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  1. Didn’t Torture-kink Jesus vouch for this guy? Who can we trust, now?!
  2. There will, however, be several bible verses plastered all over her social media.
  3. This law / concept has been around for x number of years without being directly overruled or contradicted. That weighs in favor of not overturning said law unless major shifts in public opinion or unforeseen negative consequences have arisen that are attributable to said law. In the perfect world of legal theory, it helps build consistency (and thus legitimacy) regarding how laws are made, enforced, and interpreted. No “gotcha” judgments. It’s efficacy can be argued, for or against, by folks here who are much smarter than me, but it has been used as a shield against changing controversial laws. Conservatives clung to it pretty hard throughout the “rights revolution” of the last 80 years, but really had a hard on for it during the civil rights movement. Now that the major decisions which created the rights revolution have existed long enough to warrant such consideration under stare decisis, conservatives have easily dispensed with it. Because hypocrisy.
  4. Dobbs killed any notion that a conservative dominated Court gives a shit about stare decisis when it comes to liberty under the 14th Amendment due process clause. Thomas's concurrence was pretty plain in that. They'll pay lip service to equal protection under the 14th, but they'll come for that too when the opportunity presents itself. If we ever get out of this place, conservatives can take stare decisis and shove it up their ass.
  5. I hope you will note my personal prestidigitation and/or protest, sir.
  6. Is that real? Because if so, holy fuck. I legit lol'd at protestation and/or protest.
  7. This. That fairy tale of Dabo jumping from Clemson to Bama doesn't have quite the same shine in 2023 as it did in 2017.
  8. The more rational sooner fans up here are pretty worried that NIL + SEC + Crypt Keeper will send them on a Nebraska-esque slide.
  9. I know when patently weird people approach me with the line “We’re not weird”, I immediately take them at their word. These folks took PR lessons from the FLDS.
  10. Yeah. It's been 0 days since Oklahoma was a shitshow. The larger districts, as mentioned above, have told Ginger Shitheel to more or less fuck off. But I imagine what's left of the rural schools will slowly start letting that shit leech in, if they don't make a big spectacle of adopting it outright. I don't put it past them to try and force the issue down the road. Like everything else, they're not satisfied with just breaking everything in the public sector.
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