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  1. It's one of those riffs that I've always thought was completely lifted from somewhere else, that I can't really place, and I don't really care because it's catchy AF.
  2. I’ve come to the conclusion they had to be ISU fans. We had the day off, and we’re the only fanbase that truly hates both Iowa and Nebraska
  3. That sounds really good. We were spreading it on crackers at room temp yesterday and that slammed
  4. I don’t think I could take that whole fucker down in that scenario. 5-6 slices max. I’d have to fast for a day, work out hard, and then get really, really baked to take down a whole one.
  5. I don’t know where else to put this, but anyone else in here ever have nduja? It’s this Italian pate made with salami and fermented chili peppers. Wife found some at a boujie deli in our neighboring town. She was putting together a fancy meat and cheese tray (I don’t use the C word) and the butcher recommended we include this stuff. Holy shit, I’m hooked. If you can find this stuff, buy it.
  6. The sentiment for the Pac 12 from people who were gleefully rooting for the Big 12’s demise is delicious. I don’t understand what a bunch of non-blue blood schools scattered across the eastern edge of the Great Plains did to the national sports media, but man, those fuckers wanted us to die.
  7. We’re Iowa’s best win, and it’s not even close. And that was week 2, when we we hadn’t figured anything out, they still had their full complement of players, and it was by a TD. Let that sink in.
  8. Spent some quality time with the ol’ girl yesterday. Conditions were perfect for the fatty
  9. Al_4_ISU

    RIP Shane Macgowan

    RIP to an absolute legend. Most unrepentant addicts go out on this incredibly sad or pathetic note, but for some reason I never viewed him in that light. He was always the charming drunk, somehow transcending what would have been just sad for anyone else.
  10. Would all depend on SEC championship. If Bama won, I think you'd see two SEC, Texas, and Pac 12. Assuming Louisville takes care of business.
  11. These stupid fuckers are going to back into a win on Saturday, I guarantee it. Michigan will just literally stand there and drop balls, watch Iowa players recover them and run into the end zone while doing absolutely nothing to stop them. I can feel this fresh hell in my bones. Although the Big 10 getting left out of the playoff would be fucking hilarious.
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