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  1. Taylor Searles is prolly all, “On one hand, decorating all those rooms equals job security. On the other hand, god I fucking hated decorating all those rooms…”
  2. You know what delivers, daily and on-time? This site and weird-ass tangents.
  3. Can’t seem to take a good shit? Bowels won’t empty completely due to all that DKR pressed duck? Then take ENTIREYL and get the relief you need!
  4. Want to get a job elsewhere? Just accept a defensive back analyst position at Texas. William, we hardly knew ya.
  5. Not everyone stays a fuckhead their entire life? Seems he was born in Texas (as mentioned above) and never lost his love for the state. I remember he was buddies with Mack. This article from several years ago has more background, though it never mentions Oklahoma State. https://texassports.com/news/2009/7/11/071109aaa_243.aspx
  6. See, now you’re making me revisit one of the great recruiting mysteries of all time, how anyone could think a QB for a Class A team could be anywhere near a 5 star… and lead said team to a 1-9 record. Complete incongruity. Yet there we were.
  7. On Coffee and Football, Burton promised he and Hamilton were going to post double digit stories today regarding recruiting, recapping the early period, transfers, etc. immamac posted links to OTF on all the forum pages.
  8. Come to think of it, seeing her crack might have made all the incessant blabber worth it…
  9. It’s easy to understand how Milwee (allegedly) looked at the team that first spring and said something to the effect, “None of these fucks would be on our second team at Bama.” Even if this is made up horse shit, I still can see it being true.
  10. Sorry for off topic, but I somehow found myself spending most of my orientation trip with some chick from Liberty, she kept talking about how she was part of the “World Famous Liberty Belles.” I guess a HS version of the Rangerettes or some shit. I told her I had never heard of them. And to this day, I still haven’t heard of them since that weekend.
  11. I’m pretty sure John Michael Jones was the ginger/blond on the sideline who got bitched out by Sark in one of his first games at Texas. Cameras caught it, don’t remember what may have set off Sark.
  12. Interesting. So we’ve been playing chess, not checkers, and our queen with all the moves was a big Glasscock.
  13. I remember back in the early days of the internet, innocently clicking away and seeing horrific images of a guy getting his armed pulled off in a tug of war match, shotgun victims, things that were prolapsed that shouldn’t be prolapsed, girls in tubs (not the good kind), Pickle Incidents, etc. None of it was as bad as the last couple days on this fucking thread.
  14. I suspect the words “culture” and “fit” and “we don’t need 100% money driven divas” may be included in future responses, and all appropriate words.
  15. Awesome, thank you! I just realized my user experience may be different than many, since I use an iPad almost always in landscape mode, so the news feed works perfectly for me. I guess if you’re on a phone or a tablet and orient it in portrait, the content goes to the bottom of the page. Not sure if there’s a workaround, but it’s great to now have those subject headers display on the 9.95 page. Again, thanks!
  16. @immamac, Gerry Hamilton is on a madman tear at your OTF site, the volume is too much to handle/share here appropriately. Can you please consider duplicating what you are doing on the broader “Forums”: page and permanently embed the “Latest News” from OTF onto the “9.95” page, directly under the Burnt Ends sticker? I think that may help us keep up with what’s happening at OTF on this preferred forum. I for one almost never go to the Forums page. I live much of my life on this page. It may also help cross pollinate the sites. Thank you for considering it.
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