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  1. I have a couple of wallets full of them in a closet. I tend to run older, cheap vehicles for my personal vehicle, and it seems likely that for at least the next decade I'll be in proximity to a CD player.
  2. Between some weekend rains and weddings in early June, I haven't gotten near enough riding in this summer. In the next 7 days, I should get 3-4 rides in, including this Thursday at Sidie Hollow over in Viroqua, WI. Lots of really nice machine cut trails over there designed by some trail building firm out of Madison. Only rode there once, but I loved it.
  3. This is an amazing uniform, IMO.
  4. And you’ve lost 3 straight to said NAIA school.
  5. I'd give my right nut if we wore these throw backs ever. Or these
  6. Those are absolutely fantastic.
  7. I follow thujone on Twitter, and I just don't think his focus is on sports or comedy much these days.
  8. I thought he said that about Garth. Allegedly.
  9. I very much enjoy good barbecue sauce. I just don't usually put it on smoked meat.
  10. They have ridiculously good pasta salads and various Italian meat sauces packaged to go. I can't go to St Paul without my wife emptying the bank account there.
  11. Yup. His whole schtick was always "be an asshole to my parents and get away with it". I never got it.
  12. I'm assuming you had a few Grain Belts in the mix.
  13. BBQ sauce is like steak sauce. It's a fine condiment for a simple burger, chicken, or fast food. If you're making the actual food right, you shouldn't need it.
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