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  1. Depends mainly on if the improvement the defense showed wasn't a mirage. If they play great next year then suddenly Sark's position looks really different. But I am skeptical that will continue. Coaches in the Big 12 are pretty good at ripping your defense apart once they have enough film and a lot can change over an offseason. But we'll see. Um he ran the fuck out of both of those guys the last two years. But there is more to running the ball than just having running backs. You need blockers who can clear the way. Currently we aren't physically dominant up front to just be one dimensional against everybody. TCU had us locked down. Now some have argued we just should have rammed into the purple brickwall over and over and maybe it would have crumbled. Maybe. I just don't think running the ball over and over again without any variation is a viable strategy to a championship in today's game. You have to pass, or at least have the other team worried about you passing. I have no reason to think that Brooks and Blue will be a serious drop off after Roschon and Bijan next season and the line will hopefully be better. And surely the passing game has got to get better. My problem with writing off Sark this early is that his first two teams were very flawed personnel wise with exploitable weaknesses. Now granted I don't think we were 5-7 bad last year...but there are signs that maybe things might work out if he keeps recruiting strong. Or it might all fall apart and Sark sucks and on to the next chump. That is the expected outcome based on past results for this program. But hey we'll see. At least our basketball team is good.
  2. Yeah well let's see if Houston is still there after they play Virginia...and if we are still in the top 5 after we play Creighton and Illinois.
  3. The only compelling matchup is the USC-Utah revenge game. Am I wrong to think this?
  4. I thought we wanted to hire Sonny at one point and he told us to fuck off? Maybe that was just to be OC or something. Anyway good for Sonny and TCU. But TCU and Baylor doing really well isn't some new thing. They are the two programs in Texas that actually win stuff while Tech, Texas, and A&M trip over themselves on an annual basis.
  5. I like how you gave Sark until the second game of year 1. That's peak Surly.
  6. Well they reflect the biases of the people being polled in College Football. In opinion polls done for other things, they can of course be manipulated in a bunch of ways.
  7. Yeah the polls are just for fun now that we have a playoff. Hopefully we get autobids for conference champs soon and further reduce their impacts. Really the polls measure prestige more than anything else.
  8. Hey we finished ahead of all three of the teams picked ahead of us and finished 3rd instead of 4th. Glad to not underachieve in 2022.
  9. I am not. I am rooting against Ohio State and Bama. I want them out.
  10. Williams will win the Heisman. As far as the best player I don't know. Probably some D Lineman I haven't seen play.
  11. I hope for no upsets this next week. No Bama or Ohio State this year.
  12. If USC, TCU, Georgia, and Michigan all win their title games that better be the playoff field. People advocating for OSU to go anyway can go fuck themselves.
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