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  1. I don’t think Texas metros will see a fall in prices, but am seeing a plateau/stall lately. Still pretty high on prices.
  2. Saw fullbright last night in Dallas, I’ll be damned if another okie wasn’t there too… Troy aikman.
  3. You jinxed it… I think. But I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what’s good/bad these days
  4. FML you mean I’ll have to pay taxes on my income?
  5. Ended up getting floor seats second section back for $125 each including fees
  6. Let’s talk 401k rollover to a roth. If I do that in q1 then get married (eventually filing jointly for the yr) in q3 do I owe taxes on the rollover based on my single filing tax rate or joint filing tax rate?
  7. Thx. Found a few local stations post BIRDHUNTERS so I’ll give that a shot. Gotta say I didn’t have TT pegged for playing the aac, didn’t know they had gotten to that level.
  8. Who’s got Dallas pre sale code for Turnpike/Avett in Feb? @Al_4_ISU
  9. bluto

    Getting old sucks

    I’d go look at walkinlabs.com (I sound like a marketer for them on this board) and check out their wellness pkgs/panels and go from there. If results look sketchy then you can take that to a specialist in that field or dive deeper on other testing yourself then take it all in to an internist(?) I guess. My insurance sucks so I just pay out of pocket then take it into my gp for review on annual checkup
  10. While not direct comparison in roles, gen x is such an upgrade over danny
  11. bluto

    97.1 The Freak

    In the words of rocko, yawn
  12. Just wait til he takes the smoothie bar out of the football complex then you’ll know he means biz! You guys are fucked.
  13. Third Bama lotto has cashed pretty well in Keilan.
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