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  1. I thought that one moved on and we got even another one, no?
  2. This Sox pitcher is a flaming gash. He’s pitched 7 very infrequently and gone 6 only 10 times. Pulling him now when matched up against JV? GTFO talking about him as a cy young contender.
  3. Our first string punter is an Aussie and they always suck in year one. Our backup punter can’t kick it out of his shadow. Both the FG kickers sort of suck. I really hope we embrace our inner Mike Leach and just go for it all the times. It’s almost always the mathematical best decision too.
  4. Bert also sucks at kicking FG so you’d hope it’s an easy decision.
  5. He ok. A giant compared to the other shit heads we had
  6. If it wasn't for Jose the Jesus shitbag Ortiz and a ton of other shit heads that have come through the ranks Rome would be my least favorite Astro coverage guy ever, but Drellich is a way bigger douche and the Jesus was a way bigger moron and shit stirrer. Richard Justice is a half wit, but he's by far the best the Chronicle ever had covering the Stros.
  7. I drove both of them in an RV at the same time. Twas fun.
  8. I bowl with some agents. That's where we were at. After I rolled a couple 165 plusses they were exasperated and were like- you are too good to be doing this- go get a real set up and that was easy. Didn't care enough to get too involved any other way. If I start rolling 600 series I'm sure they will make me be on their league team. I'm not interested in spending a lot of time non business wise with 3 little kids at home. We go bowling as a family 1 or 2 times a year. I'd love to hear the full explanation if you want to give it. I like hearing how things work..
  9. I figured that, I’m just ignorant on what the obstacles actually are.
  10. OK- so what's the deal with pro's and their scores. I would think that you would pretty much figure those guys would roll close to 300 every time, but I see Youtube vids like the one of Pete Weber and he's winning a major tournament at 215. My asshole realtor buddy rolled a 660 series the other day when I was there, and he's an unathletic goof that's been doing this seriously for about a year. Clearly, Pete Weber is way the fuck better. I can't believe he's anything but a clutch machine- so- why is professional bowling so much harder than regular bowling? The lanes are all the same size and specs- what makes those scores be so relatively low, compared to fucking around at the Friday night rock and bowl?
  11. Hammer? It's blue. that was the only 15 pound ball they had. He was like- this is a little more expensive but it's the only one with that weight.
  12. We should riot if Card is named the starter. Just saying.
  13. Why do that? McCormick has some thump and is a credible bat when you can get a Dubon his 5th AB?
  14. Really really glad Dubon could hit first to have the most important bat of the game. Well, after a Bregman bases loaded I guess. Always good whenever you can get you sub 600 ops guy the most AB’s in the game for you.
  15. Shitty job by the 3rd base coach. If you want to throw that stop sign up in the 9th, cool, but a single run in the 8th makes the 9th a lot more of a problem. Doesn’t matter I guess as it turns out, but that should have been an auto send.
  16. I mean whenever you can hit the leadoff guy with a 574 ops and the #2 guy with a 671 ops you just have to do it. The fact is it’s baseball. Any outcome can happen from any lineup contradiction at any time. And it will occasionally.
  17. The fact that the white Sox are 500 in that shit ass division is so bizarre. I love it. Let’s stick a broom up their ass and give Correa and the Guardians and Orioles a hand here.
  18. It could certainly happen. It’s also incredibly dumb regardless of what happens. process over results. The process is absurd.
  19. Can someone please get these fuckers the my pillow guys info so we don’t have anymore stiff necks? And sits on 9 against a dealer ace or 10.
  20. For sure, no doubt about it. Those guys are all good enough that you want them on the roster. ALDS the roster should only be 12 pitchers historically. IMO it will be Locks: JV/Framber/LMJ/Javier Presley/Montero/Neris/Stanek/Urquidy/Garcia/Abreu Borderline Lefty specialist: Smith or Maton (the guy they seem to like best as a righty on lefty guy if Smith can't get unfucked. I hold out hope that neither of those guys make the post season roster and it's Brown instead after he comes up and shoves it up the leagues ass in September as a multi inning weapon and a power arm/strikeout guy, but don't know if that's got a chance at reality or merely my wishful thinking fever drea.
  21. I’d tend to agree. My market guys said carefully float, which is fine if you can execute in 3 minutes when the bat signal goes up. But as a customer you don’t have that ability so I’d lock right now.
  22. We are fucking 7 back of the dodgers in the loss column. It’s absurd how good those pricks are, especially with all their injuries.
  23. The majority of people in the stadium won’t even know what happened on Saturday.
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