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  1. You nonbelievers will get religion after the LMC-Whitley tandem start clinches the World Series this fall. And yes, both will immediately go on the IL afterward. Assholes
  2. Too bad Pierce didn't become available earlier to work with Bagwell and Abreu in a Triumvirate
  3. Maybe he'll start the next inning throwing another fastball to Altuve
  4. I still just can't fathom throwing Altuve a first pitch fastball
  5. They can get him all kinds of sweet local commercials
  6. 10 run curse doesn't apply when you give up 11 #chessnotcheckers
  7. At this point, do we go ahead and schedule the MRI along with the plane ticket?
  8. I'm sure Bloss will understand that Tucker needs his leg more than he does.
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