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  1. That’s what she said. Regarding Dykstra, he’s now a semi-regular on the Stern Show, and is practically a wackpacker. He is missing many teeth, and he claims he uses their absence to give great oral pleasure to his female victims I mean partners. He’s a complete washout, hard to believe he once had a very lucrative financial scheme going.
  2. Choate is coaching a guy who has to be in the DPOTY conversation, if not the favorite. And Banks is the lead Special Teams coach, but isn’t Gideon highly involved there, too? I know he had ST responsibilities at Mississippi.
  3. As noted in the text of the article you quoted, they have until 11/18 to complete the counting, so if it’s neck and neck (and it appears to be so), we may not get a Nevada Senate result for 9 more days.
  4. Back in the early 2000s, I randomly spent a couple hours with Ari Fleischer at the Waco Damon’s. I lived in the area and was there to watch Ricky and the Dolphins play on the big screen TVs and Fleischer was always in Waco due to W. He’s a Miami fan, so we had a similar rooting interest. He didn’t seem like such a fucknut back then. I hope Ghost knows what he’s talking about regarding the NV Senate race, the numbers I’m seeing aren’t looking great. Thank god for Pennsylvania.
  5. Yeah, five completions from your QB in FIVE periods of football is not a winning formula. 43 completions for Mahomes.
  6. I’m not blaming Sam for what he went thru today. But I’m assuming Jim Irsay is pretty fucking pissed his football people put a non-competitive team on the field today. Irsay has wanted Sam to play, but he probably expects there to be a semi-competent line in front of him, and actual NFL backs to hand off to.
  7. Nine sacks and a pick 6 for Sam. Reich close to done.
  8. Gamecast says Ehlinger takes a 15 yard sack… Lilly taking down Griese?
  9. -2 yards offense for Indianapolis in the first quarter. And Aaron Rodgers with his second INT in the end zone
  10. Yeah, three sacks already. And the Colts are treating Jones similarly.
  11. I get no perspective from ESPN Gamecast, but it looks like a slow start for Sam vs. NE. Should be a low scoring game.
  12. Fuck these assholes with the Jeff George comparisons, anyone with any football knowledge knows it’s an insult
  13. Yeah, how the fuck is Klatt ignoring pass interference
  14. Yeah, Florida ain’t any good, either.
  15. King did the QB hop when he threw! Good coaching!
  16. Quint Kessenich always looks like he’s struggling to take a difficult shit.
  17. Really bizarre start time for Air Force-Army (10:30). We had a weird 10am start (or was it 9?) at Baylor about 30 years ago the day after Thanksgiving due to aggy cheating, but I can’t recall another 10:30 in the morning kick. (It was 10:00 in 1994. 63-35, good guys.)
  18. Holy fuck, the unimportant diversions this board can generate…
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