cultures as a collective hasn't always been the ideal they made themselves out to be. I'm not casting blame. We are very tribal instinctually. A lot of it is part of being human and requires a huge amount of conscious work to even have a chance at overcoming. Then you have Greece. It's crazy both countries are in NATO. Erdogan just a couple of months ago was saber rattling with Greece over various disputes. That's always a regional powder keg. The Greeks aren't exactly going to be welcoming in Turkiye to the EU with open arms. EU is like the hot girl who keeps telling you she's for sure going to go out with you if you just do this one thing. At some point if you don't want to be a sucker you recognize it's never going to happen. Frankly, I think that's exactly what happened with Erdogan, and a lot of his behavior over the last 5 years has been him pulling the rip cord on eventual EU membership. He's found a different path he wants to embark on, and shockingly enough, it's not always friendly to the West.
  5. It's how they want it spelled. We don't spell it Constantinople any more either, for similar reasons.
  6. It legitimized it. Without the EU's prompting, the military may have well taken over at that point rather than let Erdogan take permanent control of the government. That was Ataturk's admonition and his call to the military. Keep Turkey secular. The secular portion of the population yearned for a tighter relationship with Europe. Candidacy in the EU - which was never going to happen by the way - would have represented a quantum leap for where they'd come from. Too many people both inside and outside of the country thought this was the way forward, when it was absolutely the way backwards. Anyway, water under the bridge. We're stuck with the fucker at this point, and all the bullshit he continues to pull.
  7. This just in...Turkey is an unreliable partner. But like Pakistan, but even more so, you can't just write them off no matter how unreliable various elements in the government are. Just so pissed the EU pushed Erdogan to purge the military because they had too many coups in their history. That wasn't a bug, EU. That was a feature.
  8. And drones. The camera footage from the ubiquitous drones has been a game changer in following the war, along with the social media.
  9. Don't forget they separated donations for seating in Moody from donations elsewhere - specifically, DKR-Memorial. It's an additional revenue stream now. I know that wasn't pleasant for long time season ticket holders that suddenly had to shell out an additional expense, but it's helped the basketball program in all kinds of ways. Hiring a new coach is for sure one of them. Not just affording one, but making it even more important to hire the right one to keep the revenue flowing.
  10. I continue to believe we're going to see more of an armored/combined arms major Russian offensive in the next month or two. I don't know how successful it's going to be. Hopefully not very. But I feel confident what we're seeing now from the Russian side is more of a prelude than anything else.
  11. "In further news, the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine recently stated, 'I brought the remains from a couple of Iranian drone manufacturing facilities to say, we're on it.'"
  12. The Baltic States and Poland know what's up. Thank goodness they're a part of the European system where they can constantly put pressure on the more recalcitrant states. Including the US at times. There's the old joke about the difference between being involved and being committed as it pertains to breakfast. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Well, the Baltic States and Poland are way more committed in this fight geographically and historically than their European neighbors, and they're acting accordingly. It warms my heart.
  13. Honestly, some part of me would love it if the US went tit for tat on this. Throw a hot air balloon over China and see how they react to it. They’d lose their ever fucking minds. The US government for the most part just seems to be a collective “whatevs.”
  14. The contract extension tour begins. What we need is for a top coach to be an alumnus, and therefore not interested in an extension until he finds out what’s going on with the Texas job. Know where we could find one of those? (no, I’m not bitter) if it’s not Terry and we get anyone even remotely as qualified as Beard, it’s pretty much a certainty it’s going to be a lot more expensive than Beard was. I’m stunned at how massive a lot of these buyouts are. I didn’t realize that had become something of an industry standard. I remember the days when Dodds publicly stated he didn’t even bother with buyouts.
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