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  1. You should be disappointed that you're 12 hours late.
  2. I actually lost my first wedding band on the lake tubin' before my first anniversary... My sister was operating my boat and skipped me across Grand Lake doing about 30. I felt it slip off my finger and at that moment I knew I had fucked up.
  3. We've kind of talked about the same thing when I retire (but that still seems a lifetime away)... Selling everything here and finding a little piece of land on a lake or river down south somewhere where we can build a modest house and a big shop. Spend the winters there and then chase 70 degrees April-October.
  4. Super C is what I'm eyeing next when the kids are done camping with us. My oldest is almost 17 and she's pretty much done now, she and her 13 year old sister don't do well together in small spaces... The youngest is 6 so we still have at least 8 or 10 years with her still wanting go most trips I figure. But yeah, a super C towing a 1/2 ton pickup with my motorcycle and 2 kayaks in the bed is my dream right now...
  5. Out on the farm we have an old 1966 Ford F600 with a 30 foot flat bed on it we used to haul hay back when I was in high school... Wife suggested one time that we restore it and turn it into some kind of super-C. Would be cool but cheaper I think to buy a brand new one (and I can't afford either).
  6. Saw this little guy hanging out by the office door this morning... Guessing its a water snake. He's about 14 or so inches long. Sorry for the potato pic, my phone is old.
  7. I had a German Shorthair for about 8 years, lost him about 2 years ago to bloat. He was a really good dog, very affectionate and mine was big, he weighed about 80 pounds. Was always trying to get into my lap when I sat down. He was really good with the kids, very tolerant with the little ones. He was always playful even into adulthood but I never thought of him as really hyper. Would recommend. Oh and he hated the mailman, I mean fucking hated. He knew the sound of the mail truck and would start barking as soon as he turned down our street. When he saw the mailman in the front yard he would go ballistic. Never did that to anyone else, animal or human, he was pretty friendly with everyone. Favorite dog I had though was a whippet I had in college. She was smart as hell and had a huge personality.
  8. Kinda my plan too. In the winter I can trip the main breaker and plug my generator in to the RV plug. It should have plenty of juice to run the gas furnace and the essential loads in the house. In the summer I think we'd just plug the generator in to the camper and move into it.
  9. Randy Marsh... First thing I thought of too. That thread was responsible for me actually signing up for TOS...
  10. Somebody posted a remark or something about the shooter posting pics on social media of him with an AR... Another guy said that it's not that uncommon/abnormal (?) for kids to post pics of themselves with rifles online, maybe something about especially kids from south Texas, I don't remember exactly. Another guy "agreed to disagree" or some bullshit. So I quoted him and posted that pic, which was recently posted in another thread in this forum, pointing out that young dudes do in fact take pics of themselves with guns and that they've been doing it since at least whenever that vintage pic was taken. That's the best I can do, I'm not rereading this whole fucking thread for exact quotes.
  11. The point of my post was in context to Immaculate Vibes response that I quoted, to support the notion that it is not uncommon for young men to have their pictures taken with firearms, even "military style" rifles - and that it is not a new practice.
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