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  1. This is the most subdued I’ve ever seen Staley during a game.
  2. Could they be the first all white team to win since 1976? 🤣
  3. Look if we’re going to get new fans because they thing he looks like Gus Fring, I’m all for it. I also have told people I’ve never seen so many outsiders (and media) give Texas props or think positively of Texas for giving the job to RT. AND I WANT THAT BUTTON UP!
  4. It’s early, not that I’m saying staff will leave. You really won’t know that for at least a week or 2 after the final game. As others said, it’s also the university of Mississippi which should be just enough on name alone to say “no thanks.” But yes, Gerry alluded to (a month or so ago) that some staff felt betrayed and were happy in Austin.
  5. Unless they retire, we will still see Ron Groover and Pat Adams in Texas games next semester. You can bank on that.
  6. This post is a little misguided for me. First off, no program was getting Jay Wright unless your name was the Philadelphia 76ers. Second, Texas does have the gravitas to pull a pretty big name due to support, NIL, pay, amongst other things; however, as long as Terry was doing well, the situation was continuing to set itself up to where Terry had to be the choice. So I agree with you that for continuity purposes, you had to keep Terry. Where i disagree is Texas’ ability to draw a big name. What is unknown is who Texas could have drawn because Texas kept doing so well. Because we kept doing well after Terry took over, it was less and less likely that we’d go after someone because why would you? Combine that with the fact that Terry is well liked by coaches, recruits, media, and they were all lobbying for him to get the permanent job means there was no reason to let him go, especially after an EE run—our first in 15 years. So everyone wanting to know “well what elite coach could Texas have gotten?!?!?!” Or for those calling people who don’t want Terry idiotic, you’re just yelling at fucking clouds. It’s well documented on this site that a lot of posters do believe we will be looking for a new coach in 3-4 years, but that doesn’t mean they/we aren’t supportive of Terry and want him to be very, very successful here. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. Had Texas pulled a 2009-2010 season situation, then yes, I don’t believe Terry would be the HC right now and we would have seen who CDC could have pulled. That’s a moot point now, so onward with RT and he definitely has my support.
  7. It really is unclear what you’re not understanding. No one knows who was a legitimate candidate or not except for CDC. You’re asking people to provide information that isn’t attainable because they don’t have the ability to get such information. Every single person mentioned besides Terry was a wish just like Urban was a wish. People on this board don’t know who Texas “could actually obtain” because members of this message boards aren’t part of the high level discussions. I’m not sure what’s confusing about that? If you want examples of coaches this message board thought we had a “legitimate” shot at, you have some reading to do because that has been hashed and rehashed for months. You can go to the UT next basketball coach discussion/debate thread as that’s where your question has been asked and answered since December 12th.
  8. Yup. That’s what I was thinking as the season starting winding down.
  9. Gerry: Arterio returning looking good, not looking so good for Dillon
  10. I think Texas is one of the leaders in NIL with basketball. We almost have to be as we didn’t agree to built that arena for nothing.
  11. Pancho

    Fuck off

    Now that y’all have gotten it outbid your system, let’s talk basketball.
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