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  1. Yeah, don't see how anyone can say it's ok before he is even seen and evaluated.
  2. Shitty, I don't see why you guys are pretending it's not shitty. It's not like he will instantly come back ready to go. Loses 2 months of hits for 3000 also.
  3. As soon as you see a pedophile supporter give a horns down, you know it'll be ok.
  4. The Harvard women's basketball team would like to point out that it beat #1 seed Stanford in a true road game
  5. Padres beat writer has us ranked #7 going into the season. Pretty pumped to be in his top 10! https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2023-03-16/progress-report-houston-astros
  6. Really, horns down? Sorry you guys didn't get into an Ivy League school.
  7. Everyone's talking about playing aggy...this is aggy, they'll probably fuck it up.
  8. I guess the world hasn't figured out not to throw him a first pitch fastball for a strike.
  9. I guess your hand can be pretty much broken, just like you can be "essentially pregnant."
  10. Hope he lives the life he deserves.
  11. Not sure, but in that Twitter video, it sure looked like a changeup
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