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  1. He might have to eat it through a straw, or even intravenously.
  2. first one is on the car. Second is on the motorcyclist.
  3. I don't want to live in a world where I am required to sell my house to somebody wearing grey slacks.
  4. Better to step down than to stroke out live on camera
  5. juice boxes and doritos. Snacks of champions.
  6. which is a win for dOTarD. Any delay is a win. Which is why they granted cert.
  7. Suspended five days? Should have been charged with assault.
  8. When we beat tOSU in Sep of 2005, somebody burned a couch in the parking lot of the intramural fields off of 51st ST. Don't know if it was UT or tOSU fans that did it.
  9. Should have let her vote twice, then arrested her dumb ass.
  10. Last night wife comes downstairs and asks me if I know how to take the battery out of a laptop. I say what are you talking about? While she was working, suddenly the laptop shut off, and won't restart. According to some website, the first thing to do is take out the battery. Yeah, that ain't happening. She comes down and hands me the laptop. Its so fucking hot it feels like its about to melt. I ask her where she was working. In the bed. What was the laptop resting on? A pillow. I say I got this. She goes away. I wait for the laptop to cool down, and restart it. I try to explain without tone that you can't rest it on a pillow or it overheats, and automatically shuts down to avoid damage. Apparently I did not succeed in the tone department.
  11. With a normal amount of rain (big if), the grass should be back in a year, two tops. Then in a natural ecosystem it would burn again in 5-20 or so years. But naturally occurring burns would not be so wide spread-- they would be more "patchy". We have traded frequent but small burns for infrequent but large burns. Not good for ecosystems, or ranches, or people. Mix in climate change (fucked up rain patterns, overall hotter temps on average) and shit is even more fucked. I know this probably won't be a popular opinion, so please don't neg stomp me, but they should just let that shit burn. Because its going to burn eventually, and the more time that passes before it burns, the hotter/more ecologically destructive the burning will be. (Of course, they should do everything they can to protect people, homes, barns, livestock, etc).
  12. Yeah, we have an annual recycle drive where they pick up old electronics and cables. Better than the landfill I guess.
  13. If it was during the actual week of San Fermin, all the partiers were probably in Iruna (Pamplona) for the running of the bulls insanity. Which is only a short bus ride away. But yeah, I love San Sebastian. The entire northern coast of Spain is beautiful.
  14. Speaking of pumping gas-- The screen is so shitty and dark, you can't read it. Especially when the sun is shining on it.
  15. They get federal minimum wage and they have to buy their healthcare on the marketplace. BOOM! overnight federal minimum gets raised and universal health care. Oh, also if the government gets shutdown, they don't get paid or healthcare. BOOM AGAIN! government never gets shutdown again.
  16. Uh, I just a heard story on NPR this morning about how doTaRD is underperforming in the primaries, including Michigan, vs Haley.
  17. if we didn't have the electoral system, this would be spot on. But when a handful of states decide the election, and those handful of state are very closely evenly divided, this is what you get. But I agree. If a candidate loses, and the other guy gets 65% of the white vote, you can't blame the muslims or the blacks in one state. AND, I am concerned about this "uncommitted" thing in Michigan. I think a lot of people on this board are dismissing the very real possibility that it could be a difference maker.
  18. "Cancel account and stop billing my credit card," Oklahoma resident Samie Elliot wrote in a January email that landed in Hurtt's inbox. She later explained to him that neither she nor her husband, who are both retired, recalled ever signing up for recurring monthly political donations and that these charges have been occurring for at least a year getting their faces eaten.
  19. I'm sure the bar will get right on some sanctions or disbarment or other appropriate punishments. Because you know, attorneys are so good at policing their own.
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