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  1. It was snowing but melting just a little, but not quite as much as it was in Manhattan. After they won they were all able to make snow angels in the end zone.
  2. Nephews team took care business in the snow. (Helped that both teams ran the single wing and there were about 5 passes the whole game to move things along) the drive back sucked in white out conditions though.
  3. I really feel I have a connection to the story now since I've pissed at that Casey's too.
  4. I’m sure some of us will hang around and might try that, and the other chunk will be trying to make kickoff in Manhattan
  5. I feel good that the only complaint I can make going into Thanksgiving is that I am going to have freeze my ass off in Hays, KS Saturday to watch my nephew play for the 1A state title.
  6. I feel like I should note that part of my smoking such as it was is that I tried to chew Skoal WinterGreen fine cut like my Uncles but I just couldn’t master the wrist motion to pack it worth a shit, and couldn’t lower myself to bandits. I also tried out Dutch Masters Cigars because my grandpa used to get those by the box full, but it just made me want and Ice cream cone because he always get me one at the co-op when I have got ride around with him to open gates and lock out the 4 wheel drive hubs in the pasture because his knees were shot from dairying
  7. Fedex lost my Uncles ashes in 2001,(although he would have found it hilarious). They did eventually turn up though.
  8. The small college I attended in Nebraska had on campus lakes with a pair swans, and was also a wet campus, so you really had to keep your head on a swivel walking home hammered. When it was time to move them to winter quarters, the ground crew would like up the work study kids like you were covering a kickoff and try to push them across campus into their heated shed and fenced in area. It usually took a few tries.
  9. Do you think that Conagra is engaged in any production agriculture?
  10. I haven't smoked on any sort of regular basis since 2005 or so, but when I did I generally smoked Parliament Menthols or Benson and Hedges. Now that smoking is becoming a lost art, I'm just randomly curious what was popular elsewhere is time and space.
  11. Positive 150K. Should get 33K back from the UAW on the November as well that were off for Oct.
  12. I'll just note here that The Whole Nine Yards was my favorite work of his.
  13. https://www.billboard.com/pro/hipgnosis-shareholders-vote-reject-continuation-catalog-sale/ The folks that paid a lot for everyone's catalog seem to be about ready to have to scatter them all again. Worked out well for the musicians that sold high though.
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