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  1. Trying to watch the Celebrity edition with Reggie Watts is one of the most frustrating and annoying things I’ve tried in years. Iliza Shlesinger is almost as bad. Holy fuck this is awful.
  2. Oh god, is it Galindo or the dude from San Angelo droning on? Maybe I’m glad LHN isn’t available
  3. My ESPN app on Roku won’t let me log in (Dr Pepper Fansville nailed it), so I don’t know if LHN is vamping until he shows up, or if the newser is delayed or the Texas Football link isn’t working. Thank you, Topper
  4. I’ve got nothing, but the commercials sure as hell work
  5. And no grape stomping. Fixed my mistake from above.
  6. The judging is so subjective on the tasks. On a couple occasions, the yodeling dude looked over to the TAR powers that be with a look like, “Do I go ahead and pass these fucks?” Then he’d get the ok, and present the yellow envelope. And the old asshole at the dancing comp judged tiny man/Big Woman way harsher than the later teams. The chunky blond who always screams who looks like she’s dating her brother was a total disaster, but was sent thru. And I’ll never gat BB Derek’s attraction to Claire, especially not that she’s been proven to be a dumb ass.
  7. Justine voted out, my interest level has dropped immensely. Foreshadowing out the ass that Gabler drops out at some point.
  8. Grabbing the jersey s a horse collar?
  9. I just saw the highlight, ball slapped out of his hand, careless on the last turnover Raven player bitching at his teammate for making the tackle, lol
  10. Looking at a Gamecast and see Lawrence fumbled again. Is he careless or getting the shit knocked out of him? I guess it could be both
  11. At the game also, I’m sure it’s a WVa player. Do we know who it is/what position? Thank you
  12. Yes, but they were getting their asses kicked with him in the game
  13. Not to be insensitive, but do they have a cart in FW? Finally
  14. I thought that break was long, ABC/ESPN fucking with us, the game was being played. Now on ESPN News
  15. Tell me the two losses they already have
  16. Because it’s not possible either team will have three losses in a row
  17. What the fuck are you talking about?
  18. Has it been said the Big 12 sucks? It has? Can I say it again? Thank you
  19. Yeah, TCU gals ain’t what they used to be
  20. Just underthrow everything and let Valai’s guys do the rest
  21. Way short. Shadow tells you as well
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