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  1. 11am kick seems like a great thing for a visiting team.
  2. These days everybody would talk about it for a day or so and then move on to the next thing. We would be reminded every once in a while when a new twist happened in the legal case. Also this thing happened after OJ had been retired for years.
  3. It is kind of wild that there was a time when the news in the United States was so boring we thought OJ murdering his wife was something worth obsessing about for months. Anyway he is dead now.
  4. Well they are making me psychotic.
  5. By who? Indiana cultists maybe. He mellowed in his old age but he was an entitled POS back in the day.
  6. Is there another woman coach this applies to besides Mulkey? Who are the other monsters? And tons of men coaches are despised as angry monsters.
  7. Our only series with the Mormons as conference opponents coming up. I like how we will have shared a conference with Cincinnati for a whole academic year and we will play exactly one game against them in the three major men's sports. A fierce conference rivalry.
  8. 7-1 Texas. This is what a Tuesday night game should be.
  9. Grover Cleveland is the only President to serve non-consecutive terms so it was just a silly nerdy reference. I do hope he also hit non-consecutive home runs at some point as well.
  10. Nice. Non-consecutive same inning home runs! Grover Cleveland would be proud.
  11. See ya K-State. Nice road series win.
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