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  1. Cargill announced that they are pulling out of Russian grain trade on July 1st, which means all the majors will probably say fuck it as far as messing with Black Sea trade for awhile.
  2. I’ll also note that while not a hunter myself I was raised by hunters who are safety fanatics. I had carry an unloaded gun for two days before I was allowed to try to hunt for real. We unloaded and/or broke the gun before crossing fences etc. along with make sure you walked where you damn well sure should be.
  3. Don’t carry, don’t plan too, have small collection of hand me down .410’s. I’ll also note that I’ve been drawn down upon by a non-police officer before and been jumped in a parking lot and it didn’t change my attitude about carrying
  4. I’m legitimately shocked we haven’t had a major incident at a sporting event, especially the way some of the stadiums are laid out. The south side of Nebraska’s stadium would be a great example as it funnels a huge amount of people between a road, buildings and barricades with plenty of cover for bad actors
  5. That's because some people think ETBF means you are a dude, probably.
  6. Probably the last time a school shooter didn't like Monday's.
  7. So Israel seems to be getting on the board here in a big way right now
  8. Especially since Gene has already done Federal time for prior tax crimes.
  9. Last time we had a major farm crisis in the 80's they let a shit load of banks failed, and the FDIC pushed a lot of guys out of business by accelerating their loans.
  10. Up to 1 year loans at 4-5% to back stop liquidity is what I saw
  11. All of them except Jared
  12. Seems to me that the VC folk should figure out a way to bounce back from their industry being disrupted. Maybe put your heads together and get a recapitalization plan going.
  13. Lobbing 80 cruise missiles every few weeks at random targets has to count a little bit as functionally out of them doesn’t it? It’s not like Russia has some sustained air campaign at this point
  14. Wheat's a weed, you spit on it and it'll grow. There's a reason we only grow it in the driest parts of our ag belt.
  15. So with March Madness coming next week, if we get a 15 seed over a 2 seed upset right away with that be enough to push it over the edge?
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