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  1. Again, I am just the messenger...
  2. This almost makes me want to donate $41 to Brandon.
  3. Bogey and I are forging an alliance. Call us the Axis of Guitar Evil.
  4. NGD soon, and some of you are going to be severely disappointed in my taste
  5. That’s about an aggregate $5000 that the trailer trash won’t get to spend on the Trump commemorative coin set to support his re-election.
  6. Looks like a kitchen countertop.
  7. So your son likes snatch movies?
  8. I like spalted maple all natural or with some stain.
  9. Remember, I’m just the messenger here...
  10. Lying about combat duty? Majewski did this.
  11. So get him an onlyfans gift certificate for his 15th birthday?
  12. Airplane! so he is aware of the dangers of being imprisoned in Turkey.
  13. Ooh, some deep cuts, but good ones.
  14. He's seen seconhand lions already. I actually haven't seen American Sniper, so that might be a good one for both of us. I had a passing thought of Lone Survivor, too. Neither one of us are into baseball.
  15. If you had to choose between a Deej's new tele pic archive or a Vic Mackey revenge porn archive, what would you choose?
  16. I have a dream that my four PRS's will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the shape of their headstock but by the quality of their tone. - Jimi Hendrix Buy and play what you like, bro. Also, you might have just injected "coke to the dark side" into the internet vernacular.
  17. I know Glory was mentioned, but it seems like given the times, perhaps some movies concerning the American Revolution and the Civil War might be in order. I'm not sure if I could have made it through the Ken Burns docuseries when I was a young man.
  18. Yeah, like I said, American Beauty is for when he’s older. These aren’t all movies that I think I should watch with him at 14. More like things with messages he should receive/consider between now and when he’s out on his own.
  19. Thanks for the suggestions. He’s seen some of these already. I get the question marks in reaction to American Beauty. It’s definitely not a typical man’s movie. He would need to older, maybe even over 18. I think AB serves as a great cautionary tale. It makes the point that following the common, acceptable path and checking all the boxes of the American dream does not necessarily lead to happiness and contentment. He gets one life, and some people spend all of theirs unhappily living a “good life” that society, media, parents, etc... have imprinted on them. If that isn’t where your happiness resides, don’t settle for it, or you’ll regret it at the end. Amazing how few of the movies mentioned have been made in the last 20 years. Have any been made in the last 10?
  20. I'm getting the sense that Hunter Biden is kind of like John McAffee without the scat and whale sex.
  21. I have a 14 year old son, and we watched Saving Private Ryan together recently. He loved it, and it got me to thinking that there are a whole lot of movies that I think he and I should watch together. Some because they are just great movies, but some that have a truth or lesson in them, especially those that are important for aspiring men. Anyway, here are a few movies that I want to make sure we watch together. Give me some more suggestions. Outlaw Josie Wales Big Lebowski Schindler's List Grand Torino Shawshank Redemption American Beauty Patton A River Runs Through It Full Metal Jacket Life is Beautiful Goodfellas
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