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  1. Stay out of uptown, at least anything south of west village and mdmost’s take on north of NW Hwy. besides that for safety is really hard to stumble upon a bad area in that part of dallas
  2. Can somebody please tell her to just stfu for a week or so til the dust settles.
  3. Gerry write up… Note: One offensive player will not be mentioned on this at this time. guessing that’s Devonaire clarington
  4. The lawsuit when a shooter uses freshly purchased ammo on site
  5. And they can now just tear the old dog down to go multi story on the clean lot. Wins all around! I have to wonder just how bad the smoke damage is going to be on the nonfire bldgs.
  6. Some gnarly vid/pics of it on the twitters, raging fire in the original chapel. Bet that thing went up like a match
  7. Why stop there on the hulkster https://amp.theguardian.com/media/2015/jul/26/hulk-hogan-wrestling-racism-gawker
  8. My favorite thing this week was jd Vance last night talking about how they’ll snub Wall Street in favor of Main Street… the same fucking day there’s major smoke of Jamie effin Dimon angling for sec of treasury.
  9. He coulda gotten up there and flung poo directly from his pants like a Gallagher fruit sketch and the Macklemores would still get a full hard on from it
  10. No it’s not, there’s video of him speaking about it and how it ‘made him think differently about god’
  11. Rip T&P Tavern, had no idea that was going down. and 500 throckmorton tower is getting a Latin restaurant to occupy the top 3 levels. Quite bold
  12. Will covid bail out the D’s yet again? (Trump woulda walked to the W if not for the absolute shit covid response.. plus that whole being a shit heel during an insanely inflammatory period)
  13. That rent control proposal wouldn’t even have the dem votes to pass it I bet. Real estate/big bank lobby would crush that quickly.
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