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  1. Also, while not Applachian, Walz is from Butte, NE and Boyd Co has some hill type folk up there. (They tried to put a nuclear waste dump there for a reason)
  2. Would be the first guy who played 8-man football high school, and he went Chadron State like Danny Woodhead and Don Beebe.
  3. I can't imagine telling an AKA or any member of the historically black greek groups they don't understand the experience.
  4. Money to hit the portal for a middle of the country govenor too.
  5. I think right now in both parties there a lot of folks that are going to have to grapple with the fact that their has been a massive sea change, and what they could do before they can't do now. I think the lost Dems will sort themselves out, while I think the Republicans will melt down into further vile nonsense spouting.
  6. Yes. Also, these guys have no idea to appeal to women that aren't obligated to like them via relation or marriage.
  7. The right wing weirdos in my office are clearly lost this morning, going to be completely unable to not get super weird and off-putting to normal people.
  8. The wife and I went this afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly. My only complaints are no Turnpike or Boland songs on the soundtrack, and they could have slipped a Reservation Dogs cameo in somewhere
  9. As an aside towards where Lane gets his personality from, Monte missed a Bowl game because he stole a milk truck on campus for laughs, and Monte Sr. was the head of the Nebraska State Fair for a long stretch.
  10. DC for National Titles and Super Bowl winners more than 30 years apart.
  11. He was my favorite part of MASH and The Dirty Dozen, and possibly the best English Professor in film in Animal House.
  12. People used to pay for CD's and such too, you take away one leg of the revenue stool, something has to make it up if you want touring acts.
  13. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dr-pepper-hits-big-popularity-165315809.html It’s been number one with me for years in the 3-5 soft drinks I have in a given month. I feel like Pepsi shouldn’t have been second place for this long.
  14. As somebody from a dairying family whose drank a bit of raw milk straight of the bulk tank, I’d encourage a person to look around and see what kind of operation they’ve got going before trying it.
  15. If I’ve learned anything tornados love to hit towns with Green in the name hard in tornado alley. Hopefully it can wrap up, unless a guy with good insurance who wants out of the hog business can sacrifice some empty barns to it
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