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  1. Dammit. I like Sarah.
  2. Thanks. I’ll leave him alone to digest whatever is in his belly. Probably frog.
  3. Is this a harmless diamondback water snek? Y’all have about 5 minutes to confirm before I dispatch him.
  4. Shit. I don’t need an X-ray. His reaction tells it all.
  5. “He never knew what her calls might bring……….”
  6. How about we win our first game before worrying about a second? ACU anybody?
  7. Is that the lot where all the trucks get stolen? 😆
  8. The last time I hit the bar at that Holiday Inn, Jose Lima had just thrown a gem in the Astrodome.
  9. I didn’t go to school until the Grand Prize Game was over.
  10. If you need anything, give me a call.
  11. Holy shit did that one feel good.
  12. It absolutely should happen. Morehouse should know that it needs to be done.
  13. This is a piss poor team. Get ready for a long season.
  14. These Fullerton idiots are going to be shocked when Pierce comes back out.
  16. Charged with reckless driving, racing (and I’m sure he was sober) and killed two people. Those are misdemeanors?
  17. He should be benched for body language alone.
  18. Easiest call I’ve ever made.
  19. I know that NASCAR has been tinkering with ways to prevent these types of endings, but jeez. That was awful.
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