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  1. If he goes 11-22 though, I would want to keep him around for four more seasons.
  2. 2009-2010...yes. That was when I got my "November National Champions" shirt.
  3. Not if we keep winning. Looks like we are 23 in the RPI now. We are on our way if we keep playing well.
  4. Are you going to get a Chris Beard 2023 National Championship T Shirt?
  5. Well that was a very lucky break because that Manhattan series might have turned this season around. We needed some positive momentum and some good things to happen. College baseball is so psychological. Who would have thought after that Fullerton series that we were going on a 14 game winning streak? I still think we are one more really good pitcher away from really being a contender for the conference title. One like Tanner Witt, if somebody like that might be available soon.
  6. You were awesome Dylan, good luck in your future endeavors.
  7. Tuesday games are really important. The goal is not just to win the conference, but to host a regional. Every win helps. Beating A&M in their place would be great.
  8. I am not worried. First they have to get past ummm...who do we have left to pitch again?
  9. The reffing was bad but we still had a 13 point lead. We just hit our shots we win. I also didn't realize I could jump over a guy's back from behind and have the foul be on him. I will try this new legal move next time I play.
  10. Beard is going to rival A&M in hypothetical championships.
  11. Brutal loss. Gut punch...but really these kinds of losses are what the NCAA tournament are all about. And the future doesn't exactly look bright, at least the near future unless Terry can get a bunch of transfers.
  12. This fucking sucks because all these dudes were seniors. This was their only shot. At least they hung that Big 12 Tournament banner. But it's their own fault. They just stopped hitting their shots.
  13. One more out, then we walk it off.
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