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  1. I think your sarcasm meter is busted. But people saying that oil companies are gouging shows an immense lack of understanding of how we actually get our commodity to market and how the price is set. Oil companies don't charge a damn thing. It's all midstream/downstream that pays out after deducts, netbacks, etc., and pay based on the index pricing and those contracts aren't usually even tied to the NYMEX. It's the regional indexes that are determining price based off of supply/demand. Also, I don't know the exact number, but I think less than 10% of all gas stations are actually owned by companies with an upstream presence. If people want the price to drop, they need to cut back on consumption. Pure and simple.
  2. Latest I can remember was the Marine colonel publicly calling out the Biden admin for Afghanistan. I don't know if he was a far-right type, but the far-right latched onto what he was saying.
  3. She couldn’t back out of the trip after China threatened. The US has a credibility issue as an ally and I actually like flipping the bird to the second largest super power in the world with a move that signals our commitment to an ally. People can worry about escalating tensions all they want, but the reality is that China is not, had not, will not ever be a friend to the United States. They will continue to trade with us because it makes them rich and provides a plethora of strategic inroads into our critical infrastructure. Food, materials, electronics with built in hardware backdoors, apps with malicious code, you name it. To sum it up, we can’t hurt our relationship with China because China doesn’t conduct diplomacy in good faith. We’ll never have a mutually beneficial relationship with China under Xi.
  4. This is correct, unfortunately. The lines have been drawn. Neither side is converting a material amount of people to either side. The only thing that will be different from history is how the coming battles are fought. It has converted from North versus South to Rural versus Urban. I can envision a period of America coming in the next decade that has rural travel being extremely dangerous. Militias setting up checkpoints, blockades of food sources, raids on energy infrastructure, etc. If a family leaving Austin heading to Caldwell to visit family is stopped and searched by a militia, who are they going to call? The local cops? Who do you think organized it? Federal troops would have to patrol the interstates as the only remaining somewhat safe method of ground travel. Very nervous about the next decade.
  5. We already are. It's only one side that is overtly religious, though.
  6. In the time it took this homemade gun to fire two rounds, you could fire almost 10 rounds from an AR. As to the comment that everyone appears to react, are we watching the same vid? Almost everyone is still standing there even after the second shot and Abe falling. Barely even a scream.
  7. First shot missed, Abe could have escaped, but I guess gunshots are so foreign to them that they had no idea what it was. Granted, it didn't sound much like one, but we're pretty conditioned to take cover if you hear a boom in a public space, these days.
  8. Texas has the same 0.3 delta 9 law, so shops just started making 8 gram gummies that equal a dose large enough to get you high. Weed edibles have been legally purchasable for a couple of years in Texas, just don’t roll the dice by driving around with it in your car.
  9. To take it a step further, they can call him to testify to either confirm or deny the allegations. He would have to make a choice to no show and run the risk of the statement being adopted or go under oath on national television. Edit because I had to stop writing this to take a call and picked up where I thought I left off.
  10. I always liked the yo-yo up the stairs metaphor. It’s not as low as it has been, but it is as low as it has ever been for this part of the staircase. There’s never a guarantee that the yo-yo will come back up. It’s our job to make sure it comes back up. It feels like it is about to snap off the string and tumble back to the bottom, right now, but society needs to band together and yank that hand up one more time.
  11. It’s about to be Con Law season and being able to sit in those classes and listen to the prof try to maintain control of the class might be worth the price of admission.
  12. That would be worst case scenario for SATX/ATX. A storm taking that angle would just drag all the remaining moisture out of us and leave us with an even hotter and drier forecast.
  13. I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. Plenty of evidence of unfettered courage in those towers. Their selfless sacrifices solidified the expectation that all firefighters and police should have the mentality of laying down their lives to save others. Anyone not willing to do so should find a different line of work.
  14. Pretty similar looking pitch just called a ball right after, too. Shame.
  15. This next half inning is the game. If we can get out of it without taking on any more water, there’s still hope.
  16. This shit ain’t free, y’all. You’re going to have to get a little stressed to enjoy the glory of sending aggy home from the CWS to extend their winless streak.
  17. If A&M doesn’t start warming up their bullpen soon, the 3rd inning is going to explode.
  18. I’ll take that inning. Made the pitcher work hard and put one on the board. He’ll really start to fray in the 3rd.
  19. In 15 minutes you guys will be passed out drunk, so I'll just sum it up this way as fast as I can that this is the most humiliating thread in the last fucking 10 years that I've been involved with on Longhorn message boards. How the fuck can you be worried about playing Texas A&M?! How can you do that? What the fuck is that about?!
  20. Or Pence because of COVID. Or Gore because of heart issues. I think Obama is the last president since maybe Carter that didn’t have a near death experience while in office.
  21. This political jousting with our energy security is exhausting, pointless, and dangerous. We need both. We need both to work well. We need both to be reliable. We need to be open to maximizing the efficiencies of both. We need to work on minimizing the environmental impact of both. Both. Not one or the other. This isn't a winner take all cage match. For energy security and stability, we need both.
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