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  1. The people of Qom, the cradle of the mullahcracy come out to curse the Islamic Republic. It’s time to sack the Islamic seminaries followed by ransacking the Khomeini shrine.
  2. Basij thugs with their batons and guns murdering the Iranian people have a huge contingent of non-Iranian members - Arabs and Pakistanis. The Islamic Republic is far more popular by the average Paki than the Iranian people themselves. The following needs to happen: 1. General Strike to accompany the student strike. 2. Sacking of the Islamic seminaries in Qom. That would be an iconic event that would show that regime change this time is going to really happen. 3. Boycott by Iranian national soccer team players from participating in the World Cup.
  3. Come on you can’t take the sack there
  4. Thank you for the compliment. I’m honored. No sorry, I am the embodiment of the new GOP. We want power and to never give it up again. Never have been more motivated to vote than now. We’re more American than apple pie.
  5. Also, I am a member of a party that hurts the people I want to hurt in our country. Anyone who supports the open borders we have in this country is a fucking moron. I want a moratorium on all immigration to this country.
  6. I hate Islam. Why would you think I would support the regime. I support the protestors. Down with Islam and the Islamic Republic.
  7. I fucking love DeSantis. He is exactly the type of guy I want as President of this country. I wish we could clone him. I fucking love him for sending illegals to liberal enclaves. Let them enjoy the hordes. DeSantis is the leader of the New Right.
  8. Agree and that is something I would have never thought. Mills has looked like shit. Pep Hamilton’s offense is a joke and is fucking archaic compared to modern NFL offenses. The routes that the WRs are running are not helping Mills one bit. One of Mills’ strengths is the deep ball and they’re doing nothing to stretch the field. Waste of an afternoon watching that crap.
  9. @MaybeACoordinator was the worst offender. I bet he cringes reading his old posts carrying the water for potato.
  10. No he isn’t a Cowboys fan. He has been a Texans hater since the days of hornfans.
  11. Sick of crappy coaching decisions by the Texans. Why can’t we ever hire a good coach. Second rate coaching decision by a retread coach. You’d think a guy that’s been fired pretty quickly in both of his previous stops would be more aggressive.
  12. Shitty ass play call If you’re going to run it in this situation get Dameon Pierce in there.
  13. They’re at least entertaining to watch with young talent that you can root for unlike the past couple of seasons. Mills has been inaccurate the past few series. Needs to be on the money here in OT.
  14. Damn, damn. That was the worst time for a strip sack. Need a long drive here to eat the clock.
  15. Nice first half. We scored a total of 3 points in both of our games against the Colts last year. Jerry Hughes has been a very nice pickup making big plays.
  16. UH is made of mostly 2 and 3 stars. Recruiting rankings in the 50s. Tech has better quality talent on the OL than UH has
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