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  1. I understand there are people wearing ISU jerseys and they’re standing on a wooden court. They aren’t playing basketball though.
  2. There’s no ISU basketball game going on tonight…
  3. If he really wants to make it up for it, he'll cook a crown roast on Xmas and support America's hog farmers.
  4. I didn't recognize the name, but a lot of artists I love were really bummed about it. Apparently he was in the Nervous Wrecks at one point? Shitty deal.
  5. Terrible news about Jess Barr. I never saw them live, but I've absolutely worn out Slobberbone's discography over the years.
  6. I would not have guessed that A) TCU is half the size of Baylor, and B) KSU is smaller than Baylor at all. Coincidentally enough, the difference in size between Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Jack Trice is almost identical to the difference in enrollment between ISU and KSU. That number for UCF is absolutely staggering. Yeah, I'm guessing a lot of those kids grew up UF and FSU fans, but a playoff appearance or two, and look out.
  7. I think that's the case as well. I don't think he wants to deal with BMDs calling shots, and I don't think he wants to deal with the general circus that comes with those gigs. At ISU he can (within reason) do what he wants when he wants to. The other thing is apparently his wife loves small town Midwest living for their kids. Pussy is always undefeated.
  8. TCU doesn't have a very good fanbase. It's the biggest thing holding them back. If they start to be a Top 3 team perennially in the new Big 12, you'd think they might be able to pull some of the casual DFW fans in, but as for now they have a long ways to go. When we went to Amon Carter in 2012, my buddy remarked "Big 12 stadium, Mountain West fanbase".
  9. That's a fair point. I still think Matt Campbell would struggle coaching a blue blood program, for many other reasons I've laid out in the past. Ryan Day is in the fucking playoffs for the third straight year and people are calling for his head because he lost 1 game. I don't think Campbell is wired to succeed in that landscape, and at this point, it's unlikely he'll get the opportunity again even if he wants it.
  10. 20 years ago. The world has changed, and I would wager a strong sum of money that if Campbell ever goes to a blue blood that he flops. Ohio State wouldn't even consider an FCS coach today.
  11. Houston is the new school I'm least interested in, and I think the other 3 were kind of no brainers given your options. The thing about Houston is who was a better #4 that was realistically available? Boise? Memphis? SMU? Colorado State? USF? I don't want Houston, but I'd take them over all of those schools.
  12. Financially, never. But after the other schools left in 2010-11, there was a consistent media narrative that the Big 12 was the least stable, least desirable, and generally worst P5 league. At this point it's really hard to make a straight faced argument that the Big 12 is behind the Pac 12 and ACC, even with the departures.
  13. And if the Big 12 sits and does nothing, they're screwed. We couldn't add teams before because that would dilute payment and push UT and OU out the door, which didn't matter in the end anyways. We couldn't NOT add those schools at that time because we had no other choice. We didn't know USC and UCLA would leave for the Big 10, and it's pretty clear that some of those Pac 12 schools would rather go down with the ship than join up with us even as things are. What would have been best was for the Big 12 to have added BYU and Cincy or UCF back in 2016. But that's 100% through the lens hindsight. As much as people here say the Remaining 8 were always trying to fuck UT over, the administrations very much wanted Texas and Oklahoma to be happy in the 10 team Big 12, and their previous decisions were often made to what they believed was that end. The Big 12's position has changed from being dead last to being 3rd in conference pecking order, and that's given the new leadership the ability to be more proactive.
  14. I selfishly want AZ because my folks have a winter home in Tucson and I could schedule visits around road basketball games.
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