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  • Happy Festivus 2020, Surly!

    Guest Lobo

    This shittastic year is almost over, but first...we celebrate Festivus.  Particularly important to mark the holiday this year since we lost too many wonderful people in 2020, including Jerry Stiller (RIP, Frank Costanza).  Jerry Stiller would be pleased to know, we can now proudly say "Happy Festivus" without fear of being canceled.  The War on Festivus is Over! 

    We've aired all our grievances between the DT, Football, and CR forums.  The feats of strength have already been won by the health care workers on this site.  The Pole has already been given to South Austin's Mom quite a few times (FYI-she also finds tinsel distracting).  All that's left is to enjoy a Festivus dinner with loved ones, and a flask.  And of course---to look for Festivus Miracles in your life or on our coaching staff.  As Hans Gruber once told one of his 12 disciple-terrorists..."It's Festivus Theo, it's the time of miracles.  So be of good cheer."  

    May your 2021 have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. 

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    16 minutes ago, nnm said:

    I’ll take on all of you losers, cage-match style. Meet me at the tower at noon. 

    I'm not falling for that again, Charles. 

    (too soon?) 


    And now...as Festivus rolls on......I will follow what apparently will be a tradition from 2020 onward.  Putting on a mask and driving to the grocery store queue.  

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    15 minutes ago, NeverMarryAStripper said:

    Why do you drive to England to get your groceries?

    Somebody posted a mockumentary video on here from Australia about a support group for Qanon people.  And a woman talks about the queue ('cause she's Aussie) outside a coffee shop.  She realizes the line is actually a "Q", so it must be a front for a pedophile ring.  So she burns it to the ground.  It's actually really funny, I'm not doing it justice because I can't write in Australian.  Ever since I watched it, I've been using the word "queue" whenever possible because it makes me think of her and laugh.  And I need laughs this year. 

    Somebody will post it here and it'll be a Festivus Miracle.  I've gotten to know your sense of humor a little bit, you'd like it.  

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    (do you have little ones that almost took out an eye, so your wife made you turn the handles on the drawers?  Seriously your Longhorn/book shelf looks almost exactly like mine)

    Merry Festivus, Lat22.  We don't have to say 'Happy' anymore, the War is Over.  

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    We had some hardware like that awhile back and I have to turn them when my daughters get to eye level with them.  I'll just pretend we both had to do it for the same reason and chalk it up as a Festivus Miracle! 

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