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  1. If I know I'm about to die in the next hour, I'm honestly not sure I wouldn't rub one out for the road.
  2. Well, it all seems pretty fucking hollow at this point, doesn't it? One day Joe tells us the end is nigh if Republicans are elected. The next he tells us to simmer, down, they just have a different vision. The day after he struggles to finish a sentence. If we're like, "Hey, uh, why am I getting all these mixed messages and precisely what the fuck is up with this leader I am supposed to be rallying behind?" we're told to shut the fuck up and fall in line. Lost faith is hard to regain. Once you see that the great Wizard of Oz is really just an old man behind a curtain, you can't unsee it. Dems need to recognize this. Their emperor has no clothes. If they don't give voters a non-ridiculous option, the subset of those voters who don't have literal skin in the game are going to opt for self-preservation vs doomed Quixotic last stands.
  3. @NowThis says, "Wait, that's one of the stages of euphoric pleasure."
  4. This is a strategic failure, but everything being talked about here is tactical. How do Dems deal with a candidate that voters are rapidly losing faith in due to his public appearances as a frail and increasingly not lucid old man? With where Biden is at, there were no good options after the debate. Pretend it didn't happen and stay the course, say thanks but drop him like a hot potato. Those are all shitty options with no guarantee of election success no matter how vociferously anyone here wants to argue them. There was no unity for any of the courses of action because the Dems had strategically blundered badly enough to only leave themselves with shitty choices. The only good choice was a strategic one that would have had to be made 4 years ago: pair Joe with a rising star moderate with upside, use Joe's first term to make them look great, then let Joe hand them the reigns before any primaries this year. Instead, Joe was paired with a person who many here claim is unelectable due to their hue and gender, that person was put in the witness protection program for the last 4 years, Joe was allowed to say fuck it lets make it a twofer, and then he was allowed to have the political equivalent of a stroke on national TV. That is why we are where we are. If you need someone to blame, here are the people responsible. Your champions of democracy, the Democratic Party:
  5. I think there are valid strategic reasons to not drop out today and let the Republicans focus on the new candidate at the RNC where they have the mic and the country's attention. Which means the Dems are likely just stupidly counting their belly button hairs before making a decision here.
  6. 15 of those are Lindsey Graham socks.
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