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  1. Are they at home or on the road? Fuck
  2. Texas's season obviously completely justifies the Mannings' decision and shows they know the fuck they are doing when it comes to the foosball.
  3. So per capita, was the booing louder for Manfred or Yormark?
  4. Get a contract year effort out of Bregman and say thank you is the m.o.
  5. Bye, Eagle fans. Go pray to your obese security guard god. Niners killed the Cowboys and Eagles. Wow.
  6. He false starts every play anyway
  7. Is it normal to let someone sprint off the field in the protocol?
  8. It's amazing that the Niners basically only run left, and it doesn't matter.
  9. The commentator doesn't understand that a bullshit ejection doesn't just fire up one side.
  10. Jesus, Deebo is a fucking man. You really see how important he is when he was out for those games.
  11. Man, Trent Williams is incredible
  12. That is some grade A New York level bullshit
  13. Some fat fucker on the sideline can confront a player?
  14. Niners with a lot more 5 wide than usual
  15. Are the fans booing? Haha, never change, Philadelphia. Niners get ball first.
  16. Running behind Williams is a good idea
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