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  1. Exactly. The programs with history and inherent geographic advantages are always going to be ahead of a school like Utah, or any current Big 12 school if you put it into that environment. They would get buried and forgotten about quickly in those leagues, and the advantages that come with it aren't really going to end up tangibly effecting the fans. I think your last sentence is spot on.
  2. I actually like to smoke whole bellies and shred them into pulled pork.
  3. We immediately went straight from a year + of near record drought to "jesus fucking christ could it not rain for a week so I can do something outside fuck"
  4. This Utah thing got me thinking about why fans of schools that are currently in the Big 12 want to be in the Big 10 or SEC. The reasons admins want to be in those leagues are obvious. But for the sake of this exercise, assume that the SEC and Big 10 aren't leaving the rest of college sports, and the Big 12 (or whatever exists outside of those leagues) will have a seat in the playoffs, I don't understand why fans of non-blue bloods would want a schedule that gives them a ceiling of 7 to 8 wins and almost no shot at ever making the playoff vs a schedule that gives them regular chances at double digit wins and making the playoffs. I understand why blue bloods want to play other blue bloods and why they need access to the most possible resources to stay competitive with their peers. And of course if the Big 12 was going to be shut out of the playoffs, you wouldn't want to be there. Utah is not a peer of Texas or Ohio State. Their desire to be mediocre but sit in a wealthier tree fort is very strange to me from a fan perspective. If ISU got to go to the SEC or Big 10, I'd honestly be pretty bummed. Yeah, we'd be cashing bigger checks, but the chances of us being any better than 6-6 at our absolute best would be minute, and we'd only have one or two historic opponents every year. Bragging about being in the club has an extremely limited shelf life to my fanhood. I fully understand and accept that we aren't the same as a blue blood, and being in their conference wouldn't change that.
  5. I’m pretty sure Michigan, Wisconsin, and NDSU are north of Pennsylvania
  6. Join the ACC and then end up right back in the Big 12 when FSU, Clemson, ND, and UNC leave.
  7. I’m definitely doing the onions and Hatches (come Hatch season). IMO you could kinda go wild with add ons you want to flavor with. I’ll like try this method with pork shoulders too.
  8. And it might not even be The Stones's best album. I could argue for both Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers (I could argue for Exile too). The sequencing of Let It Bleed is perfect. You start and end with songs that could equally be argued as the greatest rock songs of all time. It never drags. The exact mid point is the title, which is a brilliant country song. The whole album is a perfect intersection of rock, blues, and country. Every single song is fantastic. The only knock on this album is how they didn't credit Robert Johnson properly on Love In Vain.
  9. Good god, man. If you're going to post porn fucking spoiler that shit.
  10. That's what I did with the drippings from the Italian style one. I just shredded it up, poured the juice back on top of it, and then would reheat it altogether.
  11. Reese is annoying to me, but I'm not offended or outraged by her behavior in any way. She's playing a role, and she knows it. Without people or organizations playing the heel, sports wouldn't be nearly as much fun. I root against the heels, but I appreciate them because without them the game (any game) loses it's entertainment value.
  12. I realized I didn't have any pics because I put them all on snapchat, but I recently tried smoking a couple of chuck roasts I had leftover from a 1/4 cow I split with my brother, on my Pit Boss. Basically, I treated them like brisket until the wrap. Then I set them in a roasting pan with some beef broth and wrapped the entire pan. In one pan, we tossed in a jar of pepperoncinis and their juice along with dry Italian dressing herbs. I accidentally punctured the traditional pan when I was adjusting the probe, so I ended up leaving it wrapped in foil. Both roasts turned out really well, and shredded up excellently. It had a lot of brisket's flavor profile, but wasn't identical. It was about a 7 hour smoke, and I really thought given how much cheaper chuck roasts are and how high quality of a product it ended up being, that it was a great brisket substitute when you don't feel like investing the time and money but still want a product that's 90% as good.
  13. It will, and that will be the final blow to spring pro football
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