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  1. I think it’s 7. I just don’t see WVU getting to 7-11 and I know how strong the league is and how good their net is but 6-12 just doesn’t seem possible to get in. Ok St needs to get to 8-10 imo. So they have to take care of their 3 “gimme’s” (narrator- there are. I ginmes in the big 12)
  2. I haven’t done a deep dive (I will) but off the top of my head correa in 2015 was God level wasn’t he? Johnson 98 also has to be on there imo. I know it was 3 months (and Correas was 4) but those samples were meaningful enough to me I’d make it a thing (I get the argument against). of you don’t give partial credit then it’s hard for me to credit Bagwell 94 with the strike and the broken hand that ended his season the day before the strike.
  3. When I was in 7th grade our aggy coach was in charge of sex Ed. Someone asked him what was the longest amount of time anyone could have sex for. He immediately shot back 5 minutes as the absolute maximum and moved on to the next question. He was totally serious. I laugh now thinking about that.
  4. I Think the most fun way to do this is to pick the actual year that you’d want the guy playing for you and it has to be with the Astros of course. That solves the problem of if Kenny Loftin or Lil Joe should make the list. ERA+, OPS+ and WAR are your friends here imo.
  5. I’d the same big 12 team wins the regular season and conference they can’t not give it to them in my mind.
  6. He’s just a supreme jackass at the end of the day. I would not doubt that the dude has actual diagnosable mental issues.
  7. You didn’t call 7-3 directly so I guess it didn’t register when you threw out the final record but obviously the math checks out. It just didn’t hit my radar. you have definitely been leading the bandwagon and you’ve been right.
  8. I think we might have been a bit pessimistic. Great week for texas man.
  9. Sure. And offense is getting easier. And guys are playing longer. That’s just context man. If Mj didn’t play in the rock fight environment of the 90’s or take time off for baseball he probably makes it. My point isn’t diminishing Kareem. The point is merely if context makes it easier to get to a record (points, yards, Home runs shirng the steroid/juiced ball eta) it makes the record easier to get to. If context makes it harder to get to a record (wins for pitchers for example) it makes it less likely to fall.
  10. I will change my mind if the league goes down to 72 games or something like that. But if it stays at 82 I think cap is 5 on the all time list when I die if I make it another 45 years. That’s not diminishing 38k at all. That’s just saying the trend is to make things easier for offense and for guys to have longer and longer careers. if the freak plays til he’s 40 he needs 1800 a year to get there. Tatum if he plays until 38 needs 2000 a year. if KD plays at his current level he needs another 400-430 games to get there. His days of playing 70’a year seem like he’s done so he’d almost have to play until he’s 42. Is that possible? Probably not for him. Maybe for someone like him with that skill set. Luka already has 8500. He’s only 23. It’s a tough tough mountain. If he doesn’t lose an entire year or year and a half somewhere I think he can get there.
  11. Has our resident millionaire nurse been in here to declare ballgame yet? because it feels like ballgame.
  12. No. That’s why I said he can’t do it. I’m talking about an alternate scenario where he was a model teammate and citizen this year and sold the “I’ve grown up- I’m not a problem anymore.” That obviously not him.
  13. More toxic and damaging choice in relationship partners- Kevin Durant or Chris Beard?
  14. Yep. If he’d have kept his nose clean all year and they got to the conference finals you could make a really good argument that a team like the Rockets. should sign him. then you’d have Kyrie, a green, Smith, whatever top 5 pick they get this year and Sengun as a starting 5. That’s a pretty talented team that could win a title in year 4 of a Kyrie contract if he could keep it between the lines and the Rockets get lucky in the lotto and develop Green and Smith. He can’t do it though. And he will pay. I can’t imagine anyone giving him anything other than a make good deal this off-season.
  15. Does Russell just not count because he’s too old? I mean, I’m not going to say that’s the wrong answer but I’m not sure I agree. I’m fine with hearing the case for Magic. He strikes me as not a long enough career for GOAT and I don’t know that there’s any apex of his career that’s better than MJ.
  16. KD is only 33/34? If he plays as long as Lebron he should be right around where Kareem finished. If Luka stays healthy he’s going to make a run for it. Look at it this way. Karl Malone got within 96% of Kareem. Kobe got within 90%. Nobody has gotten closer than 70% of the way to CY Young in 50 years. That’s an unbreakable record. I’d expect 3 or 4 more players in my lifetime to pass Kareem. I’m a man, I’m 40 (44)
  17. They would take a major bath at that pricing premium. They get roughly $7 a month for rsn’s and mlb channel. Roughy 7% of the subscriber base ever watches those channels. That means the other 93% are subsidizing your watching Astros, Rockets and MLB for example. If MLB/RSN went to stand alone pricing they’d lose the ability to be able to charge all their subscribers for those channels on basic package. essentially, there are way more non sports fans than sports fans and as sports fans we get a huge subsidy from the rest of the world for our channels.
  18. So, I refuse to watch that dick head at all, but is it true he’s running Havoc again.
  19. Nothing for nothing but if we win their game in Manhattan today we have a very clear and significantly meaningful lead in the Big 12 and should be expected to win the conference based upon standings and schedule plus home/road.
  20. If you can’t keep your kid from running with scissors (Dusty filling out a lineup card) my preference is to get rid of all the scissors in the house. Apparently this is the one thing click and I agree on.
  21. No, you can still do that/ no problem, the day after you sell your house. What you can’t do is buy a house and do a cash out refinance without waiting a full year to be in title. my guy got the house in a divorce and he wasn’t on title (was wife’s separate property but he lived there for 20 years). She moved on and he got the house so we did a deed of trust to give her half the equity in the house and pay her off. Totally kosher. But, what he really wanted to do was borrow 80% of the value so he could also pay off the debts he racked up during their marriage. Because he wasn’t on title he couldn’t do that home equity. The plan was to clean it up in 6 months but now it looks like it will be a year before we can do that. That’s a pretty atypical situation. for a normal person like yourself this is unlikely to be a big deal. When it would happen is someone depletes all their savings perhaps to pay coach and then Decides- oh- I wish I had a mortgage bc my reserves were draw down or I want to do a renovation or I have another opportunity with my business- I will just got put a loan on my house. You now don’t have that option for a year. You can always refinance to pay down the debt with seasoning for time in title. So you are fine.
  22. You can’t have Brantley and Peña both hitting in the top 3. They should hit 6th and 7th bc that’s their talent level but if you must put one at 2 the other one needs to hit 7. They can’t both get 100 more AB’s than Bregman and Tucker.
  23. You don’t post much in this thread but when you do it’s smart.
  24. No doubt. But we are about to be worried about EPO’s again I think, so every little bit helps- even if it’s unintentional.
  25. So- it also protects from EPO which isn’t the worst in the world.
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