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  1. What really matters to Altuve is that he is in runthebone's Hall of Fame as my favorite Astro--actually, favorite athlete--of all time.
  2. Altuve gets to 3000, and he will be voted in. Everyone chill. Also, he'll.be at least a 5 time champion.
  3. If Brown hasn't traded Maton and Dubon for Trout by the end of the weekend, I just don't think he's going to work out.
  4. I mean, the Yankees were the AL runner up this year.
  5. Nice, let's load up the farm system and...trade most of them to win more titles.
  6. Hiring Ausmus over the much more qualified Brown would be...horrific.
  7. The fact that the Positive Coaching Alliance event will include Kotsay's tribute to Augie is amazing.
  8. Did this long ass article on Dusty not get posted? https://theathletic.com/4122795/2023/01/25/dusty-baker-mlb-astros-bill-walsh/
  9. Good job by Berman trying to get some info out of him.
  10. He'll get in if he stays healthy, but not on the first ballot like he deserves.
  11. Dubon could be paying us to play, and I would still consider that the worst contract.
  12. I believe the term is deez nurse.
  13. It sucks that Pollard got hurt. The prognosis for a fibula is good, if it's nothing else. It was bad karma to hope McCaffrey would get injured.
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