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  1. Oh and as I mentioned a kid caught a ball that was pitched by Ohtani, hit by Tucker and caught by Trout. Pretty badass.
  2. Yep. I thought it was awesome. Maybe it’s because I was there with my 8 year-old and I’ve been filming little league through a chain link fence for the past several months, but we both thought it was so cool that we were close enough for Trout and Chas to hear us. They both acknowledged us when we would say something in a lull in action. It’s obviously very far from the action in the infield, but tons of TVs to get immediate closeups of what happened. Im sure it would be different during an August game against the A’s, but being able to look straight down the line on field level at three HOFers when the Angels were in the field and someone like (gulp) Altuve or (gulp) Yordan was pretty surreal.
  3. I was with a group in the field club last night. I feel like I’ve been in most every nook and cranny of MMP, but never down there. I thought it was awesome. A kid in our group got a ball from Mike Trout after he caught the third out of the first inning. Good times, Go Stros.
  4. Shockingly, this translated to the course this weekend. I played 45 holes in a match play flighted event (five 9-hole best ball matches against the other teams in each flight) and played great with a tough setup. My partner and I tied at the top of our group and lost in a scorecard playoff one down. Frustrating to miss the horse race by a single point after so many holes of golf, but it was great. Probably my biggest accomplishment was not losing a ball in 45 holes over two days. I’m a 14.
  5. Can’t wait for the witty takes tonight!
  6. I’ve just had 2 of those range days where you think you’ve figured the game out. I’ll report back after my inevitable disappointment this weekend.
  7. “Beast Valley Dive Club” Now that’s some funny shit
  8. How much were the esteemed damages?
  9. /NoCR, just well timed current events/
  10. ^^ that’s awesome. Part of what being a dad is all about. My son loves baseball and he’s in his last year of machine pitch. His team is really good defensively but they have never been able to get the bats in sync in a game. One kid will hit, then 3 will strike out. Next game, another kid hits and the middle of the lineup can’t do anything. Our single-elimination playoffs started this weekend, and they finally came together like we knew they could. Won 14-3…I’m hoping we go on a run here this week. Little league is awesome.
  11. Thanks. Security cam footage of the wreck is in the holy shit thread. It was a holy shit moment.
  12. I had a new Bronco and got broadsided by a guy running a red light, it rolled and would have flipped but for another car stopping my momentum. Total loss of course, and I was just thankful that I was alone in the car without my wife and two 8 year-olds. It happened at the intersection of Shepherd and Welch which is very close to my house. So part of my thinking in the vehicle was having a safe tank that wouldn’t roll again. Probably irrational but whatever. No handjob for the discount but I was the first new Bronco he did, referred him a couple of new customers, and I pay in full with straight cash, homie.
  13. Well, here’s the rub. It looks awesome and will protect the car for a long, long time. Nothing drives me crazier with cars than seeing a $90k+ car with chips from road debris and paint swirls or micro scratches from carwashes. But - for a full SUV job plus tint and ceramic it cost me a bit north of $6K. And that’s for a “preferred” customer where he kinda stuck his finger in the air and gave me the best deal he could while making a little money. The labor cost is intensive, and you need to go to a really skilled place or it will end up bubbling or having sloppy edges around the doors, panels etc. Also comes with a fulsome warranty for 7 years though. If you lease or plan to own for less than 4 or 5 years, probably doesn’t make sense (unless you’re just doing it for the matte look and don’t mind the cost). I plan on driving this a long time so it was worth it to me.
  14. As I understand it, just the PPF is no more than a plastic barrier, so polish/wax would still serve a function. Once you treat the PPF with ceramic, there is no need for polish/wax.
  15. They recommend it on all their PPF jobs and the cost is minimal on top of the PPF cost. It does the same thing as it would on regular paint - water beads up, much easier to wash and it protects the PPF itself from bird shit and the like. We don’t have a garage so I’m often under a tree - the cost benefit once you spend the money on PPF is a complete no-brainer.
  16. Full Xpel stealth PPF, ceramic, front window tint to match the rear, and a small amount of tint on the windshield. It’s amazing the difference tint makes on the interior temp in a car (and it looks much better to boot). I put PPF on my Bronco because I wanted to really off-road but it had a beautiful paint job - after doing it, I’ll never have a nice car without PPF and ceramic again.
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