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  1. I mean to be fair the Oakland As have been actively trying to convince people not to attend their games. They make the Chargers look like masters of PR.
  2. It's like having Vince Young Jr on the golf team.
  3. You know Florida, if you want to win the NC that would be fine.
  4. They used to before the Super Regionals were invented.
  5. Ok but you were comparing it to Jimbo's fake national championship and implying they were equal.
  6. Making the CWS 3 times is an actual accomplishment though...
  7. Shake it off UConn!
  8. Yeah ok. Let's perpetually put the Final Four in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nobody will complain. Having it right in Duke's and UNC's backyard would be entirely non-controversial. It is just obviously unfair. Even if 15,000 of us annually drove to Oklahoma City to camp out for tickets.
  9. WTF? Ok first of all, we are all on the same team and secondly the Men had a great year.
  10. Yeah well, he got us there. That is worth something.
  11. It has never been an issue because Nebraska baseball is terrible.
  12. I don't know. When I played in the 8U title game having my Mom there made a huge difference.
  13. It is insufferable watching it on TV. Playing in that environment has got to be a huge challenge.
  14. Feels a lot closer than last time at least. Like we could have won this series if we had played a bit better. So hopefully third time will be the charm.
  15. Well you can fuck up against A&M and win, just not good teams.
  16. At least that one was on the Head Coach signaling to the wrong player. I don't think I have ever seen a player just leisurely stroll their way into an out with the fielder with the ball just a few feet away. At least not at this level.
  17. Very slowly. If you are going to get greedy, fucking run don't lolly gag around the infield.
  18. Goddamn it what kind of little league shit is this?
  19. Jesus Christ. The only reason to win the conference tournament is to win it. Because winning championships is good. It doesn't give you any super powers if you win it, nor does sucking in it give you any sort of advantage. How you do in the conference tournament has no relevance at all on the Regionals unless it hurts or helps your seeding somehow. Or you need it to get in the tournament in the first place like 2015 Texas.
  20. Yeah if Nebraska was in Omaha all the time it would be a problem. Fortunately, they suck. The few times they did go to Omaha though it was kind of BS how the crowd was basically a red sea. But anyway it was just especially obnoxious last night when we were sucking. Hopefully we silent that crowd tonight.
  21. Still think it's bullshit OU gets to be at home every year in the WCWS.
  22. I am hoping we can add a Division I baseball team again at some point.
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