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  1. Yeah, but this is fine. It's comparing TFG to totalitarian dictators that crosses the line. Or so I learned yesterday in here from another floating username that has been run off multiple times.
  2. Google kicked this up. https://www.safecastle.com/products/freeze-dried-uncooked-sirloin-steaks-beef Which led me to read the following just a little bit down the page: So I'd say it's legit.
  3. Here in Oklahoma, we get bomb threats, forced resignations of education professionals, and now a dead kid all thanks to a terrorist Twitter account. Great fucking times to be a parent.
  4. I'm intrigued by PrepperBeef.com, but I'm not intrigued enough to look it up myself.
  5. The real issue is that you are a low information, low IQ dipshit who enjoys driveby hot takes because it makes you feel better about being a low information, low IQ dipshit.
  6. Run out of geography lessons for the homeschool crowd?
  7. Can we get an update on the fucking rapture before the yeehawdists try their hand at fucking up more of this “freedom” they’re always on about?
  8. Just hand it off to Harlan. He’ll make sure it gets in the right hands.
  9. It is number one on my number two list.
  10. I doubt anyone employed by FoxNews actually has a friend, much less a friend that could be bothered to wait in line at a food truck.
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