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  1. Especially since Gene has already done Federal time for prior tax crimes.
  2. Last time we had a major farm crisis in the 80's they let a shit load of banks failed, and the FDIC pushed a lot of guys out of business by accelerating their loans.
  3. Up to 1 year loans at 4-5% to back stop liquidity is what I saw
  4. All of them except Jared
  5. Seems to me that the VC folk should figure out a way to bounce back from their industry being disrupted. Maybe put your heads together and get a recapitalization plan going.
  6. Lobbing 80 cruise missiles every few weeks at random targets has to count a little bit as functionally out of them doesn’t it? It’s not like Russia has some sustained air campaign at this point
  7. Wheat's a weed, you spit on it and it'll grow. There's a reason we only grow it in the driest parts of our ag belt.
  8. So with March Madness coming next week, if we get a 15 seed over a 2 seed upset right away with that be enough to push it over the edge?
  9. Written by Houston's Rodney Crowell too. (got beat to posting it)
  10. and if we do, I'd prefer at least one of them directly detonated on top of me to wrap it up quickly on my end.
  11. As far as I know it's still in the keepsake closet at my Grandma's house.
  12. It's just too bad that my Great Grandpa that was in the Army Balloon Corps during WWI isn't around to see balloons having their moment.
  13. If a ship were to sink in the Bosphorus it would be magnitudes more disruptive than any of the pipeline sabotage
  14. Fun fact they stuck the Germans from Russian(Volga Deutsch) in Kansas and Western Nebraska because the figured they were already immune to depressing landscapes.
  15. Since when has knowing at what you are shooting at been an American Value
  16. They going to stencil a ballon and/or ufo onto the F-22 that did the shooting?
  17. I think they realized that heavier cargo zapped the range pretty fast.
  18. I'd disappear so thoroughly that my existence would be at the level of myth beyond immediate family and friends.
  19. If you're going to pretend you are going to eat crickets, sure.
  20. Guess you should have been willing to pay up earlier to ensure supply. The tightness in cattle is coming because of drought, and poor calf prices the last couple of years have shrunk the herd. On the bright side there is a shit load of cheap chicken in the pipeline, and hog numbers could bounce quickly too.
  21. Seasonal moves get exaggerated when there are problems like bird flu. Also everyone is going to be real pissy in 6-12 months when beef goes through the roof
  22. It's like demand slows down after Christmas baking season.
  23. Most of my Twitter enjoyment comes from bots tweeting old pictures of stuff and old Garfield comics, and the guy that has a dedicated Nebraska High School Sports history account, if Elon fucks that up, I can’t see myself sticking around
  24. Eggs are incredibly more consolidated that cattle, there is effectively no open market in eggs, and zero small commercial producers. Broilers are just as bad. Cattle are the least consolidated of all the livestocks, even as fucked up as the industry is.
  25. Apparently a very close call in an Omaha Target today. https://www.1011now.com/2023/01/31/police-responding-west-omaha-target-store/ Suspect got shot before he could do much or any harm today. Police statement was that a man in his 30's with an AR-15 and plenty of ammo was the suspect.
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