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  1. I've got 4 more things I'm excited about happening on the scale on the way down: 222. 6 pounds away. That marks 100 pounds from my fattest point this year. That was my goal for the year on January 1. Looks like I will have this knocked out no later than EOM. Always nice to check off a new years resolution 6 months early. 199.8 This will be the first time I'm at a weight that starts with a 1 since my sophomore year of college when I was 19 years old. This will be awesome. I would anticipate this happening by the beginni9ng of football season. 28.2 pounds away. 10 weeks? That would be August 18. Anytime by September 1 and I'm pretty happy. 189.0 This will be the point in time that I am no longer overweight and am actually what the government deems a normal and healthy weight. The last time I was there I was 18 years old, Christmas break of my freshman year at UT. This should happen sometime around my 14th anniversary. My wife married a fat teacher. Now, she will be married to a normal sized dude hopefully making 3 or 5X that (depending upon markets). I wouldn't have done any of this if I didn't want to be healthy for her and the kids. If it happens then I will have lost 100 pounds from 14 years ago. That's pretty cool. How many people look much better than the day they got married 14 years later. 175. This was my weight as a senior in high school. I felt fat then. I sort of was for an athlete (if you consider golfer athlete) that was 17 years old. If I hit that number again I promise I won't feel fat this time around. Not sure that number will ever be seen again, but If it is call it 2/28/24, which would be anniversary of my surgery. My sense is I have 1 year to get the weight off and the rest of my lifetime to keep it off. If I hit that 175 number at year 1 and then settled around at 190 for life I'd be pretty pleased with all that.
  2. 228.0 today. Obese still. But, 0.4 pounds from now, when I weigh 227.6 pounds, I will no longer be obese but merely "overweight". So, tomorrow I break below obesity for the first time in 18 years? 20 years? 22 years? Something like that. I used to live between 225-235 from the time I was 21-25 or so, but not sure which were which as far as those years went. At any rate, it's been a long ass time. Won't be celebrating with another 1/2 a piece of pizza, I know that. Yikes- that sucked. Bread is just awful. My wife forgot and had a 1/2 a piece of avocado toast and reported the same thing- I had hoped if I just ate 1/2 the bread layer and toppings I'd be ok, but nope. My carbless tortillas if trimmed enough and I eat slowly enough to work to allow me to eat a fajita, but not an entire one. Maybe i need to find somewhere that does a cauliflower pizza crust and see if I like that taste.
  3. I decided I wasn't awesome enough for a wolf shirt so I had to settle for a tiger shirt. Once I get to my absolute bottom weight I'm going with the wolf shirt and the 18 inch chain and I'm going to be drowning in pussy. My wife won't even care though, I will be so desireable. She will understand she just needs to get in where she fits in.
  4. This is the lady I was thinking of. I got some of the details wrong. He might be a weirdo. Apparently 8 years later still happily married. https://m.imdb.com/news/ni63893542#:~:text=The Brazilian woman was just,to be with Alan Cox.
  5. You are from Brazil, right? I’ve seen a couple of those with just absolute smoke shows from Brazil where the girl was just incredible, super sweet, down to earth and with a really nerdy/geeky guy. But, they both seemed happy as he worshipped her and treated her well and she was happy to be with someone that loved her and shared her faith and treated her well. I’ve also seen some where the guy was just absolutely terrible and awful to the woman. So, sort of like normal life. Some work well and some don’t. But the main take away is that Brazil has the hottest women on the planet. This was literally just example #8,541,657 of that.
  6. Always! there is never a thread not made better with someone posting their paystub! As a mortgage guy I’d prefer W2’s or a full on tax return, but paystub is clearly the more appropriate vehicle for this crowd.
  7. Dusty is a real asshole. there is no excuse for Diaz not to be in the lineup every day that Yordan is out either at DH, 1B or catcher.
  8. Most of this checks out and would play to what my thought process is. It’s not all money or passport, though I’m absolutely sure the money passport thing help of course. But, you still need to be selective and intelligent about who you are looking to partner with, heavy emphasis on the partner part. And if you are going to make it work you need a partner. And if you are in a partnership you absolutely have to do what it takes to be a good partner to your spouse or it cannot work over a long time period. I’m sure being treated like an equal and a human being is incredibly important beyond the money to any decent woman you are going to make life work with. Had a guy at law school who went the Asian route (he’d met her over there so not a mail order bride exactly, even if that’s what everyone said. She cleaned his shirts, ironed and starched them, packed him lunch every day etc. When he was done with school the rumor was she sent out like 1,000 cover letters and applications on his behalf. She was decent looking and he was a total nerd. people made fun of him incessantly about his choice of a wife. Thing is- I never did and thought it was a really good match. He ended up with someone taking care of him, helping him out, that was way better looking than he was. But I saw him with her. He loved her. He treated her like his partner. He was nice to her. He was respectful. He doted kn her. Asked her what she thought about stuff. She loved him too. They both gave each other stuff that they needed and wanted and there was respect there. Did his birth advantage make it better/easier for him to find a quality woman? Sure! But why is that a bad thing that he should be mocked about? It was a logical decision for him. Can’t find what you are looking for in one dating pool go and fish for what you want in another one. I’m sure there are plenty of people that make it work that’s a blessing to both parties. I’m sure there are plenty of people who also go down there thinking it’s a life hack where they can get get get without giving in any way and it’s a miserable failure. Im also sure if you marry the hottest Russian or Ukrainian princess type they can be every bit as demanding and shallow and vapid as the worst America can mint. I’d never advise against crossing borders if somebody asked and was ready to do it, but that’s not some magical solution to whatever problem you have here- the stuff that’s required to make a successful marriage here will be the same stuff that’s required there. To think otherwise is dumb.
  9. Sure. And if he did I’d rep that too. People are stupid. News at 11.
  10. Slowly are 1/2 a piece of pizza as an experiment. Nope. Won’t ever do that again.
  11. Who you trying to convince? Everyone in the world sees it but Dusty and a couldn’t starting pitchers. Some more shit like that might lose them.
  12. Just a clinic in bad catching by Maldonado. Atrocious passed ball and then lazy job presenting. Like a 1 AB clinic in how not to do it.
  13. Didn’t look like any discomfort in the bottom of the first. Hopefully it’s super minor and a week like Altuve.
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