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  1. I feel a lot of this. My wife easily gets car sick, which leads to me just giving her the keys when we're in any kind of area with curvy roads (usually rugged/mountainous areas or big cities). On one hand it's nice because I can just watch the scenery. On the other hand, it's nerve wracking because she's a pretty shitty driver. One of the most aggravating things about my wife as a driver is that she'll nag me about things she does herself. The big one is getting a little road ragey when people sit at lights, go slow in the left lane, etc. She tells me to calm down, quit acting like a maniac, etc and then she absolutely loses her shit when she does the exact same thing.
  2. That feature would have been alright in this moment.
  3. I’m not sure if you’re dumb or just trying to talk shit.
  4. I had to highlight it, but I could see it. Sounds pretty close to what I thought. Great for Jimbo!
  5. I'm not seeing anything there other than a blue bar and a light bar. Kinda sounds like he went to rehab, got clean, and decided going back to touring would jeopardize that. Props to Jimbo if so, and I wish him well.
  6. Speaking of backup cameras and this thread, my wife once backed straight into a light pole over the blares of the backup camera alert telling her there was an object incoming, and broke said backup camera in the process. All because she was yelling at me for some reason that I can't recall at this point.
  7. Imagine the hell of having Iowa nd K State as your rivals.
  8. You guys are overthinking this. 1) The Big 10 West is the worst division in the history of college football having divisions. Even the old Big 12 North, at it's worst, was doing things like regularly beating Big 10 teams in non conference play. The teams Iowa plays are so fucking bad that all you have to do is not fuck up, because they're going to fuck up a bunch and literally hand you the ball in positions where your defense or special teams can score. On top of this, Iowa frequently misses the good teams from the East. When they do play them (Penn State this year for example) they get fist fucked. Michigan will fist fuck them on Saturday. 2) Iowa's defense is legitimately quite good. Not only are they almost always in the right spot, when they are gifted turnovers, they rarely drop them or fail to complete the play. They have a system, and they execute it perfectly. 3) Anyone who has watched Iowa football on a regular basis the past 15 years can attest that they have a really amazing amount of luck. If you watched on Black Friday, you'd see there were at least 3 occasions where Iowa ball carrier fumbled, and the ball bounced right to Iowa. Nebraska, on multiple occasions, committed turnovers that were not forced by the Iowa defense (but capitalized on nonetheless). There's the infamous gif of the 2 ISU punt returners running into each other to create a fumble late in a CyHawk game. Iowa did nothing to cause that, but it happened. And this shit happens to Iowa on a really frequent basis. I'm a believer in making your own luck to some extent, but I can't look at the film and tell you what Iowa is doing to make QBs throw balls directly to Iowa defensive players when no WR is anywhere close, how Iowa manages to fumble in ways that bounce the ball directly to their own players thus preventing turnovers, or make opposing players just literally run into each other and or drop balls, but it happens week in and week out and has for a long time. TLDR Iowa plays a god awful schedule, has a very good defense, (and to the first point) is a regular beneficiary of their opponents incompetence.
  9. I mean, there's 4 guards - that should be enough in theory. Gilbert looked like a fucking dude until the VA Tech game, and he's a guy Otz has recruited before. He's been pushing Paveletzke into the lineup more, but I'm just not seeing it. Jones is tits on a boar. Lipsey is all conference material. In the portal, he leaned into guys who were studs at mid to low majors looking to bring them up, as opposed to the previous classes that were P5 guys who were unhappy with or struggling in their current situations. We were fist fucking the bad teams, and I think these guys have talent, but I don't know if they'll put it together in time. The real mystery is how completely useless Omaha Billiew has been. This guy was a consensus 5 star, McD's All American, guaranteed one and done, and he has done next to nothing. I get that college basketball is a big step up from playing in the Des Moines metro, but major yikes here. Right now we need a 10-8 type Big 12 season to dance. Otz has the benefit of the doubt, but this looks like a very disappointing season unless a light bulb comes on soon.
  10. Nah, we’re trash. This was the highest rated recruiting class in school history. An alleged one and done 5 star who looks completely lost and has contributed nothing, a high 4 store who is one of two bright spots, and a bunch of guys transferring up with great stats. They look like the opposite of the first few Otz teams, and I can’t see them making the tournament right now. It’s the law of the universe that ISU fans can’t be happy in two sports at the same time.
  11. It’s gonna be one of those games our fanbase talks about for decades
  12. Will Howard never took a snap in a Farmageddon victory
  13. His wasn’t that bad. He just refused to let anyone actually look at it for a good hour
  14. I’ve already broken shit in my garage and I’m rage drinking
  15. I’ve never seen this much snow for an ISU game
  16. He locked himself in his room and is refusing any further treatment. Keep in mind his idea of medical intervention begins and ends with bong rips. I don’t really give a shit besides it’s now on me to conduct the fish fry/seafood boil. Which I’m fine with, but it cramps the football viewing
  17. At the in-laws for Thanksgiving. Cunt Dog has been quarantined upstairs, but FIL has already said aloud “I sure hope Cunt Dog is doing ok by himself up there”. Failure to Launch stoner BIL just got his thumb in half trying to cut a frozen ear of corn (making seafood boil) with a dull knife. Currently debating whether he needs stitches or not. Blood all over the kitchen.
  18. Well, we get Aggy tomorrow night thanks to our inability to make free throws
  19. Next week’s bloodletting will be extremely satisfying to me. I know Iowa beat us, but we can at least line up against a Top 10 and give a respectable effort. They will get their anus prolapsed
  20. The way Iowa’s opponents insist on handing them games has to be observed to be believed.
  21. My wife usually gets effected on the other end. She intentionally drank a couple beers last Saturday to try and relieve constipation and ended up puking multiple times. It’s crazy, because she wasn’t always this way. Just progressively got worse.
  22. In the 2nd episode and loving it. So many homages to Fargo the movie, and the Big Lebowski too.
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