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  1. Yeah but that’s all just close to humpings money. Damn it. This is what I get for not scrolling all the way before I post.
  2. Episode 51, where we talk two GD hits and other spring developments (for a bit) and then project the Outfield.
  3. It would be nice. I just want to get back to where we were when Ishbia kicked off refi 100
  4. I don’t understand crypto but yeah. It’s just a constant mind fuck man.
  5. Thanks for posting. looked at my wife yesterday when we were at Coca Cola museum in Atlanta and it showed all my texts- first on day was +4, then -7, then -17, then minus 23 and I was like- I don’t know if I can do a 3rd year in a row of this horseshjt.
  6. I think it’s likely Diaz, Altuve, Bregman, McCormick and Abreu in that order, but I’m more likely to be wrong than right. Those guys are all close enough that to get that right 1-5 is like hitting a 3 team parley.
  7. That’s almost a perfect saber lineup. Chad should hit before Abreu because he’s likely a slightly better hitter, but yeah thats almost perfect and maybe Abreu is actually a better hitter than Chas- but I doubt it.
  8. Charlie Condon today against Georgia state 3/3 with 2 HR and 2 walks. Nice play on a hard hit ball to 3B defensive. Kid looks like a ballplayer- everything is smooth and easy. Might go 1-1 next year, might just be a top 10 pick, but yeah- the 25 or 30 scouts in attendance here today in Atlanta could have probably left after the 3rd inning seeing all they have to see.
  9. Episode 50- where we talk about the projections for all the starters in the IF and talk about if we’d lock in those projections or play it out and take our chances. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ZKAOofPxja7Lvjo6Ub7jC?si=XqFCo-NlQK2N3uSwQMS9KA
  10. So the starting pitchers know how to shake their head instead of nod it? Then they are calling their own game, same as it ever has been.
  11. I mean- we are all getting older now even though you don’t think of it. Phlegm was retired and working at Disney (probably 60’s at the start of shaggy which was 15 years ago now. More likely he’s in his 80’s than 60’s.
  12. I mean- no. Seems plausible. NO refugees? no hurricanes? NO swamp rats? all seem plausible.
  13. My best friends team at Georgia State is a rolling ball of butcher knives. 11-3 AT mighty New Orleans pelicans. Nobody just walks in there and dominates NO Like that. He got a 4 year extension last year so he’s on his second deal- very happy/proud of him. kids are on first of two spring breaks this week so I’m going to go watch them play Georgia on Tuesday. Hope they win.
  14. If goods are down that’s a bigger driver than devices on the inflation number imo. Long term anyway.
  15. It’s a theory. had lunch with my buddy today that’s a lawyer and he said they always roll out their pricing changes in January.
  16. My theory (and it’s probably total bullshit/ but as someone who has owned professional service businesses my whole life I understand the mindset ) is that humans working service businesses hold off on raising prices as long as humanly possible because the idea of doing less units is terrifying (and raising prices leads to less units), but with consumer being maxed out (service providers are consumers for everything that does not involve them selling their services) and inflation running very hot the last 2.5 or 3 years the upward price pressure is very real. Then, this happens in January, after a lot of people see a P&L for their business, along with January being a logical time to roll out changes (new years resolution- rethinking life- rethinking business- rethinking prices) and you have this pop that’s isolated to one month and goes back down to expected or lower next month especially with cost of goods dropping. Like I said, this is just a WAG and I could be completely wrong but it makes some sense to me. I can’t imagine services driving inflation for a meaningful way for a long time. It’s too competitive a market and someone will always be willing to undercut someone else and take market share.
  17. Interesting- 0.6% increase in services against a 0.2% drop in price of goods. I have a couple theories on that which I might flesh out later. Really just WAG’s.
  18. I hate you. You ruined my surprise I would have gotten 6 minutes from now when I got my text. MBS down 33 bips so far. 6% coupon at 100.16. Was at almost 102 only a couple short weeks ago. 10 year (shout out to Phil) at 4.31. Twas at 3.8 not long ago. Not great Bob, not great. Consumer spending down, credit cards at all time highs, more likely than not inflation has to come down I would think, but who the fuck knows.
  19. I sure hope that happens. The idea that playing a good team OOC isn’t good for the fans, players or programs is nonsense.
  20. And better for the team. Puts a hop in their step preparing all offseason.
  21. Apparently he lives on McDonald’s. Or did. Looks really good right now.
  22. We wouldn’t have made it this year if we didn’t play Bama. Texas is better when it challenges itself. it’s more fun to play good teams. don’t be a vagina. That’s the aggy way.
  23. This is a terrible take and you should feel bad. Games against good teams are fun and provide a focus for the team. We should do that every year- have a big September OOC game- preferably week 2. Please God let this be the last 8 game conference schedule.
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