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  1. I don’t know how you carry that much weight and your calves aren’t bigger just from walking around.
  2. This is my point. Thank you thank you thank you. lot of 3-2-6 when we are up 35 at half and the other team gets one dimensional. Duh
  3. It already happened and it was spectacular. Whitley going to end his career with a 0.00 era. Thats goat territory right there.
  4. Why bother? He’s 30. He will be a FA when he’s 36. Ok cool hook em.
  5. Chas has stunk this year. He’s also been in and out of the lineup with a hamsting and dumbass-itis (Espada). Diaz/loperfido or Dubon/altuve/Pena Bregman/Alvarez/chas/Meyers/tucker is just fine as a lineup/ with Caratini as a part time guy catching 2 times a week. If your bottom 3 are Dubon or Loperfido, Pena and Meyers with that top 6 you are probably just fine if you can pitch at all. the Singleton experience needs to die.
  6. Jake’s 3 run Hr is the difference in the game you idiot
  7. Espada trying to make Abreu’s arm fall off, right?
  8. So, Montero is pretty clearly the 6th best bullpen arm now right?
  9. Tied in run differential now. Pissed away 8 so far.
  10. Astros have best run differential in division.
  11. That should be a hit. Catching that ball was not an ordinary effort play. Outstanding to glove it and then everything went to shit (for the O’s). I think he thought he could get a double play. Tag and then throw to first. When he missed his brain just locked up.
  12. Look man, we’ve got 9 more outs to get with the soft underbelly of the bullpen all that’s available. I don’t love our chances here still.
  13. Jake! maybe a 5th Of. That one doesn’t count though. Reasons.
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