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  1. The belief in lizard people and stolen elections is out of control amongst teens and parents need to get a handle on it. https://www.msn.com/en-US/news/world/utah-first-us-state-to-limit-teen-social-media-use/ar-AA190R8R?ocid=sapphireappshare
  2. I made a similar anecdotal observation post a few days back about not seeing the same level of enthusiasm lately via Trump flags and banners in MAGAland. I also think it's noteworthy the list of Texas GOP officials who just can't make the Waco event due to prior commitments.
  3. This could be destructive to The United States that we publicly claim should be dismanted!
  4. DQ was my first job not working for family. Trust me. You've had aids, covid, ebola for pretty much your entire life.
  5. What band are you in (if you don't mind me asking)? I was digging the smaller Goldilocks "just right sized" crowds for the day shows at HV. Not sure why they were smaller cuz I was anticipating and mentally buffering myself for the Surfbort congestion from the year before (and Surfbort IS awesome) but everything was chill, easy and breezy. My favorite time of year.
  6. Calling MAGA loon flies his Cessna into NYC courthouse for my middle square.
  7. One parent complains. Film on school integration in New Orleans banned by school. https://theweeklychallenger.com/film-ruby-bridges-banned-in-a-pinellas-county-school/
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-US/news/politics/house-gop-chairmen-ask-manhattan-da-alvin-bragg-to-testify-on-trump-probe/ar-AA18RdnG?ocid=sapphireappshare Dear Judge Bragg, We need your testimony regarding your obviously politically motivated Trump investigation to determine if this whole investigation is politically motivated. Perpetually Outraged, The GOP P.S. LOCK HER UP!!!
  9. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-senator-and-presidential-candidate-john-edwards-charged-alleged-role-scheme-violate
  10. Hopefully, just so I can see the cops just lazily tube across.
  11. Wonder Woman called and said she needs her bracelets back.
  12. It's as if the guy who has paid out tens of millions in multiple fraud cases is some sort of criminal.
  14. When you can't convince most Americans an election was stolen and you have little faith in your ability to win future ones, just be a traitor and renounce democracy and America. https://www.msn.com/en-US/news/politics/young-federalist-society-members-spout-radical-new-theories-at-alarming-gathering-report/ar-AA18KHIR?ocid=sapphireappshare
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