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  1. Well to be clear, you don't have any credibility or knowledge of this unless you're beard himself. It's really not clear why you're so confident he didn't, but you do you. The tech insider who broke this news has been spot on before I believe, although our tech posters can help verify that.
  2. I find that very hard to believe. That he would contact Tech when he's already in a major conference at a mid level program in that conference. Which is the same as Tech. Especially in a conference that no one knows what will happen to in the coming years with realignment It didn't take him anytime to land this job. This is nothing more than Tech trying to show how "moral" they are. Which means nothing in the end. Did you read that correctly?
  3. I believe Gerry also said the staff likes it here, but it will depend on the culture and vision RT has. Beard will try to go after Donewald, and as of now, they only one that is most likely leaving to go to Mississippi with beard is Reilly.
  4. Tech insiders now saying beard contact Tech and asked to come back. Tech admin said “no thanks.” Good on tech if true
  5. I almost wonder if this season will be a blessing in disguise. Vic is too passionate. Something wasn’t working this year (sure, injuries too) and I think this season might light and even bigger fire in Vic. He wants to win one before he retires. He’s shown he can build here, but there’s just something missing.
  6. I’ve been both a professor and now an administrator in higher ed. I can give you some perspective. But know this—tuition increases because funding from states is less and less each year. This isn’t the politics board, so we won’t go into that. Also, paying for just basic stuff costs a ton of money—IT infrastructure, keeping a campus clean and maintained, the damn light bills, lawsuits, faculty COLA (which sometimes doesn’t even apply to administrators), plus other stuff I don’t think many people think about when it comes to just running the actual institution. Some of those jobs, institutions can’t even fill because they either don’t pay well, aren’t hybrid, or don’t allow for a good work/home balance. When I taught, I had a ton of Workforce students who were in my Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communications classes. Most of them didn’t understand why they had to take my class, but after the first few lectures, you could see it click. One Workforce guy was getting his certificate for being an electrician, I believe, and he told me after class that my class was the only one he looked forward do and he didn’t even want to be an electrician. His dad was making him do that. I haven’t caught up on the entire thread, so the topic may have changed a bit. From my research over the last few years, yes the tuition price tag and not wanting debt has a factor in why enrollment has declined since 2019, but that’s not the most major reason. Other factors include mental health, having to take care of their families, and needing to work to pay bills. These students still want a degree, but they don’t think they can do it because of those reasons. And Black and Latino Males have the lowest completion, success, and persistence rates at pretty much every college, community college, and university in the country.
  7. He has officially chosen St. John’s over Lubbock
  8. The one thing that concerns me is Miller is a legit coach, especially with offense. They can run and gun, something they should have done at Arizona but whatever. We can definitely lose this game. What makes me happy is I don’t think Xavier has faced a defense like Texas. They definitely didn’t with Pittsburgh.
  9. The Beard thread title was updated a few days ago. It wasn’t put there in December. The Barnes thread doesn’t have near the vitriol of the Shaka thread. The Barnes thread is clearly more people laughing at him. That’s pretty obvious. More importantly, the Barnes thread also shows peoples appreciation because he did do some magical things at Texas. This isn’t a comparable scenario. There is no inconsistency. I’m not sure what you’re implying here.
  10. That’s nice. I just personally disagree, and that’s fine. I’m more angry at Beard because of what could have been. We will never get that opportunity again. Maybe it’s because of how I view Texas Basketball, but I finally started to see with Beard what this program SHOULD be. And he chose to not see that through because he couldn’t handle personal issues. That makes me way more angry than what Shaka did (didn’t do) here. WIth Shaka, he’s gone. That’s what I wanted. I can’t get those 6 years back, but I could see the future with Beard who was going to do better than Barnes. The hurt I felt that morning waking up to him getting arrested was way more painful than what Shaka did. We all have our own experiences, and I guess mine is just the lone one on this website. I’m okay with that.
  11. The Mississippi coach should be sought after for higher profile jobs. What she’s done there is incredible.
  12. You don’t get this sentiment? Beard had a chance to turn Texas basketball into a monster for years to come. He chose to stay with a shitbag who caused him problems. I don’t mind saying he didn’t underperform, but he sure did fuck this program over in the long run because he wouldn’t do what was necessary in his personal life. That, to me, is just as bad as what Shaka did. Beard put a crazy ass shit bag he was told time and time again to dump OVER the university. I can only hope the same vitriol will be shown towards him 2 years from now.
  13. Indiana losing is great for Texas fans who want tickets lol
  14. They were young, if I remember correctly. Everyone can come back except for 1 person because of their recruiting class. It’s time for this thread to die. Turn your anger into passion for the current program. Shaka left, and it was a blessing for us all. That’s what made me stop hating him and let me move on. He wins? I don’t care. He loses? I don’t care. Beard is where this thread should turn to because of what could have been over the next 10-15 years… It’s time to end this thread and create the Beard thread.
  15. Michigan State -1 against Kay-State, from what I’m seeing
  16. I think FAU can beat Tennessee. Their coach is really good. I wanted him on the short list for this job, but Texas.
  17. Michigan State is going to the Final Four. Look at that bracket.
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