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  1. Damn, Kronberg went off on Abbott on today on quorum report.
  2. One of my fav parts of our broke ass property tax system is that school funding pays the price if the local appraisal district is incompetent. https://easttexasnews.com/san-jacinto-county-news-breakout/6004-district-begins-process-to-address-funding-shortfall
  3. My pops used to handle legal work on George Russell’s real estate deals. I remember he had a car that wasn’t able to shift into reverse.
  4. Agreed. Took the wife to his show recently, her take away “good lord he’s way too young to be that dark, get him a therapist”… couldn’t but both laugh and agree.
  5. Cannon will reject this… all his twattering, no matter how accurate and well reasoned, completely goes up in smoke with that final line.
  6. Need help… I own shares of company A, they’re down 10%. Company B bought company A, all stock deal and let’s just call it 1:1 and share prices are even. can I sell off my company A shares and immediately buy company B today months before the deal closes to capture the loss or will wash/sale apply?
  7. Wondering if JI will continue to do cover me up at his shows.
  8. Good lord that prop 1 is so idiocracy sounding.
  9. As somebody who loathes staying in a hotel, happy to hear that Airbnb schedules are freeing up.
  10. Lordy I feel for Craig on the radio call, Nathan (thornhill?) is not ready for the role/has nothing on color.
  11. His producer guy, I very vaguely know him. More like know of him, but ya, he’s maybe more insufferable. Tried everything in his power to be an influencer doing ‘funny’ stuff that wasn’t really funny, hence why he had to then lean into shitbaggery.
  12. Biggest game changer for wings at home is a very very light sprinkle of baking powder before air frying. #science
  13. Inherited this guy today, needs a new strap and servicing. original receipt $1600 in 1980
  14. Team pch on papis, might give it one more try but it was middling on first try. I mean it is a Kentucky based taco chain.
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