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  1. Every school outside of the Big 10 and SEC that’s not a blue blood is in the same spot as we are. You desperately want me to say “Texas and OU are big meanies for not hanging around” and that’s not at all what I’m saying. USC, Oregon, FSU, Clemson all feel the same way. The SEC has a much higher ratio of contributor programs than the Big 10, so that situation is different. Again, my point was that the taker programs in the SEC and Big 10 are just guys born on on third thinking they hit a triple. The only decision those schools made to get themselves here was joining the conference they did 150 years ago. We ARENT a big deal, and neither are 2/3rds of the Big 10. But they get paid like it because of the ones who are.
  2. What in the actual fuck are you talking about or responding to? My point is that Iowa is a program that has leeched from bigger programs for years, but because those programs are content to allow it, Iowa fans have let it go to their head and not recognize how lucky they are to have just fallen in with the only blue bloods content with such an arrangement 150 years ago. It has fuck all to do with UT, OU, or any Big 12 TV deal.
  3. They definitely aren’t getting kicked out. But I bet they take a pay cut.
  4. This is why it could happen. If TV wants 60-70 schools in the top division for inventory’s sake, they may push them into the Big 12. If the SEC and Big 10 are cool on FSU and Clemson, they know the Big 12 would be ecstatic. They can pay them (FSU/Clem) less in the Big 12 than the SEC, but if it’s better than the ACC, it will make sense for FSU and Clemson too. It would raise the profile of the third conference which would probably generate more overall interest than shoving all the brands into too tight of a proximity (which causes current brands to lose more games and generate less interest in them). Its very possible that they view the SEC and Big 10 as “full” in terms of high end football.
  5. I always have Whataburger ketchup handy. The spicy version that is.
  6. My favorite argument they make for Ferentz is “he puts so many guys in the NFL”. All that NFL talent and he has one Big 10 co-championship in a year they didn’t play the other co-champ (Ohio State) and one NY6 bowl win to show for it. Matt Campbell has done those exact same things at ISU and he had to beat OU and UT to do it. I do think Ferentz is a very good coach, but he’s not great.
  7. I’m absolutely sitting out on my porch with a beer and weed pen listening to “Scooter Blues” on repeat after the kid goes to bed.
  8. Don’t tell Iowa fans. They think they’re a crucial component of the Big 10’s value, and have no awareness that if we had hooked up with Ohio State and Michigan, and they had hooked up with Nebraska and Oklahoma, they would have spent the last 15 years in existential dread while we suckled at the teat of content benefactors.
  9. Leftover dogs, kraut, raw onion, pepperoncini, dijon, mustard based relish, Whataburger ketchup, Tillamook cheddar hinge, shitty low carb wrap. Deductions for permanent plating.
  10. Why is anyone still operating under the delusion that who you play sports against says anything about your school? It's probably one of the dumbest parts of the conference model.
  11. 1.0 would mean you literally had straight alcohol pumping through your veins, correct?
  12. The lesser schools in the Big 10 hate Michigan and Ohio State and have been free riding for years. Michigan and Ohio State just don't care, and never have.
  13. And if we're being really truly honest, a lot of people can safely operate equipment at .1 BAC. But holy shit, to actually say that in his position? This is a man who has repeatedly demonstrated that he gives absolutely 0 fucks what his employer thinks about anything because he knows he's untouchable. This is the definition of "beyond reproach".
  14. There are people who don't inspect prior to flushing?
  15. I’ve been a Petty fan for as long as I’ve known what music was, and yesterday was the first time I’d ever heard Ways To Be Wicked. Holy shit. Absolute top tier Petty. The fact that a song that good just sorta got buried is a testament to his brilliance.
  16. This is fucking fantastic. All the songs they've released ahead of this album have been fantastic. These guys really know how to craft gigantic hooks.
  17. I enjoy Margo's music a lot, but find her to be kind of pretentious. There's something that annoys me about how she calls quitting drinking the bravest thing she's ever done, but she's almost constantly posting on social media about getting stoned and taking shrooms. I think sobriety is brave as hell, but she's not even close to sober. I mean, it's definitely healthier physically, and that's cool for her, but attaching the word "brave" to it annoys me. The folks out there white knuckling through the shit show that is modern reality are brave. Putting yourself into that camp because you swapped a vice for a less unhealthy vice comes off kinda like stolen valor. But I'm just a guy pontificating on the internet, and she's absolutely a certified badass musician.
  18. I need to get a gravel bike. My fat tire works great for it, but it's just so much more work. You wouldn't want to put in 50 miles on that fucker. And we have nothing but endless gravel in the Midwest.
  19. Breaking in a newb. It was more work than I expected.
  20. I've had 3 ticks on me this year that I've caught, so I'm probably getting fucking Lyme's. Only one was after biking though. The others came from doing maintenance work on some of our prairie ground and being out in the tallgrass.
  21. Brandy is how they poison Old Fashioneds in Wisconsin. Just disgusting. One of the few things I don't care for about that state's culture.
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