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  1. Ford Mavericks are out now, here anyway don't know about overseas. I'd rather have an F150 but drive the 3500 because my camper weighs ~13,000 pounds loaded up. I live in a rural area where most families have a pickup because most families either farm or have a need to haul or tow something at least occasionally. I'm sure there is a good number here too that just drive a pickup just because. But I don't deal with traffic or tight parking lots often like most here. Our dad's and grandads were a different generation for sure.
  2. Maybe? I guess he probably drives just what fits his needs. I dunno. Maybe dudes that drive pretty trucks or fancy sports cars (or anything not utilitarian) all have small dicks or maybe they just enjoy them?
  3. When I see a man that drives a sedan I think of him as a person that doesn't or can't do things for himself. When I see a man driving a truck I think of him as a person who is at least capable of some self reliance. I know its wrong to be stereotypical but that's just my perception. Like my brother in law. Dude doesn't even mow his own lawn and I seriously doubt is able to change his own oil. But I'm not from a big city and don't have navigate the same areas or deal with the same issues as some of you.
  4. 2015 Chevy 3500 with the gas engine... I wish I got 16 mpg 😔
  5. How does Lebby get a pass? He was right there in the middle of it too. On top of that he was the one caught trying to cheat by being on the Tulsa sidelines against OU in 2015, invited by their old friend Phil Montgomery
  6. And yet we all saw video if them getting blown up while sucking each other's dicks.
  7. I bet a person would make a fortune there selling sunscreen that weekend.
  8. Chewbacca shifts gears and decides he wants to do a van now and an airstream falls into our laps hours later...
  9. There should be a Brazilian thread n the IPIHB.
  10. You went from $50k bond in the OP, then to $50K bail in this post and then to $5K bond?
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