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  1. This has been where I'm at. I'm seeing a guy that understands how to manipulate a defense. His vision seems like this. You aren't handling our run game with your base front. You are going to have to dedicate more bodies to it. When you do there won't be anyone on the backend to save you vs our passing game. That's the way he is recruiting. Big physical linemen. Great running back room. A quarterback who can layer balls with good touch. They are just young but you can see how we can turn the corner. Long game the offense translates to NFL play so top QB recruits, backs, and linemen will want to play in it. Defensively we are going to be physical up front and be able to handle your run game in our base D. Now you are going to have to throw into the teeth of our defense amd while you will have some success eventually we will turn you over. No coach calls a whole season of perfect games. Everyone has some stinkers, but it's really about the players. If you have some Fords on each side of the ball you will still make enough plays to win even when you aren't at your best. So far our recruiting has us pointed in that direction.
  2. Thatguy

    Hudson Card

    Every player has a system that's for them. If Card ends up somewhere where they spread it out 4 and 5 wide he could end up being a really really good QB. Steve's system is about reading, timing and touch. Fitting balls over and under isn't Card's strong suit but you spread him out and give him options and he is really effective. Can't wait to see what he does.
  3. Let me know when he posts a picture doing this.....
  4. Don't ban that guy. This website was built on assholes.
  5. Watch your video and then just watch a few minutes of this video. This dude isn't the athlete X is but his want to is 1000 times better. Fighting for the ball. Adjusting. High pointing. Winning 50/50.
  6. Nick was grey shirting. Urban runs a much dirtier program.
  7. Count me in with @jimmyjazz. I don't want him here. I struggled with the way Nick Saban conducted business with grey-shirting, but this guy is a little much for me. This is "Bayloresque" in my eyes. I wanna win the right way.
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