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  1. As an aside towards where Lane gets his personality from, Monte missed a Bowl game because he stole a milk truck on campus for laughs, and Monte Sr. was the head of the Nebraska State Fair for a long stretch.
  2. DC for National Titles and Super Bowl winners more than 30 years apart.
  3. He was my favorite part of MASH and The Dirty Dozen, and possibly the best English Professor in film in Animal House.
  4. People used to pay for CD's and such too, you take away one leg of the revenue stool, something has to make it up if you want touring acts.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dr-pepper-hits-big-popularity-165315809.html It’s been number one with me for years in the 3-5 soft drinks I have in a given month. I feel like Pepsi shouldn’t have been second place for this long.
  6. As somebody from a dairying family whose drank a bit of raw milk straight of the bulk tank, I’d encourage a person to look around and see what kind of operation they’ve got going before trying it.
  7. If I’ve learned anything tornados love to hit towns with Green in the name hard in tornado alley. Hopefully it can wrap up, unless a guy with good insurance who wants out of the hog business can sacrifice some empty barns to it
  8. The Hallam NE tornado in 2004 was right around Memorial Day too now that I think it, and destroyed a small town and a good sized consolidated suburban school but would have been way worse if the path had shifted just a bit north or south.
  9. No need to concentrate the kids even if the schools are pretty well built. Was it this time of year when Parkersburg got drilled? I remember the school getting smoked in that one.
  10. The first stuff was just stalling in NE this morning, I got .20 but my coworker that lives 20 miles north got 6.60 overnight.
  11. While I learned on a 706 on my Mom’s side, the local A-C/Oliver/MM dealer dominated our area, so it put that Charles City/Oliver connection pretty solid in my head. Those over/unders took the abuse of the dairy guys really well. (M-M big block propane motors on the irrigation wells to, a bunch still running today)
  12. They really need to get an animatronic Mrs. B or something for the people old enough to remember her barreling around on her scooter and yelling at people
  13. I mean they did have to abandon Picher in NE Oklahoma because it was falling into the abandoned lead mines.
  14. Did you hit the original furniture mart too?
  15. That's fine with me, but I haven't figured out how to change it yet.
  16. I really hope we don’t run this back tomorrow. (Which was originally supposed to be the spicy day) I missed being in the big part of the storm by being at a family funeral south of Lincoln, but we all knew things were going to be bad with the way the 125 year old country Lutheran church was swaying and some of the grossest humidity I can ever recall. (Which makes me wonder what my German speaking ancestors thought the first time they got a plains storm showing up 1890ish)
  17. He may not want to stray too far, I think it may pop off again tonight and tomorrow. It went 0 to tornado much faster than usual so thankfully today wasn’t the spring game that’s scheduled for tomorrow which would have been one hell of a goat rodeo
  18. Sounds like in a small miracle only 3 of the 70 employees in the collapsed plastics plant were injured, all non-critical. Also a BNSF coal train was removed from the tracks without injuries
  19. I’m sure they were offered Busch Lights by folks going out to drink and storm watch
  20. A plastics plant Lincoln adjacent took a direct hit, working to unearth trapped workers now. Storm crossed I-80, and plowed pretty hard into the new money Omaha suburbs after tossing a number of semi’s. My wife teaches history in a preserved 1 room school house in a park, and had to ride it out with a bunch of 4th graders in the city parks reptile center where they let the kids pet the snakes to keep them calm.
  21. Wheat and cattle trading has not kept me up on arms stuff I guess.
  22. What does Iran have that they can lob all the way across to Levant?
  23. I drove over that on a normal summer day and can say riding on a Lao Air Dash8 loaded like a flatbed into Luang Pangbang was more enjoyable for me.
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