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  1. Slowest episode of the series. I barely stayed awake.
  2. Elaine! What are you doing here?
  3. The fear porn that all of these news bunnies are selling. There is cause for concern but holy shit, this is not a CAT5 blowing through here.
  4. Chita and Kim looking good. Coffee is good. Hunkered down in Pecan Grove. Not much yet.
  5. Hindsight, yada yada yada, but maybe Altuve should have dropped a bunt there.
  6. Of course a major league catcher should be able to scoop and control that, but why short hop the throw to him? Shitty throw.
  7. But you have drunk rednecks.
  8. Easton. Good college baseball name.
  9. YouTube commercials are now up to 56 seconds.
  10. I’m ready to run through a wall for him.
  11. If only we had our own network.
  12. Presser won’t come up on my iPad.
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