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  1. Baby steps and I'm honestly in the dark how this elephant in the room gets reconciled. There's no way my dumb ass is the first one to go "heeeyyy..." I just wanna hear one Christian Nationalist state while not in some throes of passion which would be his preferred option. Do you know the predominant/official stance of a Christian Nationalist in this hypothetical/historical situation? I don't.
  2. If you were being led to your execution @Boss Hogg, and could only choose one, would you implore God to forgive your executioners, or would you implore your allies to seek violent retribution?
  3. Then again, when the case isn't about national security but fat cats trying to unfairly get their mittens on some sweet-ass prime Arkansas real estate, lying about your girlfriend gets serious again
  4. The potential lies are as pertinent to the case as Santa Claus or a Canadian girlfriend. If testimony under oath dealt with actual facts and findings of the case then it'd probably be the same deal.
  5. There's an overstock of freedom in Muleshoe, Texas, magabaggers. Why you moving here seems odd.
  6. You're a Christian Nationalist if you believe you are entitled to the rights Tom Hanks had in Cast Away but uniquely exempt from the conditions.
  7. ...the right to incrementally cede some of those individual rights for the benefits of living in a functional society.
  8. Which would be in the wheelhouse for EAGLE EYE ETHICS HALL MONITORS, LLC, but even that's not alleged by Don Johnson or Balcones. Because Obviously Explicitly stating your point, what you stand for and what you believe is counterproductive to the chunks of shit that need to rely on deception, implication and suggestion without ever directly answering a question in order to promote fascism.
  9. I just want to hear the working theory @Don Johnson and @Balcones have. So far, there's not even a murky suggestion of Trump being denied a fair trial to the point no one can even discern what's being implied, including apparently aforementioned posters invested in Fani's sex life.
  10. How does Fani Willis hiring her boyfriend deny Trump a fair trial?
  11. Corporations are people. Students just need to incorporate before taking out student loans.
  12. Is 82,000 a lot? That seems like a lot. https://www.msn.com/en-US/news/us/us-supreme-court-lets--billion-boy-scouts-sex-abuse-settlement-proceed/ar-BB1iIZBb?ocid=sapphireappshare
  13. It's the GOP in a nutshell- I'm unhappy. Should I reevaluate my decisions, habits and beliefs that possibly are playing a role? No, I should invest my time and energy making others around me unhappy!
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