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  1. I was about to say The Hangover, but then I remembered how old that movie is. As for action-comedy, I thought Bullet Train wasn't too bad. I chuckled out loud a few times. I've also heard (but haven't yet seen) Violent Night brings a few lols.
  2. He wants to stop our good air from going over to China and replacing their bad air. I mean, who is against that?
  3. A lot of y'all are a better persons than me. I feel no empathy, sympathy, or any other emotion for that ratfuck. Is revulsion an emotion? All I know about Mrs. Ratfuck is that she is married to the ratfuck, so I don't really feel anything for her either. I sincerely hope the daughter turns out OK in the end. I hope both parents do the right thing. As far as I can tell, that would require the ratfuck to stop being a ratfuck, and Heidi to divorce the ratfuck. Until either of those things happen.... The ratfuck has made a career of making a punching bag out of the gays and bis and queers and the trans, despite the fact that his own daughter is apparently bi (I did not know that until now). How is that not psychological abuse? How is staying married to that not psychological abuse? You see, Mr. and Mrs. ratfuck? You see what happens? Of course, there is the possibility that she loves her dad. Her attempted suicide had nothing to do with her sexuality or her ratfuck father. Who really knows? We will probably never know. But until I find out otherwise, yeah, they are ratfucks. Fuck em.
  4. so when the asshole loser gets a job at Fox, will they still use the blurry filter when she's on the air?
  5. Too soon!!! Y'all need to stop politicizing this tragedy!!!!!
  6. damn, I thought he was lip syncing dOTarD until Mcconnell. Those two were spot on. well yeah. Hence all the voter suppression tactics.
  7. did not age well. What is a bearer bond anyway? anybody?
  8. The only place I can remember off the top of my head having seen a texit sign was in Fort Davis. edit: that's ironic. Fort Davis, which wouldn't exist if it weren't for the federal fort and later historical site located in town.
  9. Is that irony? I guarantee one of the things these fucksticks are pissed off about is "muh taxes!" Good job idiots, you just caused taxes to go up.
  10. 40k without power for a week will probably end up killing more than an "average" mass shooting. Think traffic accidents because no street lights. Drugs that require refrigeration going bad. People who can't use their portable dialysis or O2 machines. Along with the standard freezing to death because no heat.
  11. fox news/maga retort: If drag shows are causing people to be so upset that they blow up the grid, then we should ban drag shows. 50% will nod their heads in agreement.
  12. sigh. How many times do I have to explain it to you people? He is running because his narcissism won't let him not run. He lost, and he can't deal with that. He has to prove to himself that he is not a loser; he has to run again. When he loses again, it will be because of "rigged elections, believe me." The grift is just the ketchup on the burnt steak.
  13. you somehow think this is due to that extra money the IRS got? welcome to the ignore list.
  14. "metrosexual" there's a word I haven't heard in a long time.
  15. those four of 12 unions represent half the workers.
  16. Doesn't the bill that passed the house have 7 paid sick leave days? If that's correct, will it pass the senate?
  17. damn dude, if you wake up sick unexpectedly and can't work, but don't have sick leave, you don't get paid. Or if a kid wakes up sick and you have to stay home with them. PTO/Vacation has to be scheduled in advance. That is the difference. These workers were considered essential during the pandemic and had to work. If they got sick with covid and had to miss work they got no pay because they had no sick leave. That is fucking bullshit. The rail companies are "balking so hard" because they don't like the idea of employees getting paid leave when they get sick. Vacation is a little easier for the companies to swallow because those days are scheduled in advance and its less disruptive to the routine. None of this is rocket science. These track builders, diesel mechanics, whatever skilled labor these guys perform, want the same benefits that you assholes who sit on your asses all day get. The railroads can absolutely afford to give that to them.
  18. taught myself Basic on a commodore 64
  19. being drunk makes it easier to stagger a mile
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